Tuesday 28 December 2021

Awake and Non-Awake (Censored by Youtube)

 Monday 27th December 2021, Youtube removed the show, claiming it was "Medical Misinformation!" Interesting as we didn't mention anything about William's Toxic Arm Brew? We were looking at analysis of how people think! I didn't know Youtube staff were trained in medicine?  They gave me a seven day ban. I've managed to load a copy of the show onto my Bitchute channel, please see link below. Next Monday's show will go out as normal but on a different platform. I will update everyone about the change prior to the show. 

Censorship is the last bastion of tyrants. Truth is pure but lies can only survive with censorship. This may sound odd, but excessive censorship is a sign the elites are panicking, in that sense it's a good sign! 

My Bitchute Channel is: