Monday 30 December 2013

Happy Greedmas!

Oh well it’s Christmas although under political correctness It’s a miracle they haven’t named it Greedmas!!! Every year we go through the same ritual of wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year but I wonder if anyone really means it?

To me, every year Christmas becomes even more surreal, especially when shopping.

It’s more like a scrum! I tend to go to the supermarket on Christmas Eve, a few hours before closing as they generally reduce the price of food and you can get some real bargains. A few years ago my local supermarket was virtually empty on Christmas Eve but within the last three years, as austerity bites, people have cottoned on to the price cuts and the place is now packed to capacity.

Last year I went into the local supermarket and almost everyone had an expression on their face as if they had just been sentenced to life imprisonment!  Around the entrance lobby were a bunch of battery operated small plastic, made in China, Santa Claus dolls. They were bellowing out “Yo Ho Ho, Merry Christmas,” in an electronic American accent!  The atmosphere was as false as Obama’s birth certificate!

This year the plastic Santa Claus has been replaced with intimidating security men at the entrance, wearing Santa Clause hats!  Throughout the store Christmas Music is bellowing out at near thermo nuclear volume. .

Crowds were gathering around the isles where major reductions were to be had. There was a sense of desperation as people, were almost fighting over each other to get the discounted produce.  Several people, including myself, stood back in amazement. Such behaviour had never been seen before.

Standing on the periphery of the shopping scrum I couldn’t help noticing a very elderly man, I assume in his 80’s or 90’s. My gut feeling told me there was something wrong with him. I became anxious for him even though, to the average person he appeared to be OK. I’m very sensitive and tend to have a sixth sense. I’ve seen the man there before, usually with his middle-aged daughter; I assume she is his carer?

After several minutes it became obvious to me that it was near impossible to get any discounted items from that section so I decided to go to another discounted area. As I walked away, there was even greater pandemonium.

I looked around to see the elderly gentleman had collapsed and members of staff were attending to him. Whilst that was happening, people were still pushing and shoving to get to the bargains and were stepping over and treading on him!. Staff were forced to clear the immediate area around the collapsed man using mobile storage racks. A senior member of staff shouted, “Call an ambulance!” The Man’s daughter was almost hysterical. Meanwhile people stood around as if it were some form of show. My attitude is if I can’t help, I get out of the way to allow those that can to get through. Additionally it is rude to stare at a person in their hour of trauma.

I found it hard to hold back the tears, my heart went out to both the man and his daughter. It reminded me of when my Dad collapsed and the sad memories came flooding back. I was biting my lip, desperately trying to hold back the tears.

Meanwhile as the man lay stretched out on the floor, the nauseating Christmas music blasted out Andy William’s record “The most wonderful time of the year!”  It made me think, “Is this what civilisation has got too?” A man collapsed on the floor, possibly dieing whilst people clamber over each other, almost knocking the racks over that are protecting him, to reach the reduced price food.

About half hour later I went back to that area fully expecting the ambulance crew to have been and gone but to my amazement the poor man was still on the floor. What struck me was what appeared to be the lack of compassion. Nobody held the gentleman’s hand, essential in such a
What has happened to human kindness?
situation and nobody comforted the daughter. A comforting and reassuring arm around the shoulder acts as essential emotional support. It was as if the collapsed person were a slab of meat. I again promptly left the area and did the rest of my shopping. As I was going through the checkout the ambulance arrived; it was about an hour after the gent had collapsed! Considering the ambulance station is less than two miles away I was surprised by the delay. I guess it’s due to government cutbacks?

It made me aware of how dehumanised society has become. This current situation cannot be allowed to continue, it’s turning people into ruthless scavengers. That is exactly what the egotistical psychopaths in government want. I sincerely hope humanity wakes up to what is really happening before it’s too late.

The Hidden Nightmare

The UK, America and most western nations are being deliberately destroyed from within. It is all part of United Nations Agenda 21. The aim is to destroy small business and make as many people dependent upon the State as possible. Next they aim to destroy culture via mass immigration. Empty the countryside and make huge overcrowded cities whereby everyone is forced to share their home with strangers. Bedroom tax is the start; there are plans to extend it to private homes via Council Tax.

That's how Stalin did it and that is how it will happen again, we are following an almost identical path. It should be remembered Stalin was responsible for the deaths of between 60 to 100 million people. It should also be remembered that Stalin's evil empire was financed by American banks!

Yuri Brezmenov ex KGB subversion expert that defected to the west in 1970, did a series of lectures in the early 1980's. They are on YouTube. What he said then about what will happen is terrifyingly accurate!

Because the Berlin Wall came down it didn't mean the end of Communism. It simply evolved into Communitarianism.

