Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Censorship creates a counter action!

We have a tough enemy but tough enemies build tough resistance!

During WWII the 101 Airborne division had some of the toughest assignments, often completely cut off and surrounded by the enemy. They became good, very good and very tough as they had the worst assignments.

A calm sea never made a good captain. In my profession I was freelance. You got some of the toughest contracts and often the worst clients and on some projects worked against all the odds. What that did is toughen you up and made you exceptionally experienced in a short time. Eventually once proven to work in such situations and handle it, the phone often didn't stop ringing. In fact sometimes you could pick and choose what projects to work on and demand a good fee!

Toughness and hardships isn't always a bad thing hence reason I'm optimistic. If you want to popularise something, censor it. By censoring free speech the authorities are metaphorically shooting themselves in the foot! Already people are beginning to question and become inquisitive, why, because of censorship. Yes, at the moment it's a small group of people but it's growing. I think the NWO is like the little boy who cried wolf. They have done it too often and it's wearing off. I've noticed people are beginning to rebel. Yes, it's hardly a whimper at the moment but give it time!

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