Tuesday 30 March 2021

Official Narrative Preachers and Churchill Worshippers!

I find it fascinating and sometimes amusing when people spout the official narrative as if they are a leading authority on a subject that in reality they know sod all about! They duplicate what the ruling minority want the masses to believe. 

A typical example is the current fake-demic. We now have self-righteous ding-dongs prancing around telling everyone what to do! Walk into a shop without wearing a twat mask, as I do, and I'm often treated like some anti-social non-person. People shield themselves from me because I'm not wearing a stupid mask. In reality it should be the other way around. Twats prancing around with a bacteria breeding cloth over their mouths are causing serious problems. Lack of oxygen to the brain along with bacterial pneumonia to name but a few. We now have ding-dongs driving alone in their cars wearing these facial sanitary masks! The lack of oxygen to their brain may well be causing all manner of accidents!  

Another example of where "Official Narrative Preachers" excel in their stupidity is World War Two where the propaganda of those years is still rigidly believed to this day!

Both my late parents went through WWII. My Dad was amongst the first assault wave in 1944, D-Day on Gold Beach, Jig Section. My mother lived near an industrial area during the blitz. Despite the propaganda then and post war to today, they both hated Churchill and many people did.

Just scratch below the propaganda and it reveals Churchill was not only a psychopath but completely incompetent. He was a puppet to the City of London who paid off his debts to the sum of £19500 before the war. Sadly the World War Two propaganda surrounding that evil man is still believed today along with the Hollywood version of that war. Why Britain made an excuse to involve itself in World War Two, due to German invasion of Poland, is unclear until understanding usury. World War Two was really fought for and on behalf of the Banksters who feared Germany abolishing usury would reverberate around the world. It also explains why the mass extermination of around 40 to 60 million (nobody knows the real figure) in former Soviet Union slave labour camps is kept low key.

History isn't necessarily what happened, it's usually what a minority in power want the masses to believe! People readily believe the official narrative and become emotionally obsessed with promulgating what the ruling minority want them to believe. My late Father often came across the "Official Narrative Preachers" who told him all about front line battle even though they had never been to war and he had! What we learn from history is that we DON'T learn from history!

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