What we see today is nearing the completion of the Frankfurt School's work that was started in the 1930's. Their first objective was to infiltrate universities. The woolly headed psycho mentality of the MP's we have today is a direct result of that infiltration. As Yuri Brezmenov said "We are stuck with them!" Political correctness and over the top health and safety laws along with loony art and explicit sex and violence in the media are also the work of the Communist Frankfurt School that was financed by Stalin.

When Hitler got to power and booted them out, the Frankfurt school split. Part of it went to the former USSR and the other part went to America where it was able to more thoroughly subvert American Universities. Rather like a virus the infiltration spread throughout the west, except wartime Germany.

Post war we have seen three of the four stages of subversion unfold before our eyes but few people can see it! The first stage is "Anything goes!" Free love, open sex and the complete decline of moral standards (1960's). Destruction of the family unit is essential. Nowadays, over half the population of children in this country now come from a single parent family. The state’s aim is to indoctrinate the children. The National Service bill which is due for a second reading in February will, if passed, make it compulsory for everyone between the ages of 18 to 26 to spend one year away from their parental home, no doubt for indoctrination.

The next stage is "Demoralization." It started in the 1970's and continues to this day. The destruction of industry, mass unemployment, mass immigration to destroy the indigenous culture and create tension, and of course a housing shortage whereby few people are able to afford a house. Overcrowding and rampant inflation is a key element. It's essential to create food shortages and make fuel so expensive only the rich few can afford to travel.

The third stage is "Crisis." We are almost at that stage. The current situation will reach boiling point with riots on the streets. That is what the real rulers want. Their puppet politicians are known as “Useful Idiots” and are deliberately creating policies to fuel a future scenario.

The last stage is "normalization." This is where a ruthless dictatorship takes control under the guise of being what the people want! Initially the dictatorship gives the impression they are the answer to all the country’s problems, they promise the earth and gain overwhelming support.  Once in power their attitude promptly changes. They shoot the woolly-headed politicians and people that got them into power. Those that got them into power can equally get them out of power that is why they are done away with first! Then they go for population reduction big time! That is how Stalin did it and we are following an almost identical path.

If only the masses could wake up and see what has and is actually happening. Sadly they are too preoccupied with celebrity junk culture and TV soaps!

Tuesday 19 November 2013

The National Service Bill

One More Step Towards Totalitarianism

Early 2014 the National Service Bill is due for a second reading. The Bill, if introduced, will compulsorily force anyone between the ages of 18 to 26 to spend one year away from home doing: charitable work, social action, care for the elderly or disabled, overseas development activity, or work connected with the National Health Service, the emergency services or the Armed Forces.

Anything to do with the establishment psychopaths always has a sting in its tail and this is no exception, it’s the thin edge of the wedge! Its like rat poison, 10% sweetener and 90% lethal. Why should anything be compulsory? 

All dictatorships, our Rothschild financial stranglehold democratic dictatorship is no exception, endeavour to get youngsters away from their parents. This is so they can brainwash them. It’s as old as the hills!

The brutality of 1950's National Service
where young conscripts were treated
like prisoners.
Currently children are being taken away from loving families via closed courts and a financially led adoption system. The National Service Bill is yet one more money making racket for the elite whilst at the same time helping to turn a future generation into obedient slaves. It’s all part of David Cameron’s Soviet style “Big Society.”

The mass media has been eerily silent on the bill, so silent it’s deafening! The bill will probably be rejected but will raise its ugly head again via the back door; that’s what usually happens.

No doubt government agents will bombard local radio and press stating how marvellous the bill is. Exactly as happened when Britain joined the Common Market. People generally don’t think for themselves and follow like sheep and the establishment know it. If you keep telling people a lie long enough they believe it.

Public reaction is monitored and no doubt another National Service Bill will be introduced. Prior to the bill, the mass controlled media will whip up frenzy by reporting almost every robbery and blaming it on youths. The government will then use the hype to slide another National Service bill in to solve a non-existent problem of youths going wild. The government’s excuse will be, “It’s what the public want!” They did similar with firearms and dangerous dogs etc. It’s all contrived!

I believe The National Service Bill is all part of the United Nations Agenda 21. An ongoing agenda in which the plan is to dramatically cut the world population without the masses noticing it. We are all Tax Slaves, giving up over half of our hard earned incomes to the government who in turn give most of it to the elite-banking cartel such as the Rothschild’s. Debt is used to control countries and contrived wars get countries into debt. In reality all countries can print their own debt free currencies, but that doesn’t make the Rothschild’s rich! It’s the biggest scam in history that requires mass ignorance to succeed. Governments are not there for us; their job is to continue the scam under the charade they are democratically elected. If we were a real democracy, governments would have told the Rothschild’s to go to hell long ago.

