Saturday 29 December 2012

What did the WWII generation really fight for?

The pattern appears to be the same – recession, war, mini boom, recession and so on – it has been like that since the founding of the Bank of England in 1694. There is always a deep recession before a major war; the banks claw in the money to pay for the forthcoming conflict.

Violette Szabo had a French Mother and
English Father.  She fell in love and married
a French officer in 1940. Sadly he was killed
at El Alamein.  She was heartbroken and
joined  SOE where she was sent to
occupied France. On her second mission
she was captured and eventually executed
in January 1945. She was aged 23. If it
were possible for Violette to see Britain
today I think she would be as horrified,
as many WWII veterans are, by the
way this country continues to be destroyed
from within.

Governments get into debt to pay for the war and banks make even more profit. Wars are good for banks, it’s an efficient way of boosting their finances. It never ceases to amaze me how politicians manage to convince people to go and kill the population of another country. It’s terrifying how people fall into line with the social engineering. World War Two has been over for almost seventy years but post war propaganda films are still shown regularly on television. There is a reason for this, they need to keep pushing the lies. Killing is depicted within such films as if it were some  form of game whereby the lives of German soldiers were meaningless. For every soldier killed, there is the hidden misery of grieving parents, wives, children etc. For the survivors, post traumatic stress disorder can affect the veteran’s children (epigenetics). Wars are a psychopaths playground.

Human suffering gives psychopaths a high, in much the same way as the current artificial recession gives David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Tony Blair and the rest of their freak show sadistic pleasure. I believe allegedly that when Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, sees that peoples lives will be blighted and communities totally destroyed by him giving the go ahead for rampant building on Britain's beautiful countryside, he probably creams his trousers with excitement! The destructive power of psychopaths, due to their egos and constant pursuit of causing human misery is a fact the majority of the population are unaware of. This is because psychopaths are such skillful manipulators. They look upon the rest of the population as dumb for not realizing what they are up to. They send people to their deaths in wars without a hint of conscience; Tony Blair and David Cameron are typical examples. They act as if they are troubled and concerned but in reality no normal human being could live with their conscience if they were responsible for the amount of deaths of innocent people those prime ministers are responsible for. No normal human being could also live with their conscience if they knew the economic situation is false and relies upon constant lies, by the controlled media, to survive. Printing our own debt free currency would solve the current financial crisis overnight. Some politicians are aware of this but keep quiet and toe the line as it's a well paid job with many perks, especially in a safe seat! Many are unaware of it and would dismiss it as they are so brainwashed by the system.

My Father, David J Powis, was
conscripted into the British Infantry
in 1939. He went on to survive the
entire siege of Malta and
three invasions, Sicily, Italy and
D-Day. He was amongst the initial
assaults on all three invasions
and saw further excessive action
during the subsequent inland
battles. He was in front line Intelligence
necessitating extremely dangerous
missions behind enemy lines.
After the war he was a
victim of The Government
Directed Pensions Fraud.
Before he died, in 2010, whilst
being means tested, to see
if he could pay for care
that he had already paid
for in National Insurance
contributions, he said, "What
did we fight for in WWII?"
He then went on to say,
 if he and his friends had
known how Britain was going
to turn out, they would have
thrown their weapons down and
given up! Many WWII veterans
have a similar view.
There are two versions of all wars, what actually happened and what the authorities want you to believe, via their media machine. Sadly people are so taken in by the fiction version of events they are unable to think outside the narrow criteria. Walk into any book shop and there are a myriad of books by authors that have simply gone through official documentation and put their own spin on events, but there are very few publications by people that were actually there, unless they were of high rank and well away from the action! People like fiction and successive governments social engineers (Tavistock Center and Frankfurt School) use this human frailty to get people to believe official lies. It has worked for hundreds of years, but I believe an increasing number of people are now beginning to wake up and the powers that be are getting very worried.

The biggest secret surrounding World War Two is the conflict was about finances and was fought for and on behalf of the criminal money lenders! We are led to believe the war was about world domination by a crazy dictator. It is yet one more distraction put about by the secret services to prevent people getting too close to the truth. I'm totally against all forms of totalitarianism and believe in individual freedom. The only way we can have true freedom is via truth, not official lies. Whenever the question of World War Two finances arises, it is covered by a shroud of lies and pushed to the back. Wall street financed both Stalin and Hitler until Hitler told Wall Street to go to hell and did what Abraham Lincoln did, printed debt free currency! The Banks could not allow him to get away with it, hence reason Britain declared war on Germany, using the invasion of Poland as an excuse. The fact the Soviet Union had a pact with Germany and planned to invade Poland on exactly the same day, 3rd September 1939, is deliberately ignored by the war justification industry. Wars are fought by forgotten heroes for lost causes. The constant cycle of conflict will continue until humanity wakes up and sees through official lies and realizes who the real enemy is - psychopath banks and their puppet governments. It's time they face justice and if found guilty are safely locked away from the rest of us. The current system attracts psychopaths like bees around a honey pot, in fact it positively encourages them! We need to have a fully democratic system that would NOT tolerate the psychopath mindset of hate, greed, injustice and human suffering.  A system that's based upon fairness, love and above all consideration for fellow humans is long overdue.

Thursday 19 July 2012

Media Manipulation

The mainstream media is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the government gangsters and their puppeteers that financially enslave us. Mainstream medias' job has always been to keep the populous in ignorance of the usury scam. Tune into the BBC or ITV and you will be presented with political drivel that's nothing more than a Punch and Judy show thats designed to give the impression of democracy, that in reality isn't. If we truly had freedom we would see the buffoons that are supposed to be running this country in handcuffs, in court, charged with treason and crimes against humanity. Along with them would be corrupt Senior Civil Servants, corrupt Judges and the entire criminal elite that have not only been living off the lucrative gravy train but have been instrumental in turning this country into a police state.

With the exception of a few truly independent media outlets that have, over the years, endeavored to promulgate the truth, the masses have always been brainwashed by the hidden elites' illusionist act. "Charity" is the latest scam, where major so called charitable organizations are, in reality I believe, propaganda agencies whose real purpose is to further deceive people by pushing through the elites' agenda in a cuddly, fluffy, smiley smiley way. If truly independent media outlets have ever posed a threat to the hidden agenda they were either infiltrated, taken over, or put out of business. Many major "Charities" have also been subjected to such manipulation. A typical example was the creation of the British Legion in 1921. Militant World War One Veterans' associations were springing up throughout Britain, posing a threat to the ruling minority. They were promptly infiltrated and pacified then merged into the alleged government run British Legion whose real purpose, I believe, was to steer the masses away from the truth, whilst giving the impression they were a voice for the veterans. A brilliant example of mass manipulation. Nowadays truly independent media is even more in the minority than it ever was. The first Director General of the BBC was Lord Reith. Prior to being put into that position in 1927 he was the Governments' propaganda writer during the 1926 General Strike; need I say more!

Tuesday 17 July 2012

State Kidnapping of the Elderly.

