Saturday, 27 March 2021

The "Joys" of NOT wearing an obedience muzzle when shopping!


Since the beginning of the fake-demic, last year, I have NOT worn a facial sanitary towel. In fact I don't have one and don't want one. I've made my own sarcastic "Exemption" card that at first glance looks OK. In small letters at the top of the card it says: "Obedience Muzzle Ritual." Then in large capitals it says "Exempt." Then in small letters below it says, "Exempt from loony deprivation rituals!"

In addition to the harmful effects of breathing in your own CO2, it's the perfect way of catching bacterial pneumonia! Additionally I have no desire to breath in harmful carcinogenic fibers from official masks. Nor create a perfect breeding ground for my and other peoples' bacteria! An experiment was carried out in 1980 whereby surgeons did operations without masks. It was found it made no difference.

Whilst in Tesco's NOT wearing a facial sanitary towel I reached for my handkerchief to blow my nose! I now know what it must have felt like to be a leper! People moved away as if I were unclean. Perhaps I should have rang a bell at the same time shouting "Not wearing a facial sanitary towel and also have a snotty nose!"

I've found not wearing a sanitary towel over my mouth and having a snotty nose is a great way to get to the bargains! People throw themselves out of your way. I'm beginning to feel like royalty! lol Please checkout my website on:

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