Our slavery will increase as deliberate unemployment increases. Part of the plan is to make people dependent upon government so the authorities can then dictate to them. Once a National Service bill is pushed through government mass media propaganda will report how successful it is. It will then be extended to the unemployed of all age groups. After that, the next step is work camps – made to look as if it is what the public wants of course!
The current dictatorship is like a mass hypnosis. Sadly people will only wake up when it’s too late.
Chris Powis with his Father David J Powis

Below is a link to a recording of World War Two Veteran David J Powis who was conscripted into the Army in 1939. He went through the full six years of front line hell. 

Following a stroke in 2003 David found it difficult to speak for any length of time. For the first part of the recording David's son Chris speaks on his behalf. 

Friday 8 November 2013

Alternative Remembrance

The War Justification Industry by dm_5096bd8bde1c2
Wars are psychopaths’ playgrounds. Psychos thrive on creating suffering and tension. They can’t live without it hence reason we go from one artificial crisis to another. 

          Very few psychopaths actually kill; only the very lowest levels do. The majority are brilliant manipulators whose ruthlessness has no boundaries. They easily recognise each other and look upon the rest of humanity as dirt beneath them. The royals are a typical example. They interbreed especially to produce psychopaths whose ruthlessness throughout the centuries has
served them well.

         A prime minister has to be a psychopath, no decent honest normal person with a conscience could do the job. Prime Ministers or Monsters not only commit fraud but also treason by increasing taxes to pay their Rothschild masters. They live a continuous lie.
       The banking system is a fraud – countries can print their own debt free currencies. Britain did in 1914 it was called the Bradbury. The banks’ political puppets promptly stopped it. Stopping the Bradbury created an enormous war debt; exactly what the banks wanted. 
       The climate change extravaganza has also been proven to be a tax collecting moneymaking fraud based upon Mickey Mouse science. Real scientists are fearful of speaking out  as they would be publicly humiliated and have their funding stopped. They are financially forced to toe the line.
       It has also been proven that terrorism is state sponsored. Wars and false economic crisis are good for banks; that is why it is in their interests to have them. The survival of these illusions relies upon the ignorance of the masses. A smug controlled media hypnotises the populous into submission. To question the status quo is to be pigeon holed as a Conspiracy Theorist. Psychopaths are obsessed with mental illness and use the threat of being labeled "Insane" to maintain control.

If humanity has any chance of survival it’s essential to realise psychopath bankers whose puppets are the egotistical psychopath political leaders, rule us.  We are given the illusion of democracy when in reality it’s nothing more than exchanging one psycho illusionist puppet with another. The system is geared towards the most ruthless succeeding and/or those with a hidden past that can be easily blackmailed.

       Psychopaths do not have a conscience; the majority have strange sexual habits and are bi-sexual. Hence reason for their obsession with sex education in schools and graphic sex and violence in the media.
         The House of Commons is more like a freak show than a place where they should be working for and on behalf of the populous. The constant monitoring of the population via endless forms and security cameras is designed to create suspicion. Distrust is all part of the psychopaths method of control. They are also intrigued with our behaviour; they look upon us as laboratory animals.  They are unable to have the same emotions as us and simply cannot understand love and compassion. They act as if they have emotions, they are brilliant at it, but they tend to over act. 

Stalin was responsible for the deaths of between
60 to 100 million. The general public were so
brainwashed by propaganda they were unable
to believe it. We see similar
brainwashing today. Britain is heading towards
a police state. The evidence is staring us in the face but the majority of people can't see it. 
       Psychopaths believe they are superior to humanity.  That smugness permeates down through the mass media. It’s intoxicating and appears to infect most of society. Psychopaths are able to infect the minds of the masses. That is how Stalin managed to murder between 60 to100 million people. Stalin used neuro linguistic programming to get non-psychos to kill.

       There may be a few good MP’s but I have yet to find one. If they don't know about the financial fraud, they shouldn't be an MP. If they do know about the fraud, they should be put on trial for Treason! Most MP's sniff the air and get on a bandwagon. They give the impression of wholeheartedly supporting a cause. Then, without a hint of conscience, most will drop whatever they were supporting and get onto another bandwagon simply to fuel their ego. Charity is a perfect cover for their evilness - where there's a major charity, there's a psychopath!
       In order to identify the psychopaths it’s essential we don’t start a witch-hunt.  We need a system whereby the psychopath is isolated. That can only be achieved by education and making people aware of what is really ruling us. As said earlier, the monsters in power are really selected via a banking dictatorship that goes under the illusion of democracy.  If we had a real democracy, we would have our own debt free currency in circulation. Inflation and poverty would be confined to the history books. Above all, there would be no need for war. That may sound idyllic but once we have thrown off the shackles of several millennia of psychopath rule, we would discover real freedom and individuality.