There is much talk on the alternative news media about the state stealing of children but little, if any, about the state stealing of the elderly. Here at a steady stream of reports are coming in where carers are being deliberately separated from their loved ones.

Spurious unsubstantiated excuses are given by the authorities to forcibly place the disabled elderly victim into a care home. A member of the team is currently looking into the deliberate splitting up of an elderly married couple, by the authorities, when one of them became disabled.

Apparently the authorities are now forcing carers to attend courses to see if they are competent enough to care for their disabled relatives. The state is intruding more and more into our private lives. I’m currently looking at a case where a disabled elderly lady was forcibly placed in an old folks’ home. The authorities refuse to give a reason to her loving daughter who was her full time carer. The mother doesn’t want to be in the care home and the daughter doesn’t want her to be there. It’s causing enormous distress and heartbreak.

Whenever the establishment start making up the rules, follow the money trail and you eventually find the answer. Similar to the adoption racket where children are forcibly taken away from responsible caring and loving parents, it’s to do with money. Once a person is admitted to a care home it appears near impossible to get them out. That is unless the carer has a lot of money and can afford the extortionate private fees and therefore has choice whether they stay there or not.

Care homes make a lot of money and the last thing they want to do is loose their profit making assets ie the people they are supposed to "Care" for. Hence the reason the establishment appears to be kidnapping the frail and elderly. Muddled in with this enterprise are the Westminster government gangsters. So called independent newspapers, relevant charities and so called "Independent" ombudsmen are, I believe, nothing of the sort. It is my belief they are part of the big consortium whose job it is to gloss over the real issues and fob the public off in order to cover up the real agenda. The goal of the global elite is a police state. Along the way it involves massive population reduction so as to enable the chosen few to ultimately live in the lap of luxury whilst being waited on by slaves that don't realize they are slaves. Part of the plan is to get rid of the elderly, the frail and weak whilst extracting as much money from them as possible. Stalin called the elderly “Useless Eaters.” It is obvious to me the current ruling elite are of the same mindset.

There are some well meaning people left in the NHS and SS (Social Services), but they appear to be getting squeezed out or have had their minds altered by the numerous NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) courses they are forced to attend.

Research into this matter is ongoing but we appear to have uncovered yet another example of the police state we now live in. What we have discovered so far appears to be the tip of the iceberg. The former Soviet Union KGB’s subversion plan continues to work like clockwork. Kidnapping elderly disabled people appears to be yet one more piece of the jigsaw that gives us a clearer picture of what the hidden agenda and ruling elite have in store for us. They have stolen our material assets; in reality we don’t own anything. Now they are going for our loved ones.

What I have said may sound like some madcap conspiracy theory until looking into the facts. The data coming in cannot be ignored and appears to be widespread. It is the thin edge of the wedge. They are kidnapping our children and kidnapping the frail and elderly. The next stage is them coming for us. I don’t want to sound neurotic but I wonder how many people that question the establishment will be forcibly locked away, in a privately owned profit making prison / mental institution, without any official explanation. I’m beginning to see this happen. The arrest and imprisonment of Robert Green, now released, and Roger Hayes are typical examples. The silence in the mainstream media regarding those cases is deafening.

What happened in the former Communist Soviet Union and East Germany is happening here in Great Britain today. The only difference is today’s generation of psychopaths have learnt from a previous generation of psychopaths how to do it more efficiently without hardly anyone noticing. The populous are now too distracted with doom and gloom regarding the economy and illegal overseas wars to worry about the erosion of their liberties. Unemployment and state sponsored terrorism is used to create fear and suspicion, the magic ingredients for all totalitarian societies. Distractions such as reality TV (usually far from reality), soap opera pap and the constant promotion of homosexuality are designed to work on the viewers’ subconscious. The fact that we are being robbed by a fraudulent usury system that is reliant upon ignorance of the masses to survive is hidden behind a fa├žade of contrived political drivel. Politically correct talent less unfunny comedy and disinformation about so called climate change are all part of the cultural cess pit that’s supposed to entertain and inform. The latest television distraction is the satanic rituals otherwise known as the Olympics.

The constant stream of mindless bovine excrement is designed to manipulate and socially engineer the unsuspecting public. Propaganda is now so efficient that people refuse to believe what’s really going on, even though the evidence is directly in front of them. It will only occur to them that something is wrong when the establishment jackboot is firmly pressing down upon their face. The majority of humans only wake up to what’s really happening when it is physically proven to them, by which time it’s too late. History proves this and will continue to do so unless we wise up to the mindset of the psychopath. Refusing to go along with their controlled media and starting to think for ourselves is what they fear the most. It’s starting to happen. For the sake of humanity and future generations let’s hope the psychopaths’ empire collapses like a house of cards.

Tuesday 10 July 2012

The Sports Illusion

There are many human activities that I fail to understand. One such example is sport. To me it’s a lot of effort to accomplish a meaningless task. I’m not competitive. From the moment I started school I had sport rammed down my throat. It was the bane of my schooldays. I come from a practical non-sporty family. Whereas most young children kick a ball around and play games, my preference was always to be creative. I’m not against anyone that likes sport, neither am I knocking sports-people; I'm simply giving a voice to those of us that detest sport. I also believe sport has been corrupted and over the years has become an integral part of the former KGB's sedition plan. Destroying the family unit, making females masculine and males feminine along with creating and manipulating a tribal mentality is all part of the schedule that's led us to a Police state. Pacifying the  masses and diverting their attention away from the real agenda by filling their minds with pap and non-news continues to work like clockwork. I believe the effects of sedition have been eating away at society probably since the 1920's but rapidly accelerated in the early 1960's. When thinking back to my unhappy schooldays, at the time I knew something was rotten with the system, but was unable to fathom it out. 
My first day at school was like being thrown to the lions; I was terrified and detested it. In fact my dislike of school carried on until the day I left. In my schooldays sport was compulsory. I can’t kick nor throw a ball and couldn’t give a dam about winning. If someone wants to win, let them, was my philosophy. I would rather be doing something useful. My school was a bullies training ground. The headmaster seemed more interested in the amount of sports trophies decorating his office than education! A pupil that had no interest or inclination towards sport was a freak, a non-person; a total outcast whose only purpose was to be humiliated. Not only did the sports masters take great delight in belittling me, but they encouraged the bullies as well and turned a blind eye to the ferocity of their behavior. I wasn't the only one, many others received the same onslaught. I looked sporty and had the physique of a runner, but my mind was a sports free zone. Those of us that looked sporty but had no interest in sport suffered worse bullying than fat children. I remember the sports master saying to me, “All boys like football, why don’t you?” He wanted to isolate me in order to make me fall into line. In fact I wasn't the only one that detested football.
Sport was like a cult and rite of passage all mixed into one. Any male that didn’t follow the masculine cult was often looked upon as being effeminate. I say “masculine” cult but in reality it was the establishments’ perverse view of what masculine was, based upon their sick minds. I couldn’t and still can’t understand why, in a game of football, grown men wearing schoolboy shorts hug each other when they score a goal. After the game they all jump into a communal bath together! To me it looks more like a form of homosexuality than sport. Why anyone would want to jump into a bath with their own sex is beyond me. I went to an ordinary mixed school but sport was strictly segregated. Girls did hockey in the winter and tennis in the summer. Boys did rugby in the winter and football and cricket in the summer. There was no choice you had to do it whether you liked it or not. The education system could not get it into their thick skulls that not everyone is a sports enthusiast. Such was the obsession with sports in the education system it reverberated throughout my entire miserable schooldays.

