Saturday, 27 March 2021

Spotting Controlled Opposition.

The way I smell a rat is controlled opposition always compare things to the nasty NAZ1's. No mention of how society is being led down the communist road. Neither any mention of the former Soviet Union's genocide of an estimated forty to sixty million mainly Christians. Nobody knows the exact figure some say around one hundred million were exterminated.

The silence is deafening, but still the nasty NAZ1 comparisons go on and on like a long playing record that's stuck in the groove. I'm NOT denying the nasty NAZ1's committed atrocities, but so did the allies! Neither am I praising the nasty NAZ1's, I'm just getting things into perspective.

We should be presented with a real view of history instead of a selective one for political and financial purposes. The lucrative political view of history, peddled by Hollywood, now aided by controlled opposition, fits in neatly as a distraction from reality.

Controlled opposition have now taken over from Hollywood to peddle the nasty NAZ1 narrative that was once used for lucrative and political reasons. It is now designed to turn peoples' attention away from back door communism that's staring us in the face!

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