       At the moment society is like an abused puppy that has been continuously kicked and tortured. The emotional scars are deep and emerging from the current psycho hellhole will take several generations to recover.
       Ruling psychopaths biggest fear is a mass awakening, hence they are doing everything in their power to prevent it. They are endeavouring to destroy the truth movement from within. Heightening world tension keeps people in fear. Collapsing economies and creating shortages also keeps the populous in line. In reality there is no shortage of food, again it’s stage-managed. 
          If people really knew the truth, lynch mobs would storm Westminster! The powers that be are fully aware of this. That is why they are so neurotic about security with armed 
Civilian unrest after World War One was censored by
the press. People were aware they had been duped
and were extremely angry. Fearing an armed revolt the
Government rushed through the 1920 Firearms Act. Prior
to the act, guns could be purchased with ease. Militant
veterans' organizations were infiltrated by agitators and
destroyed from within, in much the same way as the
truth movement is being destroyed today.

police protecting them and a myriad of underground escape routes. I sincerely hope there is NEVER mob rule and would like to see those in the House of Commons peaceably rounded up and put on trial under the 1848 Treason and Sedition Act. I Don't believe in capitol punishment as it's not only barbaric but also pointless when dealing with psychos. If alleged War Criminal Tony Blair were put on trial tomorrow, if convicted he would go to the gallows convinced he was innocent. Psychopaths believe their own lies and reinvent themselves. A far better way would be to place them on an island to live out their lives away from the rest of humanity. It should be remembered it would take a psycho to hang a psycho! People with a conscience couldn't do it!
       It's doubtful though the current Westminster criminals would ever be caught. They would simply vanish. Psychopath Churchill had an escape route worked out and

 Warmonger Churchill openly admitted he loved conflict. Far from Britain's savior, the real facts behind this monster paint a very different picture to that portrayed by the mass media.  
 would have escaped to Canada, his hideaway is now a tourist attraction. No doubt traitors Blair, Cameron, Clegg and the rest of the rotten core have a similar escape plan. 
       During this time of remembrance let's reflect upon who the real enemy is. Not ordinary folk in foreign lands, but home grown psychopaths. Until people throughout the world wake up to that fact, I see very little future for humanity.

       I am currently writing a book about Psychopaths based upon personal experience of encountering them and many years of research. It should be complete just before or after Christmas.

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Kosher Kate and the Media Extravaganza.

Kosher Kate has given birth to a bouncing baby who will grow up to be yet another parasite.

Put simply Kosher Kate gave birth (or someone else did on her behalf!). Birth is natural; it happens throughout the world, if it didn’t, we wouldn’t be here! End of story! It continues to amaze me how the contrived news media can make something out of nothing. Throughout the day they were waffling on and on and on about virtually nothing at all! It’s a wonder they didn’t have a royal watcher reporting on the time she went for a dump! 

When Big Ears Charlie Boy entered the arranged Diana marriage I remember they had a special news flash to tell everyone Charles had slightly stumbled up one of the steps of St. Pauls Cathedral. If he had fallen arse over head that would have been real news, but no it was just a very minor stumble.

At the time I was watching a documentary that was just coming to a conclusion. Suddenly the programme stopped and on came a very solemn faced newsreader. I thought something major had happened!  The news flash was about big ears stumbling on the steps of St Pauls. They showed his slight stumble in slow motion, then backwards, then from different angles. It’s a wonder that didn’t report on him breaking wind! After about five boring minutes of that rubbish, they went straight onto another programme! I never found out what the conclusion to that documentary was and was furious! 

It is assumed everyone is behind the royals; it’s an airwave dictatorship. More so now than ever before, it is increasingly difficult to get away from it! I find it claustrophobic and very disturbing how the controlled media latches onto it.

In reality it is all a sick illusion in order to keep the royal freak show going. The fact that the royals are a product of in breeding to produce a line of psychopaths is conveniently lost in the script. Psychopaths look upon normal people as dirt beneath them and the royals certainly make that known, especially the queen! Their vast wealth was acquired by bloodshed and fraud and the myth they are above other humans because an invisible man says so. The deception has worked for centuries and continues to reinvent itself in order to present a fantasy image that is more palatable for the gullible masses.

As tidal waves of people are waking up, the controlled media seem to be pulling out all the stops to stifle it.  To me, it seems like desperation. I’ve never known such royal coverage for what is simply a birth.

When Kosher Kate had morning sickness could those Australian news reporters have stumbled upon something? I don’t believe that nurse committed suicide; she knew too much and had to be disposed of. I question who the REAL father is? Whenever a lie is told, it is over emphasised. The entire birth has been stage-managed and has all the hallmarks of an establishment cover-up. Only time will tell.