The smell of my school changing rooms had a unique odour all of its own. It stunk of stale greens, stale farts, vomit and sweaty armpits with a hint of soiled nappy! For some unknown reason the sports masters were obsessed with underpants. We were not allowed to wear them under our flimsy shorts when playing sports. Wearing underpants was a punishable offense. In the winter months we had compulsory hypothermia otherwise known as rugby! Rain, sleet, snow, it made no difference, we still had to play rugby, dressed only in flimsy shorts, a tee shirt and football
boots. I’ve never felt so cold. Meanwhile the sports masters were dressed like Eskimos. I said “play” rugby; the sports enthusiasts did, whilst I endeavoured to run in the opposite direction of the ball. When the rugby humiliation period ended and we returned to the changing rooms we were ordered to strip off and run through the showers with the other boys. I hated it as I, along with many others, were brought up with Victorian self respect. Undressing in front of people was considered rude, unthinkable and indecent. The sports teachers delighted in watching us disrobe. We then had to run through the shower as fast as possible. There was no time to wash. The sports master stood at the end of the shower block and whacked us on the backside with a table tennis bat if he considered we had not run fast enough. Weird eh! In summer we played football or cricket, another mind numbing waste of time. The advantage of cricket was we didn’t have to change into sports gear and we didn’t have to go through the awful shower routine. The disadvantage was I can’t catch a ball, having complete lack of coordination and can’t throw a ball either. My Dad had a similar problem during World War Two when he had to throw hand grenades. Sporty people had practiced throwing things when young but non-sporty people don’t have that practice. Such was the sporting hell that I went through that upon leaving school I vouched to never go near a sports field or have anything to do with sport again. To this day I avoid sports fields and sporting events like the plague! Soon after leaving school I remember looking at my sports shirt and noticing that even though it was spotlessly clean the back of it was brittle due to the amount of chewing gum mixed with saliva that was spat at me by the sports bullies. For about twenty years or so after leaving school, if a rugby match came on television it would make me feel physically sick. Mind you, in my house sport wouldn’t be on television for long, it was always promptly turned off. None of my family had the slightest bit of interest in sport. We simply didn’t understand the sport mentality although we were far from couch potatoes. We were always busy, never idle.

At school I did have one advantage over the sports bullies. Because my father was once a toolmaker and my grandfather was a scientific instrument maker, working with wood and metal came naturally to me. I couldn’t understand why some boys had to be taught how to use tools. Because of my background only I and another boy were considered competent enough to use the lathe. Again it came natural to me. I remember one of the sports bullies couldn’t use the saw to cut a straight line. I didn’t need a guide and could saw straight by eye. The metalwork teacher asked me to assist the sports bully as he was busy helping another pupil. I smugly strolled over to the bully and with a big grin on my face sawed through the piece of metal with ease. I even used the file to smooth off the burred edges that he had made when trying to start the saw. That was my moment of glory. I walked away from his bench, still grinning from ear to ear. People often think that a person that doesn’t do sport is unfit and obese. It’s a complete myth. My father also had no interest in sport but, like me, looked sporty and was not overweight. DIY and being a practical person can often take a lot more energy and sometimes requires more strength than any sports training can give.

I’m extremely proud of my total ignorance of sport, especially football. I have difficulty naming more than three footballers. Now from memory there's Bobby Charlton, that Irish bloke who drunk a lot whose name escapes me and Beckham, the footballer with awful haircuts that dresses like a nancy boy going to a party! Up until the mid nineteenth century, only children played sports. Adults didn’t. That time was probably one of the most creative periods in British history. More inventions and patents were submitted than at almost any other time. Doesn’t that tell us something?

Over the years I’ve come to realise sport has and continues to be used for mass manipulation. A neighbour is a football enthusiast. At one time he was a referee and I think he refereed some top matches. I know he rubbed shoulders with some very famous footballers and managers. He told me that in the early 1960's when a neighboring team came to play the brochure would say, "We welcome our neghbours and friends." By the late 1960's that had changed to "We do battle with our bitter rivals." He said in the early 1960's there was never any violence or trouble. Opposing supporters were politely welcomed and everyone enjoyed watching the football match. By the late 1960's that had completely changed to a violent onslaught. There isn't a doubt in my mind that such a change is deliberate social manipulation.

  At school, I believe sport was used to install the warrior mentality. After all team sport is a substitute for war. In the 1970’s people would often watch a fight and a football match would break out! At my school sport was used to erode individuality and put people into pigeon holes. A non competitor was a failure. We were forced to be part of the group, we were forced to be competitive, we were brainwashed with the “Must Win” mentality. The obsession with being part of the team was meant to turn us into mindless zombies. Only the bullies would rise above to become leaders. Above all, instead of being an outlet for aggression, I believe, it created aggression. My team is better than your team. Looking back, I have now come to realise it was a psychopaths selection process. Individual sports such a athletics is still enveloped in the group mentality. I've noticed they are all part of Team UK. At school, athletics was part of the group as those good enough represented the school. This begs the question, "What is the team really representing?" I think it was to install the constant striving for success and creating icons that we should all look up to. Again, it's social manipulation.
Nowadays, what passes as BBC news is often taken up with sport. Sport isn’t news. As said earlier, mindless pap diverts attention away from the real agenda. I’m sick of hearing about
the Olympic torch. The news is obsessed with it. Why on earth do people go out of their way to see some bozo running through the streets holding a giant cigarette lighter? If the Olympic torch came down the lane where I live, I wouldn’t even bother to look around to see it. The Olympic hype seems to be aimed at our subconscious. At the local filling station there are Tibetan type flags with pictures of athletes with expressions on their faces as if they have diarrhoea coming on and are just a bit too far from the nearest toilet!

The Olympic white water rafting centre has been built in a location not too far from where I live. It’s a fair distance from London, so I’m mystified why they call it the London Olympics, or to be totally correct, the London Zion Olympics. The white water rafting complex is a white elephant. No doubt soon after the Olympics hype has settled down it will be bulldozed flat. Making way for an industrial and/or housing development, whilst probably making a handful of ex-MP’s a tidy sum due to their inside knowledge! Meanwhile, during this run up to this Zion Olympic event, complete with its one eye illuminate symbolism, the borough is festooned with billboards showing people on a giant condom going down what looks like a large concrete sewage outfall! There’s union jack bunting everywhere. Even the local free newspaper is obsessed with it. A few weeks ago, the picture of the people on the giant condom was on the inside page of the free newspaper, it carried the caption “Teamwork.” This week the giant condom featured again. It had someone holding the giant cigarette lighter, seated in the middle of the condom, whilst a bunch of people  sat around the man with the cigarette lighter trying to maneuver the condom down the giant sewage outfall!  Psychopaths are obsessed with people being part of the “Team.” It enables them to control us. Looking back at my schooldays I now realise it was nothing more than brainwashing. Getting us to believe we either had to be part of the team or control it. It’s nothing more than the psychopaths’ agenda. Regarding my dislike of sport, there is one exception. Recently I’ve taken a liking to ladies nude beach volleyball. Haven’t the foggiest idea what the game is about, but I’m a keen spectator!  I’m joking!

