Saturday 29 December 2012

What did the WWII generation really fight for?

The pattern appears to be the same – recession, war, mini boom, recession and so on – it has been like that since the founding of the Bank of England in 1694. There is always a deep recession before a major war; the banks claw in the money to pay for the forthcoming conflict.

Violette Szabo had a French Mother and
English Father.  She fell in love and married
a French officer in 1940. Sadly he was killed
at El Alamein.  She was heartbroken and
joined  SOE where she was sent to
occupied France. On her second mission
she was captured and eventually executed
in January 1945. She was aged 23. If it
were possible for Violette to see Britain
today I think she would be as horrified,
as many WWII veterans are, by the
way this country continues to be destroyed
from within.

Governments get into debt to pay for the war and banks make even more profit. Wars are good for banks, it’s an efficient way of boosting their finances. It never ceases to amaze me how politicians manage to convince people to go and kill the population of another country. It’s terrifying how people fall into line with the social engineering. World War Two has been over for almost seventy years but post war propaganda films are still shown regularly on television. There is a reason for this, they need to keep pushing the lies. Killing is depicted within such films as if it were some  form of game whereby the lives of German soldiers were meaningless. For every soldier killed, there is the hidden misery of grieving parents, wives, children etc. For the survivors, post traumatic stress disorder can affect the veteran’s children (epigenetics). Wars are a psychopaths playground.

Human suffering gives psychopaths a high, in much the same way as the current artificial recession gives David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Tony Blair and the rest of their freak show sadistic pleasure. I believe allegedly that when Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, sees that peoples lives will be blighted and communities totally destroyed by him giving the go ahead for rampant building on Britain's beautiful countryside, he probably creams his trousers with excitement! The destructive power of psychopaths, due to their egos and constant pursuit of causing human misery is a fact the majority of the population are unaware of. This is because psychopaths are such skillful manipulators. They look upon the rest of the population as dumb for not realizing what they are up to. They send people to their deaths in wars without a hint of conscience; Tony Blair and David Cameron are typical examples. They act as if they are troubled and concerned but in reality no normal human being could live with their conscience if they were responsible for the amount of deaths of innocent people those prime ministers are responsible for. No normal human being could also live with their conscience if they knew the economic situation is false and relies upon constant lies, by the controlled media, to survive. Printing our own debt free currency would solve the current financial crisis overnight. Some politicians are aware of this but keep quiet and toe the line as it's a well paid job with many perks, especially in a safe seat! Many are unaware of it and would dismiss it as they are so brainwashed by the system.

My Father, David J Powis, was
conscripted into the British Infantry
in 1939. He went on to survive the
entire siege of Malta and
three invasions, Sicily, Italy and
D-Day. He was amongst the initial
assaults on all three invasions
and saw further excessive action
during the subsequent inland
battles. He was in front line Intelligence
necessitating extremely dangerous
missions behind enemy lines.
After the war he was a
victim of The Government
Directed Pensions Fraud.
Before he died, in 2010, whilst
being means tested, to see
if he could pay for care
that he had already paid
for in National Insurance
contributions, he said, "What
did we fight for in WWII?"
He then went on to say,
 if he and his friends had
known how Britain was going
to turn out, they would have
thrown their weapons down and
given up! Many WWII veterans
have a similar view.
There are two versions of all wars, what actually happened and what the authorities want you to believe, via their media machine. Sadly people are so taken in by the fiction version of events they are unable to think outside the narrow criteria. Walk into any book shop and there are a myriad of books by authors that have simply gone through official documentation and put their own spin on events, but there are very few publications by people that were actually there, unless they were of high rank and well away from the action! People like fiction and successive governments social engineers (Tavistock Center and Frankfurt School) use this human frailty to get people to believe official lies. It has worked for hundreds of years, but I believe an increasing number of people are now beginning to wake up and the powers that be are getting very worried.

The biggest secret surrounding World War Two is the conflict was about finances and was fought for and on behalf of the criminal money lenders! We are led to believe the war was about world domination by a crazy dictator. It is yet one more distraction put about by the secret services to prevent people getting too close to the truth. I'm totally against all forms of totalitarianism and believe in individual freedom. The only way we can have true freedom is via truth, not official lies. Whenever the question of World War Two finances arises, it is covered by a shroud of lies and pushed to the back. Wall street financed both Stalin and Hitler until Hitler told Wall Street to go to hell and did what Abraham Lincoln did, printed debt free currency! The Banks could not allow him to get away with it, hence reason Britain declared war on Germany, using the invasion of Poland as an excuse. The fact the Soviet Union had a pact with Germany and planned to invade Poland on exactly the same day, 3rd September 1939, is deliberately ignored by the war justification industry. Wars are fought by forgotten heroes for lost causes. The constant cycle of conflict will continue until humanity wakes up and sees through official lies and realizes who the real enemy is - psychopath banks and their puppet governments. It's time they face justice and if found guilty are safely locked away from the rest of us. The current system attracts psychopaths like bees around a honey pot, in fact it positively encourages them! We need to have a fully democratic system that would NOT tolerate the psychopath mindset of hate, greed, injustice and human suffering.  A system that's based upon fairness, love and above all consideration for fellow humans is long overdue.