Tuesday 16 July 2013

False Flag Terrorism isn't new.

For as long as I can remember there has never been a time when this country was NOT in a crisis! It is all part of the ruling psycho mentality; a frightened society is a controllable society! Governments are obsessed with making everyone suspicious of each other. Again it is deliberate social engineering.

False flag terrorism isn't new, it has been around for years. The Victorians feared anarchists who were plotting to assassinate Queen Victoria.
Official history gives us the impression Queen Victoria was popular, in reality she wasn't. At one point she fled to The Isle of Wight fearing there was going to be an armed uprising!

A series of incidents, similar to today's false flag events happened of which the facts didn't add up. Queen Victoria survived every attempt on her life of which there were several throughout her reign. Further details: 

In the aftermath of attempts against Queen Victoria's life an unpopular royal suddenly became very popular!  Amazing eh! There is evidence such events were staged by the British Secret Service. The "Anarchists," were generally referred to as "Foreigners," as anything foreign, in the Victorian times, was viewed with suspicion.

Prior to WWI people were led to believe German agents were plotting against us. The propaganda started about twenty years before WWI. Innocent German immigrants were often set upon in the streets by angry mobs and had their businesses destroyed.

Similar happened to German immigrants in Australia.

Again most major events looked staged managed. The intention was to prime public opinion ready for the forthcoming war. Hysteria was stirred up to such a peak that by the time war came, people were primed ready for action. It was called "War Fever." Men were keen to enlist to fight the nasty Hun!

In the 1930's the IRA had a campaign of putting bombs in letter boxes. The jury is still out regarding who was really behind it. When WWII came along the attacks ceased.

It seems we are deliberately in a constant state of war. Terrorism seems to fill the gaps between all out conflicts and prime people ready for a forthcoming war. In reality no real enemy terrorist would want to outrage the population of a country they are against. It is illogical. It would be in the terrorist organizations' interests to get people of an enemy country to support them and eventually go against their own governments!

The former Soviet Union has proved this by using subversion techniques to slowly infiltrate our society whereby we are now sleepwalking into a Soviet style dictatorship without noticing it.

In fact phony terrorism is all part of the process of making people suspicious of each other! It's an integral part of creating a totalitarian state. The Berlin wall coming down was an illusion, to give the impression the Soviet system had collapsed. In reality it was well planned; Communism didn't suddenly stop, it simply mutated and reinvented itself.  The west is now taking an almost identical path as the former Soviet Union. It is happening so slowly people fail to notice it.

Terrorism always takes the same form, a mysterious invisible enemy who commits acts of violence that outrages the populous. Those committing the staged acts of violence are always extremists. In reality they usually have connections with the secret services. Again, deliberately alienating the civilian population of a country doesn't make sense. It makes perfect sense though if they are staged events to deliberately outrage the public thus giving the government a perfect excuse to impose further draconian laws.

In order to get a perspective of what is going on today it is wise to look back to the past. History continues to repeat itself. The ruling psychopath agenda has always been to manipulate public opinion so as to create hatred of another culture thus making war more acceptable and enabling a totalitarian state to be installed with ease. Psychopaths thrive on the misery and stress of others. We have been conditioned to believe war is inevitable, it isn't.

Our enemy is really psychopath politicians, but the populous fail to see it. Until society wakes up to what wars and phony terrorism are really about and sees through the illusion and deals with the real enemy - psycho politicians and ultimately their banking masters that control the finances, the human race is destined for a very bleak future. 

The establishment and controlled media is responsible for giving us their version of history. There's an old saying: He who controls the past, controls the future!
What we learn from history is we don't learn from history! It's time to wake up!

Sunday 14 July 2013

Evil in Disguise.

Interpretation of history isn’t necessarily what happened but usually what a minority in control want you to believe.

The authorities keep regurgitating the same lies about Churchill to each generation. In reality Churchill was, I believe, nothing more than an egotistical psychopath responsible for the deaths of countless millions. He was far from this country's savior.

On September 1st 1939 when Chamberlain was in power and Germany invaded Poland, this country was under no threat from Germany whatsoever. Few people realize the former Soviet Union was due to invade Poland on exactly the same day; it was part of a pact. They held back and invaded Poland two weeks later. There are photographs of German and Soviet troops meeting up in Poland and rejoicing their victory together. As Britain declared war on Germany on September 3rd 1939 for invading Poland, why didn’t Britain declare war on the Soviet Union for doing the same two weeks later?

The reason is simple, Germany had told the international banksters to go to hell and was printing its own debt free currency and economically booming. The international banksters were financing the Soviet Union.