Tuesday 5 June 2012

The Royals and the Invisible Man

What does the Queen and village idiots have in common? The answer is: Quite a lot! They are both a product of close family breeding. They both wave at complete strangers and they both live in cloud cuckoo land! A village idiot has a very simple view of the world whereas the Queen believes she has a hereditary right to rule over us because an invisible man said so. If that’s not bonkers, I don’t know what is! 

Humans appear to be obsessed with cults; it’s a weakness that people with influence have exploited for millennia. Religion, The royals and our system of government are perfect examples of manipulation whereby a minority can exploit the majority.

I believe there are two things that go into infinity; the universe and human stupidity! Teenagers follow the celebrity and music cult whilst the  ever popular football cult is idolised by its followers. There is also the science cult that believes science has an answer for everything. Top of the list though is religion. To me, religion is a belief in ancient science fiction. Men wearing strange clothing have managed to convince people  that an invisible man watches over them. The same invisible man has given a minority on earth the power to  acquire huge wealth, whilst draining us of our money. That's OK as the invisible man has granted these people special powers! It would be easy to dismiss such nonsense as complete lunacy if it was not for the fact that vast sections of the population believe it! The reason they believe it is because they have been programmed to believe it by the ruling minority that set up our education system. From the moment we start school we are pigeon holed into groups. We are conditioned into competitiveness and emphasis is put on leadership. Obedience is the objective and even though religion is less obvious in schools nowadays, it has mutated and still has as much power as it always had. I'm not religious but believe there are different entities or time slots. There’s an earth energy that is beyond most peoples’ perception. I don’t get down on my hands and knees and worship whatever it is but just try and understand it. I don't preach to people because I don't know what the energy is, all I do know is the power of thought is more powerful than most people realise.  From that perspective I guess I'm somewhat spiritual. 

Carol Hawkins, as she was in the 1970's
Men dressed in frocks with their collars turned back to front are an integral part of hyping up the royal myth. The queen is supposed to be head of the Church of England, it's all one big happy tax free earner! Religions are exempt from council tax and TV licenses. They are also exempt from other taxes. Little wonder they are an integral part of the establishment. They all like to help each other. As I'm not religious I was wondering how I could get on the "cult" bandwagon and came up with a cunning plan! As a single male, I like women so therefore decided to worship Carol Hawkins! She was an actress in the 1970's TV comedy "Please Sir." She was also in some Carry On films. It's working well. I was in Tescos the other evening waiting for some bananas to be reduced. I said a quick prayer to Carol Hawkins and hey presto four pounds of bananas were reduced to 45p. Not bad eh! If I could convince my local authority that my house is now a church for the worship of Carol Hawkins I wonder if they would exempt me from council tax?  The main flaw in my plan is it can be proven that Carol Hawkins actually exists, she ain't invisible! Also she exists in a time that most people can remember, not some dark distant time in the past. Therefore if you can prove that a person or entity that is worshiped actually exists, you don't stand a chance of getting religious status, also they will probably think you are a nutter. On the other hand, if you can't prove that a worshiped person or entity exists and it's accepted by the establishment that it's invisible, you are looked upon as completely sane! If you study ancient texts and can prove you are qualified in the subject of believing in the invisible man, whilst walking around wearing a black frock with your collar back to front, you are treated with reverence! Also the establishment has it all sown up for themselves! Not only is council tax exemption for an established religion, there are also one heck of a lot of obstacles, designed to detract people, such as myself, that like taking the mickey out of the authorities!

When you look at the system by which a minority rules us, you only have to dig below the surface a little and not accept what they tell us to realise we are continuously lied to. We are conned out of our finances by an elite that use hocus-pocus to convince us they have the right to do so. This is where the invisible man comes in. The royals have as much right to sit on a throne as you and I have, but for one stumbling block. We can’t convince people we have a right to steal their money and are superior to them because an invisible man says so, but the royals can! There is also another problem, most of us have a conscience, but most of the royals don’t! As I’ve said in previous articles, the royals’ inbreeding is designed to produce psychopaths; it has served them well in their bloodthirsty past and enabled them to acquire a vast wealth though questionable means. 

Around forty years ago a psychopath married into my family and caused an emotional tsunami. Having studied psychopaths for many years, I’ve come to the conclusion they all work to a similar agenda. They are brilliant illusionists. They give you a false impression and they look upon us non-psychopaths as if we are gullible sheep. They all believe they are superior to other humans and deliberately create distrust and unease, enabling them to stand out as superior people that ride above the mayhem. 

Queen Victoria's Father was
allegedly a footman.
I strongly believe the Queen is a psychopath along with Phil the Greek. The protocol surrounding the Queen is straight from the psychopaths’ mindset.  You cannot speak to the Queen, she has to speak first. Curtsying, bowing and addressing her in a certain manner are all designed to demean whilst putting the royal on a pedestal. I believe in politeness and respect but royals’ protocol goes beyond that; it works on the subconscious and is very effective. Psychopaths’ brilliance comes in their ability to give you the impression they are the opposite of what they really are. For example, Phil the Greek supports the World Wildlife Fund. He once allegedly said “It’s better to see a live animal than see it stuffed in a museum.” The objective is to save animals. On the other hand he loves hunting and goes out shooting animals – the complete opposite to what he preaches in The World Wildlife Fund! Most of the royals love bloodthirsty sports such a stag and fox hunting. I also believe their “Charity” work is also questionable as “Charity” is often used as a front to give a good impression whilst, in reality, they do the opposite. The psychopath trait is strange as it can skip a generation. For example I know a lady whose mother and her sisters were psychopaths but it missed her. She married and had two sons. The eldest son is a psychopath the youngest isn’t.  Likewise in the royals, it can miss some. I don’t believe King George VI was a psychopath; hence reason for his bad nerves.  It’s debatable if Diana was as it’s difficult to tell. Female psychopaths are the same as male psychopaths. The impression they give is often very different to the person they really are. Even the rebellious royals may give the impression they are speaking out, but again they are controlled. If they don’t keep in line and risk revealing the truth, they are promptly done away with. Even though the royals are obsessed with breeding the occasional affair with a servant waters down the bloodline. For example Queen Victoria’s father was one of the footmen! That’s how haemophilia got into the royal bloodline. It would have been biologically impossible for her official father to have conceived her; he was out of the country away from his wife at time of conception. There are many other reports of affairs with servants etc. 

