Wednesday 24 July 2013

Kosher Kate and the Media Extravaganza.

Kosher Kate has given birth to a bouncing baby who will grow up to be yet another parasite.

Put simply Kosher Kate gave birth (or someone else did on her behalf!). Birth is natural; it happens throughout the world, if it didn’t, we wouldn’t be here! End of story! It continues to amaze me how the contrived news media can make something out of nothing. Throughout the day they were waffling on and on and on about virtually nothing at all! It’s a wonder they didn’t have a royal watcher reporting on the time she went for a dump! 

When Big Ears Charlie Boy entered the arranged Diana marriage I remember they had a special news flash to tell everyone Charles had slightly stumbled up one of the steps of St. Pauls Cathedral. If he had fallen arse over head that would have been real news, but no it was just a very minor stumble.

At the time I was watching a documentary that was just coming to a conclusion. Suddenly the programme stopped and on came a very solemn faced newsreader. I thought something major had happened!  The news flash was about big ears stumbling on the steps of St Pauls. They showed his slight stumble in slow motion, then backwards, then from different angles. It’s a wonder that didn’t report on him breaking wind! After about five boring minutes of that rubbish, they went straight onto another programme! I never found out what the conclusion to that documentary was and was furious! 

It is assumed everyone is behind the royals; it’s an airwave dictatorship. More so now than ever before, it is increasingly difficult to get away from it! I find it claustrophobic and very disturbing how the controlled media latches onto it.

In reality it is all a sick illusion in order to keep the royal freak show going. The fact that the royals are a product of in breeding to produce a line of psychopaths is conveniently lost in the script. Psychopaths look upon normal people as dirt beneath them and the royals certainly make that known, especially the queen! Their vast wealth was acquired by bloodshed and fraud and the myth they are above other humans because an invisible man says so. The deception has worked for centuries and continues to reinvent itself in order to present a fantasy image that is more palatable for the gullible masses.

As tidal waves of people are waking up, the controlled media seem to be pulling out all the stops to stifle it.  To me, it seems like desperation. I’ve never known such royal coverage for what is simply a birth.

When Kosher Kate had morning sickness could those Australian news reporters have stumbled upon something? I don’t believe that nurse committed suicide; she knew too much and had to be disposed of. I question who the REAL father is? Whenever a lie is told, it is over emphasised. The entire birth has been stage-managed and has all the hallmarks of an establishment cover-up. Only time will tell.

Tuesday 16 July 2013

False Flag Terrorism isn't new.

For as long as I can remember there has never been a time when this country was NOT in a crisis! It is all part of the ruling psycho mentality; a frightened society is a controllable society! Governments are obsessed with making everyone suspicious of each other. Again it is deliberate social engineering.

False flag terrorism isn't new, it has been around for years. The Victorians feared anarchists who were plotting to assassinate Queen Victoria.
Official history gives us the impression Queen Victoria was popular, in reality she wasn't. At one point she fled to The Isle of Wight fearing there was going to be an armed uprising!

A series of incidents, similar to today's false flag events happened of which the facts didn't add up. Queen Victoria survived every attempt on her life of which there were several throughout her reign. Further details: 

In the aftermath of attempts against Queen Victoria's life an unpopular royal suddenly became very popular!  Amazing eh! There is evidence such events were staged by the British Secret Service. The "Anarchists," were generally referred to as "Foreigners," as anything foreign, in the Victorian times, was viewed with suspicion.

Prior to WWI people were led to believe German agents were plotting against us. The propaganda started about twenty years before WWI. Innocent German immigrants were often set upon in the streets by angry mobs and had their businesses destroyed.

Similar happened to German immigrants in Australia.

Again most major events looked staged managed. The intention was to prime public opinion ready for the forthcoming war. Hysteria was stirred up to such a peak that by the time war came, people were primed ready for action. It was called "War Fever." Men were keen to enlist to fight the nasty Hun!

In the 1930's the IRA had a campaign of putting bombs in letter boxes. The jury is still out regarding who was really behind it. When WWII came along the attacks ceased.

It seems we are deliberately in a constant state of war. Terrorism seems to fill the gaps between all out conflicts and prime people ready for a forthcoming war. In reality no real enemy terrorist would want to outrage the population of a country they are against. It is illogical. It would be in the terrorist organizations' interests to get people of an enemy country to support them and eventually go against their own governments!

The former Soviet Union has proved this by using subversion techniques to slowly infiltrate our society whereby we are now sleepwalking into a Soviet style dictatorship without noticing it.

In fact phony terrorism is all part of the process of making people suspicious of each other! It's an integral part of creating a totalitarian state. The Berlin wall coming down was an illusion, to give the impression the Soviet system had collapsed. In reality it was well planned; Communism didn't suddenly stop, it simply mutated and reinvented itself.  The west is now taking an almost identical path as the former Soviet Union. It is happening so slowly people fail to notice it.

Terrorism always takes the same form, a mysterious invisible enemy who commits acts of violence that outrages the populous. Those committing the staged acts of violence are always extremists. In reality they usually have connections with the secret services. Again, deliberately alienating the civilian population of a country doesn't make sense. It makes perfect sense though if they are staged events to deliberately outrage the public thus giving the government a perfect excuse to impose further draconian laws.

In order to get a perspective of what is going on today it is wise to look back to the past. History continues to repeat itself. The ruling psychopath agenda has always been to manipulate public opinion so as to create hatred of another culture thus making war more acceptable and enabling a totalitarian state to be installed with ease. Psychopaths thrive on the misery and stress of others. We have been conditioned to believe war is inevitable, it isn't.