Churchill was put there by the banks to save their empire. They paid off his gambling and drinking debts provided he did what they told him. The rest is history.

Thursday 11 July 2013

Gong Receivers and Grovelling

Could many of those receiving a gong from Queenie be receiving a reward for their work on behalf of social engineering?

When Mick Jagger got  a gong it proved to me the music industry isn’t what people are led to believe it is! In the 1960's who on earth could have imagined Jagger getting a gong and accepting it! 

The youth culture of the 1960’s was, I believe, not free expression but a skilful piece of social engineering that was deliberately manipulated into the society we have today. Over the last forty years or so it is no coincidence mainstream music has become deliberately bland, fashions have become ugly and society is stressed out by constant economic pessimism. This is whilst the 1% that rule the world get richer!

Even Vivian Westwood, the woman who I believe put ugliness into fashion, received a gong. To me her designs look as if their origins are from the very sick minds of the Tavistock Centre. Creating impractical ugly fashions isn’t art, never has been, never will be! 

I would not be surprised if in the near future Johnny Rotten gets a gong even though he made the record "God Save the Queen!" When punk reared its ugly head in the 1970’s I thought it seemed more to do with manipulation of the masses than music!  Again, I don’t believe it was anything to do with youth rebellion it was more to do with Tavistock Centre social engineering.

What the establishment does and what it is supposed to represent is rarely what it seems. As said in previous articles, psychopaths always preach the opposite to what they do; the royal family and politicians are typical examples.

There are a few genuine recipients of Royal gongs but I question many and the overall reason for the entire arse licking ceremony. It seems more to do with Royal public relations than anything else. It is yet one more piece in the false illusionary picture that keeps people in ignorance and maintains the royal protocol. If people knew the truth, the royals would collapse like a pack of cards.  Rather like our false democracy and false economy it survives by maintaining mass ignorance.  We are led to believe the royals are chosen people, there because an invisible man says so.

In reality the royals are there because they go out of their way to breed psychopaths whose ruthlessness throughout the ages has murdered and stole their way to the top. It has served them well. They look upon those of us that are not psychopaths like dirt beneath them. It is blatantly obvious but people fail to see it.  I believe in politeness and respect but why we should bow and curtsy to the Queen is beyond me.  To me she is a person who’s a product of cousins marrying and a bloodthirsty ancestry that she should be ashamed of, not proud of!

The royals also have all the psychopath traits such as being seen to support major charities so as to give them a “caring” image. Psychopaths thrive on self-gratification, regardless of the consequences, and the constant need to boost their own ego. Above all they thrive on nervous tension and/or suffering of others, it gives them a high. This is how they can accumulate vast wealth whilst seeing suffering in the world and not spending a penny to help. They get other people to spend their money, via their phoney charity support, but they never put their hands in their own rich pockets!

Having several secret sex partners whilst married is common in Royal circles. Psychopaths are also closely linked to homosexuals. Little wonder the royal household is full of them. The Queen Mother surrounded herself with homosexual servants. Prime minister Ted Heath was said to be homosexual. There is evidence that Churchill was bi-sexual. Allegedly Tony Blair is bi-sexual.  Apparently in the 1970’s and early 1980’s Blair was caught in a public toilet with another man carrying out an indecent act.  When charged at Bow Street Police station in London, he gave his middle name, Lynton.  Many Prime Ministers and Government ministers, throughout the years, have been involved in a range of sex and/or fraud scandals, many of which have been suppressed. Such people are selected for high office as the banks that control them can easily blackmail them.

The mystique and the Royal stage-managed protocol that surrounds them is designed to demean the public whilst metaphorically placing the royal on a pedestal.  We are led to believe they are a family to aspire to, but in reality they are anything but!  To me they are a freak show! 

Even the way the Royals’ talk is designed to demean the average individual.  It’s all an illusion and will continue to be whilst we have a controlled media that’s owned by a super rich minority and a controlled government that’s owned by the banks. 

 I always laugh when people go to the palace to receive their gongs. They are dressed in their penguin suits and interviewed outside. They always say the same, how marvellous the Queen is.  They are hardly going to say she is a miserable old bag that’s got bad breath, is on an ego trip and stinks of stale piss are they!  

Monday 17 June 2013


My family knew nothing about Freemasons before an in-law, that turned out to be a psychopath, married my relative. The in-law’s father was a freemason. Because of that my in-law’s family believed they were superior beings and spoke down to my family as if we were inferior.   I discovered all psychopaths work to exactly the same agenda and instinctively divide and rule.  What my family and I experienced was a microcosm of how governments dictate to us. Its a long story. I am currently writing a book about it.  