It's doubtful King George VI was a
psychopath, hence his bad nerves.
The brilliance of how royalty continues to con us relies upon ignorance of the populous. People don’t ask questions such as how the royals acquired such enormous wealth.  Prince Charles has the Duchy of Cornwall, he owns Cornwall. If someone dies and leaves property and no relatives, the house goes over to the Duchy of Cornwall! Apparently Prince Charles acquires property, free of charge, on a weekly basis! I wonder if he pays capitol transfer tax?

The Queen signed away our rights to the EU, so she is no longer the Queen but a citizen of Europe. By allowing the Maastricht Treaty (formally, the Treaty on European Union or TEU) on 7 February 1992 she allegedly committed treason and went against her Coronation Oath. As she is therefore no longer the Queen (her reign was just forty years 1952 – 1992) how come she can still go around in a plush car that’s exempt from vehicle excise duty? The queen (as she was formally known) owns Canada. Officially Canadians only own one foot of ground under their feet, below that it belongs to Lizzy! 

There are also allegations, from whistleblowers, of the royals making money out of drug trafficking. Recently a corpse was found, up a tree on a royal estate. The item was quietly mentioned on the official news head lies and that was that. Nothing more said. If a corpse was found up a tree in someone’s garden, it would make headline news. Because it happened on the royals’ property, it was barely mentioned. There are allegations, again from whistleblowers, that the royals are involved in black magic. Whether these allegations are true or not, I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

People worship Lizzy (formally the Queen) as if she is superhuman. She is cold as ice, has no personality and has an expression on her face as if she has just put her finger through the toilet paper; assuming she knows how to use toilet paper! We are continuously fed endless drivel about the royal bunch of freaks whose very existence relies upon ignorance of the public. 

I've never known blanket coverage of such magnitude as this Jubilee. Today, as I write this, it’s bank holiday Tuesday. As an experiment I tuned around the radio dial this morning. Without exception every station was waffling on about the jubilee. Even Classic FM and Radio Three were playing royal pageantry music. I remember the 1977 jubilee and big ears’ wedding in 1981. In those days with less choice of media it was not as bad as this. I find it very disturbing how they are working on peoples' subconscious.

Crawlers extraordinaire. Sometimes there isn't a
sick bag big enough! Behind Charles, is that Angela Merkel
or Paul Mc Cartney?
On Friday, whilst shopping in the supermarket, not only were various products covered in jubilee stuff, the supermarket was full of bunting and they were playing royal pageantry music over loud speakers. Even the area where they were selling televisions, every television was playing a documentary about the queen. It's terrifying, there's no escape. It's like a form of big brother - you will conform! Any voice of dissent has been silenced. I've also noticed they deliberately interview thick people when speaking about the jubilee on the radio. Apparently, so I heard on the radio this morning, there was a concert outside Buckingham Palace. There were performances by Elton John and Paul McCartney along with Cliff Richards and the entire gang of so called entertainers that have been awarded gongs. There appears to be a media elite of grovelling rear end lickers who turn up, like a bent penny, at these events.

It's time to stop accepting
what we are told from an
official source and
question everything
the establishment tells us.
This entire costly extravaganza revolves around getting people to believe a bunch of un-elected genetically inferior psychopaths have a right to rule and steal from us because they have been chosen to do so by an invisible man. The invisible man cult extends into government that are nothing more than gangsters. From an early age we are brainwashed with the notion that an invisible man watches over us. It’s mass mind manipulation at its best. It also gives an insight into how Stalin managed to kill millions whilst the masses not only took part in the killings but believed they were right to do so.

Psychopaths and the invisible man cult have enslaved us for years without us really knowing it. When looking at the institutions of power that pump out this constant bovine excrement, they are all very rich. The church isn’t poor; neither  are government or the royals. Surely that alone should get people asking questions, but it doesn’t. I believe it will take an enormous shift in consciousness for the crooks in power to fall. What I have seen throughout this jubilee extravaganza has made me realise such a shift of consciousness isn’t going to happen for a long time yet; for the future of humanity I sincerely hope I’m wrong!  

Friday 1 June 2012

Jubilee Special

What exactly is the Royal Jubilee really celebrating? The obvious answer is sixty years of Mad Lizzy on the throne, but is it? I say “Mad Lizzy” as I personally believe she is not exactly what we are led to believe. To me, the sycophants that are employed to perpetuate the royal extravaganza show are nothing more than master illusionists that are stage managing a freak show. We are continuously told how marvellous the Queen is, but is she? I question the mentality of someone that appears to be devoid of personality and compassion and believes they are superior to everyone else. People have been locked up in asylums for less!

The media often lower their voice when speaking about the royals as if they are humbled by their greatness. I question this. Royals that marry their cousins and perpetuate a myth of their superiority are seriously deluded. Their inbreeding in order to maintain a healthy stock of psychopaths is hidden behind the illusion that they are above everyone else. To believe they represent us is complete rubbish. Words such as “Your Highness” and bowing and curtsying to the Queen help to maintain the myth. In reality they are a dysfunctional bunch of people of questionable intelligence and suspect heritage due to their occasional affairs with servants. What exactly does the Queen do? To me, her role is to prance around the world looking as if she has a horrible smell under her nose, whilst Phil the Greek looks like the smell that’s under it! It’s all part of the illusion that deflects public attention away from what I believe, is nothing more than criminality. Vast areas of land and property are owned by the Royals, of which little, if any, was acquired honestly. It was stolen, admittedly by their ancestors. There are also very dark and sinister allegations, from many whistleblowers, of other activities the royals allegedly get up to, that stimulate their psychopath mentality!

The royal extravaganza freak show deflects public attention away from allegations that if known would result in the royals being arrested. They would be put on trial for treason, fraud and an array of other charges to do with their alleged murky underworld. Every aspect of the Queen’s public life is stage managed to perfection. It’s like chocolate covered sewage made to look like a cake. It may look appetising but dig slightly underneath and you find something unpalatable and very unpleasant. Truth doesn’t need to be continuously embellished or proven, truth stands up for its self. Our grovelling media fails to dig slightly below the surface. Apart from the occasional shock horror headline of a young royal stepping out of line, they go along with what the freak show master illusionists tell them. They say the Queen continues to do a marvellous job and has never put a foot wrong. In reality the queen can’t put a foot wrong as she is nothing more than a puppet. The Queen’s psychopath bloodline is something to be ashamed of. Her ancestry is awash with bloodthirsty horrific cruelty.

Throughout the years the royals have cared little for the people they are supposed to represent. Their only care is for their own incredible wealth. In much the same way as rich people form foundations in order to avoid tax, I believe most, not all, charities are a front for unpleasant people to show they have a compassionate side, which in reality they haven’t! Again, it’s all part of the media extravaganza.