Our enemy is really psychopath politicians, but the populous fail to see it. Until society wakes up to what wars and phony terrorism are really about and sees through the illusion and deals with the real enemy - psycho politicians and ultimately their banking masters that control the finances, the human race is destined for a very bleak future. 

The establishment and controlled media is responsible for giving us their version of history. There's an old saying: He who controls the past, controls the future!
What we learn from history is we don't learn from history! It's time to wake up!

Sunday 14 July 2013

Evil in Disguise.

Interpretation of history isn’t necessarily what happened but usually what a minority in control want you to believe.

The authorities keep regurgitating the same lies about Churchill to each generation. In reality Churchill was, I believe, nothing more than an egotistical psychopath responsible for the deaths of countless millions. He was far from this country's savior.

On September 1st 1939 when Chamberlain was in power and Germany invaded Poland, this country was under no threat from Germany whatsoever. Few people realize the former Soviet Union was due to invade Poland on exactly the same day; it was part of a pact. They held back and invaded Poland two weeks later. There are photographs of German and Soviet troops meeting up in Poland and rejoicing their victory together. As Britain declared war on Germany on September 3rd 1939 for invading Poland, why didn’t Britain declare war on the Soviet Union for doing the same two weeks later?

The reason is simple, Germany had told the international banksters to go to hell and was printing its own debt free currency and economically booming. The international banksters were financing the Soviet Union.

Churchill was put there by the banks to save their empire. They paid off his gambling and drinking debts provided he did what they told him. The rest is history.

Thursday 11 July 2013

Gong Receivers and Grovelling

Could many of those receiving a gong from Queenie be receiving a reward for their work on behalf of social engineering?

When Mick Jagger got  a gong it proved to me the music industry isn’t what people are led to believe it is! In the 1960's who on earth could have imagined Jagger getting a gong and accepting it! 

The youth culture of the 1960’s was, I believe, not free expression but a skilful piece of social engineering that was deliberately manipulated into the society we have today. Over the last forty years or so it is no coincidence mainstream music has become deliberately bland, fashions have become ugly and society is stressed out by constant economic pessimism. This is whilst the 1% that rule the world get richer!

Even Vivian Westwood, the woman who I believe put ugliness into fashion, received a gong. To me her designs look as if their origins are from the very sick minds of the Tavistock Centre. Creating impractical ugly fashions isn’t art, never has been, never will be! 

I would not be surprised if in the near future Johnny Rotten gets a gong even though he made the record "God Save the Queen!" When punk reared its ugly head in the 1970’s I thought it seemed more to do with manipulation of the masses than music!  Again, I don’t believe it was anything to do with youth rebellion it was more to do with Tavistock Centre social engineering.

What the establishment does and what it is supposed to represent is rarely what it seems. As said in previous articles, psychopaths always preach the opposite to what they do; the royal family and politicians are typical examples.

There are a few genuine recipients of Royal gongs but I question many and the overall reason for the entire arse licking ceremony. It seems more to do with Royal public relations than anything else. It is yet one more piece in the false illusionary picture that keeps people in ignorance and maintains the royal protocol. If people knew the truth, the royals would collapse like a pack of cards.  Rather like our false democracy and false economy it survives by maintaining mass ignorance.  We are led to believe the royals are chosen people, there because an invisible man says so.

In reality the royals are there because they go out of their way to breed psychopaths whose ruthlessness throughout the ages has murdered and stole their way to the top. It has served them well. They look upon those of us that are not psychopaths like dirt beneath them. It is blatantly obvious but people fail to see it.  I believe in politeness and respect but why we should bow and curtsy to the Queen is beyond me.  To me she is a person who’s a product of cousins marrying and a bloodthirsty ancestry that she should be ashamed of, not proud of!

The royals also have all the psychopath traits such as being seen to support major charities so as to give them a “caring” image. Psychopaths thrive on self-gratification, regardless of the consequences, and the constant need to boost their own ego. Above all they thrive on nervous tension and/or suffering of others, it gives them a high. This is how they can accumulate vast wealth whilst seeing suffering in the world and not spending a penny to help. They get other people to spend their money, via their phoney charity support, but they never put their hands in their own rich pockets!

Having several secret sex partners whilst married is common in Royal circles. Psychopaths are also closely linked to homosexuals. Little wonder the royal household is full of them. The Queen Mother surrounded herself with homosexual servants. Prime minister Ted Heath was said to be homosexual. There is evidence that Churchill was bi-sexual. Allegedly Tony Blair is bi-sexual.  Apparently in the 1970’s and early 1980’s Blair was caught in a public toilet with another man carrying out an indecent act.  When charged at Bow Street Police station in London, he gave his middle name, Lynton.  Many Prime Ministers and Government ministers, throughout the years, have been involved in a range of sex and/or fraud scandals, many of which have been suppressed. Such people are selected for high office as the banks that control them can easily blackmail them.

The mystique and the Royal stage-managed protocol that surrounds them is designed to demean the public whilst metaphorically placing the royal on a pedestal.  We are led to believe they are a family to aspire to, but in reality they are anything but!  To me they are a freak show! 

Even the way the Royals’ talk is designed to demean the average individual.  It’s all an illusion and will continue to be whilst we have a controlled media that’s owned by a super rich minority and a controlled government that’s owned by the banks. 

 I always laugh when people go to the palace to receive their gongs. They are dressed in their penguin suits and interviewed outside. They always say the same, how marvellous the Queen is.  They are hardly going to say she is a miserable old bag that’s got bad breath, is on an ego trip and stinks of stale piss are they!