Regarding freemasons, I believe there are several levels of which the lower level are possibly as much in ignorance of what is really going on as the general population are. To me, I look upon them as a bunch of immature misfits of questionable sexuality that have never grown up. My dad looked upon them as overgrown schoolboys that have to rely upon others, and possible questionable means, to get anywhere in life!

 I’m very suspicious of major charities and any organization that uses charity as a front. Whenever talking to the general brainwashed public about freemasonry their immediate response is to say they do a lot of good for charity! Some of the most evil industrialists are seen giving to “Charity.” It’s good for tax concessions and it gives them a good image so as to gloss over their ruthless behaviour. I’m NOT saying masons are of the same ilk as there are some well-meaning people in freemasonry that genuinely do good. What I am questioning is the general charitable image, put about by the higher levels, possibly hiding something much darker? Equally I’m not saying all freemasons are psychopaths, most of those on the lower levels aren’t. Those at the very top, it’s questionable!

My profession was architecture and a very large number of architects are masons. I hasten to add, as you have probably guessed by now, I'm NOT a mason! Never have been and never would be. In the 1980’s and 90’s I worked on a freelance basis and was once greeted by an Architect who incorrectly assumed I was a mason. 

I’m a very nervous person so perhaps a nervous twitch was mistaken as a Masonic symbol or maybe I broke wind at the wrong time and that may have been thought of as a Masonic gesture. I don’t know? I was being interviewed for a job. As the man was shaking my hand he started twiddling his thumb over the back of my hand. I often wonder what would have happened if I had done the same back! After the weird handshake I refrained from bending down and doing my shoelace up and couldn’t wait to get out of the door! I didn’t get the job – I wonder why!!!

Why any man would want to spend his time prancing around with his trouser leg rolled up and his tit exposed, performing strange rituals with a bunch of egotistical geriatric weirdoes of equally questionable sexuality is beyond me but I guess everyone to their own! 

Wearing white gloves and aprons, to me they look more like snobby ice cream salesmen to the aristocracy and I would be more inclined to ask them for a choc ice or a Cornish mivvy!

I know for a fact Tony Blair is a thirty-three degree mason and so was Churchill. Clement Attlee (Labour Prime Minister in 1945) was also a mason. According to a friend that’s spent many years researching freemasonry apparently Stalin was also a freemason!  It is suspected the Milliband brothers may be masons although as yet I have no real solid evidence.

My in-law’s father slept in a separate bedroom to his wife and seemed quite open about it. How my in-law came on the scene is a mystery; answers please on a postcard!

I know for a fact that Lizzie the mad lizard lady commonly known as the queen sleeps in a separate bedroom to Phil the Greek. The truth came out when, I think it was in the 1980’s, someone broke into Buckingham Palace and entered Lizzie’s bedroom. Again, why anyone would want to speak to that old bag is also beyond me; I personally would go out of my way to avoid her! She lives in a world of perpetual small talk and probably thinks the entire planet smells of wet paint!

Back to sleeping with wives, it seems a fair amount of masons sleep in a separate bedroom to their wife and they are very open about it, as if it’s normal– odd eh! Again, answers please on a postcard!!!

The book “The Brotherhood” was published in the early 1980’s and listed members of the Thatcher government that were Freemasons. Almost every government minister was! That possibly answers the question why this country is in such a state and run by egotistical psychopaths who, behind the scenes, go into secret chambers, dressed as high-class ice cream salesmen, and perform strange rituals! 

We live in a charade democracy that’s ruled by major financial institutions that are rotten to the core.  The city of London is full of satanic imagery. Paedophilia appears to be rife behind the closed doors of government. Those that get too close to the truth tend to have mysterious deaths. The controlled media and so called “Entertainment” industry are obsessed with violence. James Bond 007 is nothing more than a psychopath; he can kill without a hint of conscience. That form of violence is blatantly brainwashing youth with a form of hero worship that borders on the macabre. It subtly coerces people into acceptance of the psychopath agenda and mindset.

Putting all that evidence together it appears we are dealing with evil that reverberates out from central government and the crown and goes deep into local authorities, the courts and society generally.  

The following film was made in occupied France in 1943. It was years ahead of its time and shows a Masonic ritual. It’s best to download the film as soon as possible as I suspect the authorities may soon remove it!

Friday 14 June 2013

The Pharmaceutical Mafia

The pharmaceutical mafia is nothing more than a religion that, along with the mainstream Rothschild owned "news" media, has managed to convince people that ingesting toxins somehow makes them better! It's rather like a dodgy used car salesman convincing someone to buy a death trap wreck of a car!

When my father was in hospital I was shocked how ignorant doctors were. They knew nothing about vitamins and had a claustrophobic mindset on a par to someone that has been taken over by a cult!