As the Queen signed away our rights to the EU, she is no longer the Queen but a citizen of Europe. By allowing the Maastricht Treaty (formally, the Treaty on European Union or TEU) on 7 February 1992 she allegedly committed treason and went against her Coronation Oath. As she is therefore no longer the Queen why the heck are people celebrating sixty years since her coronation? Her reign was just forty years 1952 – 1992. No doubt this phoney sixty year anniversary is yet another stage managed illusion to channel public attention away from the fact that state criminality, of which I believe the royals are an integral part, continues to rob us. I haven’t heard the Queen having to cancel her gallivanting around the world because she can’t afford it, or her having to travel via public transport to save the planet. To me the Jubilee Celebration is the establishments’ way of having a laugh at our expense. It is showing how the masses will believe almost anything and follow like sheep. It’s time we started asking questions, finding the truth behind the hype. If the entire gang of criminals that currently rule us were brought to justice, relieving us of the burden of usury and ridiculous taxes, that really would be a celebration. Until then I will politely tell the establishment where they can stick their flags!

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Richard D Hall will be speaking in Maidstone, Kent.
Richplanet. Richard D Hall will be speaking in Maidstone, Kent, on 25th May 2012.

Why not come over and meet me, Chris Powis. I will be the reserved nervous wreck sitting behind a table entitled “” and giving away lots of freebies! Free leaflets, Free smiles and Free hugs (if you ask nicely) to all single ladies! Will also give free delivery of my books, CD’s and DVD’s if purchased within one metre of the table! I’m friendly, house trained, polite and always say pardon when accidentally breaking wind! Often crack the occasional joke. There’s no obligation to buy, you can just come over, pick up a leaflet and say hello. Details of the event are on Richplanet’s website:

Nick Kollerstrom
Chris Powis. Why not come over and
say Hello. I hope to be
at both events.
I will also be at
The Three Daws Riverside Inn, Town Pier, West Street, Gravesend, Kent DA11 OBJ, on 31st May 2012, where Nick Kollerstrom will be presenting a brief history of false flag terror attacks. If I grovel enough I'm sure those nice people at Kent Freedom Movement will let me give out some leaflets. So why not exchange a smile, share a laugh but most importantly have a snigger at my humorous anti-war fliers that carry a very serious message. Details of the event can be found on The Kent Freedom Movement website:

Tuesday 8 May 2012


This is NOT a picture of a pothole
near my home but if left some may
soon look like this!
The following is a copy of my letter sent to the Local Council on 8th May 2012.

Dear Sirs,
Contractors recently filled a small number of potholes in the road adjacent to my home and left the remainder? Common sense tells us with everyday wear and tear small potholes soon become large. It is therefore more economical to fill small potholes before they become big ones. That’s logical but after many years experience, professionally and domestically, of local authorities I realise logic is the enemy of bureaucracy.

Allegedly, within a council and political environment it is essential to be seen to be doing when in fact very little can be achieved. This is due to the excessive overload of form filling and having to attend pointless courses and meetings. It’s not your fault and I sympathise and apologise for burdening your heavy workload. Even so I would be most grateful if you could advise regarding the following:

1. I assume current works on potholes may be temporary until the road can be resurfaced? I realise before remedial works can proceed the project would be subject to budget restraints, a myriad of meetings and seemingly endless policy reviews before any tenders could go out.  If the road is to be resurfaced, when is completion of works scheduled for; will it be within the next five years, next decade, next century or perhaps millennium?

2. Assuming the road isn’t going to be resurfaced, I wonder if a pothole action team has been assigned the task of looking into potholes? After countless meetings, a risk assessment and health and safety review, designation of what constitutes a pothole would probably be of utmost importance. If a pothole below a specific size is renamed, then it wouldn’t be a pothole. It therefore wouldn’t be filled! If my assumption is correct, to temporarily solve the problem may I suggest filling the remaining potholes, or whatever the revised name is, with the reams and reams of paper from report(s) that may have been made? Admittedly my idea is not practical, but neither are the costly wasted hours, allegedly, compiling reports!

3. When potholes become large enough to attract aquatic life, will residents require a fishing permit?

4. Roads sometimes reflect a feature such as: “Mill Road” may have had a mill in it and “College Road” may have had a college in it. In view of the potholes, is there any truth in the rumour the road near my house could be renamed “The Hump-N-Bump-N-Shock-Absorber-Thump-An?”

5. As only a selected few potholes have been filled are the remaining potholes part of a new organic traffic calming measure?

6. Is it worth considering potholes as an integral part of the Olympics, such as pothole pole-vaulting?

Bureaucracy only works in an emergency so I fully realise nothing will happen until the road resembles a lunar landscape. To encapsulate this letter, it would have been cost effective and logical to fill all holes when the contractor was on site. I am therefore completely puzzled why only a selected few potholes have been filled and simply ask the question, why?

Yours faithfully without ill-will or vexation

Thursday 26 April 2012

The Establishment Cult.

The establishment is a cult in which its followers are unable to think outside the propaganda. Its how successive governments have got away with it for so long - cult followers accept what they are told. They believe they have free speech as they live in a democracy! In reality they are only  free to question what they have been conditioned  to question. Their mindset is the small criteria the establishment cult gives them. At election times, they believe they are free to choose between this political party of that, but the fact all political parties are working to the same agenda is completely missed. Any small political party that begins to step out of line and poses a threat to the order is promptly infiltrated and destroyed from within. The BBC is the cult members' source of disinformation and silly programmes such as Question Time help to deflect their narrow mindset away from the real issues.
If we lived in a real democracy, the corrupt  psychopathic parasites that are supposed to be governing us, and those responsible for carrying out Soviet sedition, would have been in court on a charge of treason long ago. Civil servants responsible for the theft of assets of the elderly would have faced charges of crimes against humanity. If found guilty they would have faced extremely long jail sentences and they would have been asset stripped in order to pay back their victims. Unfortunately as most of their victims were elderly and probably passed on, their next of kin or relatives would have been compensated. By now we would have our own sovereign currency, issued by government, as Abraham Lincoln and President Kennedy were about to do before they were assassinated. Income tax would be unnecessary and would have been abolished and the countries economy would be booming. Other taxes such as the Council Tax scam, in which the yearly bill is a cunningly worded "Contract," that's negotiable, would be abolished! Council services such as dustbin emptying etcetera cost very little and would be financed from central government. Revenue raising speed cameras that are nothing to do with safety would be scrapped. The Global warming con would also be exposed as yet another money making scam.  Usury would have been banned; banks would only be all allowed to charge a handling fee at the beginning of a loan, nothing else, please see: The Lawful Bank   The Elderly wouldn't  die of hypothermia as they would have more than enough to live on and unemployment and social deprivation would be virtually unheard of. People would be really free, not tax slaves. People in government would be truly democratically elected and would be working on behalf of the people of this land, not a handful of corrupt  bankers and industrialists whose aim is to rob the  masses whilst dramatically reducing the population. Our current war based economy, a product of the psychopath mindset, requires constant conflict to survive. With an honest economy, devoid of psychopaths, armed conflict would be unnecessary and war would be confined to the history books. If you believe this country is currently under threat from middle eastern bogey men, check out the facts and the real evidence. False flag outrages as a precursor to war have been going on for years. Wars are not won on the battlefield but in the hearts and minds of people and most people are gullible and believe anything from an official source, however outrageous the evidence is. Try telling an establishment cultist the truth, their eyes glaze over and selective hearing sets in. They only hear and see what they want to hear and see; it's exactly the same with religions. The Establishment is a religion, like any other, complete with its high priests (the politicians and civil servant cronies in Westminster) and the congregation who cannot think outside the myth that they believe they are free and living in a democracy! Anyone that steps outside the cult's criteria is looked upon as a "Conspiracy Theorist." During World War Two, anyone that questioned the war was a "Defeatist." Likewise, not so long ago, anyone that questioned religion was accused of being a "Heathen!" A person that questioned the order was an outcast. Fear of being an outcast kept people in line. The same techniques are being played out today with the Establishment Cult; nothing changes. Real issues, such as the usury banking scam are not part of the Establishments' Cult vocabulary. Within the Cult's narrow mindset, the banking scam doesn't exist, even though it's blatantly obvious to anyone that does their research. It's rather like a goldfish in a goldfish bowl. It probably thinks it's free to swim around the bowl but in reality it's a captive. Nobody has told it and if they did, the goldfish probably wouldn't believe it!
For further details please see: anti war website

Wednesday 25 April 2012

The Charitable War Industry Racket.

Dad and I soon after Dad's book, "My World War Two,"
was published in December 1999. We believed in principle
before profit, hence reason I published the book out of my
own savings. It was the only option in order to reveal
the truth as publishers were more interested
in profit and going along with the Hollywood hype.
My Dad spent ten years writing a book, entitled "My World War Two"  Dad was conscripted into the infantry and was later in front line intelligence and was often behind enemy lines. He always believed World War Two was a war that should never have happened. He was in the full siege of Malta and amongst the initial assaults on the invasions of Sicily, Italy and France, D-Day. Each invasion was followed by fierce inland battles. Dad had a lot to say, especially about the despicable way the British authorities treated War Veterans in the aftermath of World War Two. He revealed deliberate wartime euthanasia - something the authorities continue to keep quiet about! He also revealed the postwar Government Directed Pensions Fraud. An historical fact that has been virtually airbrushed from history, due in part to a well known regimental "Charity" whose credentials are, allegedly, far from what they appear to be!  I believe The Royal British Legion is nothing more than a government directed PR organisation whose sole purpose is to give the public an image of War Veterans that best suits the authorities. It's a very enticing cult that prevents the masses from discovering the truth. Many of its worshipers are devoted to the false ethos to a point where they are unable to think outside the narrow criteria. Charitable heroic worship is a brilliant way of covering up blatant government neglect as it's taboo to question it. The cult's worshipers fail to see the obvious. They don't question why benevolence covers blatant establishment fraud.   
Set up in 1921, the so-called Veterans' charity prevented a revolution after World War One and effectively wiped out veterans groups that questioned what World War One was really about. A mass wakeup isn't new, it happened soon after the First World War and was successfully stifled by infiltrators that spread disinformation. History repeats itself. Throughout the years the veterans "Charity" has also helped recruit more cannon fodder for future wars. Charitable hero worship is very powerful. It's brilliant and, similar to the banking scam, people simply accept it without question.  If the "Charity" were really working on behalf of ex-service people, they would be a thorn in the side of successive governments, not part of them. If you disbelieve me, simply look at the links on the government website.  

In 1999, my Dad's book, "My World War Two," was at finished. Over eight hundred pages, it was a masterpiece and took considerable time as Dad was a perfectionist. Conventional publishers wanted to censor out facts, replacing controversial items with regimental drivel. After a lot of frustrating meetings with various publishers, it was clear they didn't want truth they just wanted the Hollywood version of events. There was no other option other than to draw on my savings and publish the book ourselves, which we did. 

Dad holding a copy of one of his
recordings entitled "Hidden History of
World War Two."
 Self publishing is rather like pushing a giant bolder up a slippery hill! it's hard work, especially if you are an unknown author such as my Dad. It was especially hard as Dad's viewpoint did not fit the establishment propaganda that the masses have been brainwashed with. What Dad had to say was not political. Like me he always believed in freedom of the individual and was totally against any form of totalitarianism. He simply wanted to convey the truth. We tried everywhere possible to get inroads. When people read the book, entitled "My World War Two," they were so gripped many tried to help us. One such person kindly send our details to an organisation. The person did it in good faith and didn't realise what would happen and what it would lead to.  Within a very short time Dad and I got approached by various small charities who, in turn, sent our name, address and telephone number, without our permission, to all and sundry within the establishments' profitable regimental extravaganza war industry. An industry that, out of principal, we endeavored to avoid! 
Within a short time we were bombarded by almost every parasite in the industry. 
One day we received a letter from an author that wanted information about Malta. He was being paid a handsome sum from a publishing house who, in turn, were being paid a fortune by a major American film company. They were going to do a patriotic propaganda supa-dupa saluter documentary about the Malta Siege. The Author openly wanted to plagiarize Dad's book and expected us to send him a book, free of charge, so he could do it! He was really smug about it and openly admitted he was going to copy the chapters word for word! He was delighted it would save him a lot of time - what an audacity! He was condescending and looked upon Dad's book as some form of vanity publishing; as if Dad had run off a couple of copies for his family. That couldn't have been further from the truth. We had the books professionally printed and bound and felt it time people heard a very different viewpoint from the mainstream. Dad and I put principle before profit, our aim was to get the truth out, but we could only do it on a shoestring budget! We were not money grabbers but I felt Dad should have his fair share of the cake if he were to provide information. The author's attitude was that we should be honored to give him the information. He initially sent us copies of letters from big companies, proving his credibility. I checked him out and he was legitimate. He also wanted to visit Dad and interview him; all free of charge to enable him to make a mint of money out of poor old Dad's experiences and hard work. I saw red so wrote back a polite letter with one magic sentence "What are your terms?"  We didn't hear another thing from him! Can't say I was surprised!  

My father, David J Powis
shortly after being
conscripted into the
2nd Devonshire
November 1939.
We were also contacted by another parasite that expected us to financially contribute to various military charities, of which he was a salaried chairman and making a tidy sum.  My Mum and Dad lived off a standard pension and could just make ends meet as Dad, similar to many war veterans, was a victim of the Government Directed Pensions Fraud. I work for myself and was providing the entire funding for the book. Because Dad had written a book, we got the impression the parasites believed we were in a financial position to fund them! Their mindset, before reading the book and realizing what we had to say, was that Dad had written the book to honour the allies victory and the usual regimental waffle. They would have had a shock if they had read it! They believed we had a disposable income, and were keen we dispose of it, in their direction! They all wanted the fruits of our labour for free. The parasite that contacted us was also compiling a book, to be published by a major publishing house. He rubbed shoulders with government cronies and was well in with the establishment. Dad and I got very irritated with his intensity. He also forwarded our address and telephone number to all and sundry who were obviously on the veterans propaganda gravy train. We were bombarded by  phone calls and begging letters from charities. They all wanted the book for free!  They were also selling commemorative medals and all manner of items. They even wanted to sell Dad a regimental beret and blazer! The bozo that contacted us was keen to get Dad into the Royal British Legion (he didn't work for them) and  kitted out with regimental paraphernalia! It's on a par to a religious cult, in which its worshipers are unable to comprehend any other viewpoint.  That was our breaking point, we couldn't stand any more. I hasten to add the parasite had not read Dad's book, because I hadn't sent him one, and turned a deaf ear to anything derogatory to his regimental belief system. 