Few people realize the real reason why the NHS was set up. Those of my parents generation looked upon it as a life saver. They previously experienced a fully private health system that only catered for the rich. Everyone else either had to rely upon means tested charity or died! Somewhat like today!

The real reason the NHS was set up was for the military and industrial profits! The military wanted fit canon fodder. During WWII it got to the point where there were so many unfit men being rejected when conscripted they lowered the medical requirement to a point where if you could walk unaided, you were fit enough to fight in the war!

A relative of mine had one eye, he lost his eye when young due to an accident. Anyone would have thought it would have excused him from compulsory military service, but it didn't! Just at the end of WWII, he went into the Royal Corps of Signals - yes with only one eye!

The life expectancy of a front line infantryman during WWII and the Korean war in the early 1950's was short. Provided the Infantryman served their purpose, that was all the authorities were interested in. Their long term health was of no interest whatsoever. Hence we have toxic mercury fillings, babies vaccinated with a chemistry set of toxins, the list goes on. Vaccines and mercury fillings came in, big time, when the NHS started.

As the manpower requirements of the army have dropped, along with it has come the erosion of the NHS. The graphs run almost in conjunction with each other. As the military requirement has dropped off, so to speak, so as to maintain corporate profits vast sums have been invested in keeping people alive long enough, but not curing them, so they become a nice little earner!

Large corporations made a fortune out of WWII. In the aftermath they  risked loosing a considerable sum. Hence reason technology originally designed for weaponry was adapted for medical use, such as nuclear medicine.

When the NHS was set up in 1948, all previous natural medicines that were widely used were thrown out and natural remedy textbooks were destroyed. A lot of natural medicine knowledge of the late 19th early 20th centuries has been lost forever. The news media sprang into action to deliberately make natural medicine look like quackery. The results of that propaganda clearly be seen today.

I'm all for a health service that's free for everyone, but equally I'm for a health service that's there to cure, that uses tried and tested natural medicines that usually cost virtually nothing to produce. Also it's important to look at people as individuals and not slabs of meat as they currently are. Hospitals are run on industrial lines and it's nothing more than conveyor belt toxic medicines, one size fits all! Compassion, kindness and above all caring are words that are alien to the modern industrial world of the profit motivated corporate medicine machine.

Sadly, so many people are brainwashed by the political egotistical psychopath elite that convincing the overall majority of people they are being lied to and slowly killed by pharmaceutical toxins is on a par to trying to nail jelly to the ceiling! People generally only wake up when they lose a loved one, it affects them or when it's too late!

Monday 14 January 2013

The deliberate destruction of Britain.

Nowadays most inner city high streets
have graffiti on walls, boarded
up shops along with rubbish bags.
Is this the Britain the WWII
generation fought for?
Germans described WWI
British troops as lions led by
donkeys. Today we are
lions led by the mentally deranged!
It is my belief that Britain is being deliberately destroyed from within. Most people are aware something is wrong but are unable to understand why. I believe this is to do with the constant brainwashing the masses are bombarded with, especially on the BBC.

When I think back to the Britain I grew up in, although far from perfect, it was a Britain that had industry and optimism, above all it had our unique culture and humour! What passes itself as humour nowadays simply isn't funny, it's mainly pushing the gay agenda and normally consists of crude filth, Little Britain being one of the worst. I watched "The Office" and wondered if I had lost my sense of humour! Although I have no evidence I often wonder if the awards for such rubbish programmes are rigged?

There are few, if any, talented artists on TV and anyone with real talent is not given the opportunity. I question if the Spice Girls actually did get to the top or if it was rigged? I have yet to meet anyone, young and old, that likes them or has bought any of their music. Go into any charity shop and there are usually a range of CD's from music of ten plus years ago. I've never seen a Spice Girls CD indicating hardly anyone bought into it. I don't know of anyone else that's seen one either?

Our cities are now full of weird so called art; sculptures that look as if they have come from the minds of the seriously mentally deranged. Almost everything you care to look at in Britain today is either crumbling or falling to bits at the seams.

Quality has been exchanged for shoddy rubbish produced on a budget. Politicians do not have an excuse but survive on hype talk and skillful political manipulation backed up by their media propaganda machine. Writing to a local MP is usually nothing more than a delegation exercise. They simply get one of their helpers to forward your letter onto a department that in turn gives a reply that's usually an insult to the average persons' mentality!

Sadly it's not just Britain that's on the slide, it seems the entire western world is. People appear to have been hypnotized into a passive state of mind (cognitive dissonance) whereby they accept almost anything. I dread to think what next is in store for us? I personally believe governments deliberately want upheaval so as to use it as an excuse to implement a full police state, whereby large sections of the population would mysteriously disappear, as happened in the former Soviet Union and East Germany. Let's hope people wake up soon, that's our only hope.