We simply couldn't afford to give books away.  BBC local radio had already stolen two of them when we spoke on one of their afternoon programmes. The interview was a waste of time as we weren't allowed to say what we wanted to say. We could only put over the establishment view - it was extremely frustrating.  They only allowed us on air as there was nobody to fill the early afternoon slot when hardly anyone was listening!

Dad never wore his impressive array of medals and had no time for the regimental exhibitionists that prance around saluting flags acting like overgrown schoolboys. Again it's a religious cult in which the extremists are drunk on egotistical exhibitionism whilst promoting the establishment viewpoint. Admittedly some war Veterans join the Royal British Legion as they believe it's the only organisation that represents them. Some read Dad's book and supported him. Dad was a conscript during the war and after going through six years of front line hell wanted nothing more to do with militarism, especially in the postwar period when government directed mass media turned Veterans' welfare into a charitable religious cult. Most conscripts had similar feelings and were only too pleased to get out of the military and get on with their lives. When, after the war they saw regimental exhibitionists prancing around they were surprised and called them "The Just Missed it and Tea Boy Brigade!" Most that followed the regimental cult had not seen any action and just wanted to be part of the glorification industry. They often made the excuse that they never talked about their war experiences. Some were genuine but there were many that weren't. They got away with it as it's taboo to question them. Dad did and caught many out! Dad called them the medal clangers as it was obvious their medals were purchased, not earnt!

My Dad, David J Powis, in
Egypt after the Siege
of Malta. In his book
he reveals that many
Infantryman disliked
Gen Montgomery.
Contrary to what
official history says,
 many detested him.
When Montgomery spoke
to Dad's unit in Sicily the
men booed and hissed
at him and made it clear
how much they disliked him!

Dad and I got fed up with people wanting free copies of his book and free information for their projects, so they could make money out of it. It soon became obvious to us that it appeared to be more of a money making racket than benevolence. If the so-called veterans associations and charities were doing their job, war veterans would not be living in poverty and would have no need to rely upon charity! Every winter, people that had fought for this country die from hypothermia because they can't afford to heat their homes. Many sons and daughters have to financially support their parents in old age, as I had to. Later, the same sons and daughters care for their parents when they become frail, again as I had to. If a war veteran becomes too frail and has to go into a care home, the government steal their home and assets to pay for it, even though we all pay a compulsory "National Insurance" to pay for such emergencies. It's nothing more than a complete fraud. The government directed regimental cult is rather silent on those issues!   We found the regimental charity cult was all take and no give. After a week or two of intensity the director of the charities phoned us and I bluntly asked him "What's in it for us?" After a lot of bovine excrement he eventually had to admit there was nothing in it for us. As a false display of benevolence, when he found out we didn't have any money he said he was keen that Dad got the "Benefits" he was entitled to. That statement was nothing more than bovine excrement.  Dad and I bluntly told him what we thought of so-called military charities and how their role is to manipulate public perception away from the facts. War veterans are kept in poverty, whilst they are indoctrinated into believing their charity is on their side. In reality the charity is there to let successive governments off the hook! Its very skillful marketing and profitable as well. I think he got the message!

Soon after, a government snooper contacted us claiming she wanted to help Dad claim his full benefits. Dad said no government had ever helped him so why are they bothering now? We let bureaucracy take its course and the government flunky paid us a visit. She was the most patronizing example of emotionless snooper you could ever wish to find. She had a face that looked like a bulldog that had just swallowed a wasp and a condescending voice that sounded like a perfumed fart! She wanted to go through everything to do with finances including Dad's bank statements. We made sure she didn't, claiming he shredded them. Dad kept as far away from  conventional doctors as possible, treating his war injuries himself with good nutrition and food. He knew about the pharmaceutical sickness industry.  

Dad's swollen ankles. Can you
guess what pension/compensation
Dad got for this. I will give you some
clues - none, nothing, zilch, sod all!
During the war Dad was one of only two survivors of a twenty-four hour bombardment. The other survivor was in a shell shocked daze and appeared to be barely alive. Dad lost conscientiousness when an unexploded shell pinned his ankles to the side of the shallow trench he was in. When the bombardment ceased, rescuers managed to gently pull the live shell clear and drag Dad out of the trench. From that time onwards Dad suffered from swollen ankles along with many other war related ailments.  After the war Dad saw various Doctors about his swollen ankles but they all proved to be a waste of time. The government flunky was insisted Dad see a doctor about his ankles as it was the only way to get further benefits.  The system was designed around using the toxic pharmaceutical industry, there was no escape. Reluctantly Dad saw a doctor who referred him to a specialist.  Dad was injected with radioactive isotopes to enable them to scan his ankles. Dad was extremely reluctant to have the injections. I went with him when he went to the hospital. After the injections and the scan, I've never seen such a change in a person. Dad was always a positive and happy person, never pessimistic. After the scan he seemed to have aged about twenty years. I had never seen him depressed before and he lacked energy. In hindsight the entire scenario was a complete waste of time. Several weeks after the injections, Dad became lax and he started to make silly mistakes. It was odd as he was always a perfectionist with everything he did. About two months after the injections, November 2003, he collapsed with a stroke. When rushed to hospital the doctors were puzzled why he had a stroke. They told me he had the blood pressure and heart beat of a nineteen year old! One doctor jokingly said he was envious and wished he had Dad's blood pressure and heart beat! When Dad left hospital I cared for him and kept him away from conventional medicine which proved successful for many years. Sadly age and frailty caught up with Dad and in 2009 he was admitted to hospital, came home and returned several times. He passed away on 9th March 2010.
Christmas 2009.
Myself Christopher D Powis
on the left. My Dad
David J Powis on the right.

The moral of this story is the establishment are not there to help you, they are there to help themselves in more ways than one! The establishment wrecked my fathers life. He was used and abused by them. We are all used and abused by them. Until the masses wake up to that fact, we will continue to be enslaved by them.   

Wars are profitable for banks whilst the aftermath is profitable for so-called charities that support the war justification industry. The only losers are those forced to fight in them.

All wars are fought by forgotten heroes for lost causes.  Sadly in the aftermath, for every one hero there are countless parasites trying to emulate them in order to bathe in the glory, a glory that's promoted by government charities and mass media to deflect public conciseness away from the truth. 

Happy birthday Dad on 18th April. Even though you passed away on 9th March 2010, you will never be forgotten; the kindest, most placid and bravest man. If I had half your courage I would be a very brave person. This article is dedicated to you, my hero.  For further details please see: anti war website