Wednesday 31 March 2021

Censorship creates a counter action!

We have a tough enemy but tough enemies build tough resistance!

During WWII the 101 Airborne division had some of the toughest assignments, often completely cut off and surrounded by the enemy. They became good, very good and very tough as they had the worst assignments.

A calm sea never made a good captain. In my profession I was freelance. You got some of the toughest contracts and often the worst clients and on some projects worked against all the odds. What that did is toughen you up and made you exceptionally experienced in a short time. Eventually once proven to work in such situations and handle it, the phone often didn't stop ringing. In fact sometimes you could pick and choose what projects to work on and demand a good fee!

Toughness and hardships isn't always a bad thing hence reason I'm optimistic. If you want to popularise something, censor it. By censoring free speech the authorities are metaphorically shooting themselves in the foot! Already people are beginning to question and become inquisitive, why, because of censorship. Yes, at the moment it's a small group of people but it's growing. I think the NWO is like the little boy who cried wolf. They have done it too often and it's wearing off. I've noticed people are beginning to rebel. Yes, it's hardly a whimper at the moment but give it time!

Tuesday 30 March 2021

Official Narrative Preachers and Churchill Worshippers!

I find it fascinating and sometimes amusing when people spout the official narrative as if they are a leading authority on a subject that in reality they know sod all about! They duplicate what the ruling minority want the masses to believe. 

A typical example is the current fake-demic. We now have self-righteous ding-dongs prancing around telling everyone what to do! Walk into a shop without wearing a twat mask, as I do, and I'm often treated like some anti-social non-person. People shield themselves from me because I'm not wearing a stupid mask. In reality it should be the other way around. Twats prancing around with a bacteria breeding cloth over their mouths are causing serious problems. Lack of oxygen to the brain along with bacterial pneumonia to name but a few. We now have ding-dongs driving alone in their cars wearing these facial sanitary masks! The lack of oxygen to their brain may well be causing all manner of accidents!  

Another example of where "Official Narrative Preachers" excel in their stupidity is World War Two where the propaganda of those years is still rigidly believed to this day!

Both my late parents went through WWII. My Dad was amongst the first assault wave in 1944, D-Day on Gold Beach, Jig Section. My mother lived near an industrial area during the blitz. Despite the propaganda then and post war to today, they both hated Churchill and many people did.

Just scratch below the propaganda and it reveals Churchill was not only a psychopath but completely incompetent. He was a puppet to the City of London who paid off his debts to the sum of £19500 before the war. Sadly the World War Two propaganda surrounding that evil man is still believed today along with the Hollywood version of that war. Why Britain made an excuse to involve itself in World War Two, due to German invasion of Poland, is unclear until understanding usury. World War Two was really fought for and on behalf of the Banksters who feared Germany abolishing usury would reverberate around the world. It also explains why the mass extermination of around 40 to 60 million (nobody knows the real figure) in former Soviet Union slave labour camps is kept low key.

History isn't necessarily what happened, it's usually what a minority in power want the masses to believe! People readily believe the official narrative and become emotionally obsessed with promulgating what the ruling minority want them to believe. My late Father often came across the "Official Narrative Preachers" who told him all about front line battle even though they had never been to war and he had! What we learn from history is that we DON'T learn from history!

Gremlins during first few minutes of Monday's live show!

Last night's show the Internet went strange for the first few minutes so please stick with it, it sorts itself out! The show consisted of the usual smut and filthy jokes along with some jolly interesting information! Including the Chris Whitty joke although many people say he is already a joke, a sick one!

Please share before "Puke"-tube remove this, give me a smack and tell me I'm a naughty boy because I've upset someone whose full time occupation is to censor anything related to truth!

Monday 29 March 2021

Naughty NAZ1's Misdirection Syndrome!

 Quick update. Tonight, live at 8:00pm (UK Time)! Please tune in for regular toilet humour, smut and above all interesting information! 

Establishment Pied Pipers!

Farage or "Fart-arse" as I call him is, in my view, a Pied Piper. He initially entices people by telling them what they want to hear. Once enticed he leads them down the establishment road to hell! Little Tommy Tucker from Luton, who pranced around displaying the flag of a country we are not allowed to criticize, did the same and it may have misfired? What's happened to him?

So called "Celebrities" are doing similar. Getting a following then leading their flock down the path to establishment hell. Often these so called "Celebrities" lack talent but are hyped up as being exceptional. How did they get where they are with such little talent? Could it be a case of, "Get rich and famous providing you do what we say?"

Apparently the Mafia would carry out their own version of the law on behalf of a victim. But there were strings attached. The victim who the Mafia carried out a task for would then forever be under their rule and would have to do what they say or else! The Mafia has many guises and we know the criminal underworld operate in political, entertainment and industrial circles. To what extent is debatable.

I question how an actor that doesn't act but is himself in every part get's a lucky break? A pub pianist whose average hitting the big time also springs to mind. I'm NOT accusing but the word "Blackmailable" instantly springs to mind. Those in the limelight often have a dark side to their life, again I'm NOT accusing as I lack evidence. Could it be a case of, "You do what we tell you or we will air your dirty laundry in public?"

Saturday 27 March 2021

The "Joys" of NOT wearing an obedience muzzle when shopping!


Since the beginning of the fake-demic, last year, I have NOT worn a facial sanitary towel. In fact I don't have one and don't want one. I've made my own sarcastic "Exemption" card that at first glance looks OK. In small letters at the top of the card it says: "Obedience Muzzle Ritual." Then in large capitals it says "Exempt." Then in small letters below it says, "Exempt from loony deprivation rituals!"

In addition to the harmful effects of breathing in your own CO2, it's the perfect way of catching bacterial pneumonia! Additionally I have no desire to breath in harmful carcinogenic fibers from official masks. Nor create a perfect breeding ground for my and other peoples' bacteria! An experiment was carried out in 1980 whereby surgeons did operations without masks. It was found it made no difference.

Whilst in Tesco's NOT wearing a facial sanitary towel I reached for my handkerchief to blow my nose! I now know what it must have felt like to be a leper! People moved away as if I were unclean. Perhaps I should have rang a bell at the same time shouting "Not wearing a facial sanitary towel and also have a snotty nose!"

I've found not wearing a sanitary towel over my mouth and having a snotty nose is a great way to get to the bargains! People throw themselves out of your way. I'm beginning to feel like royalty! lol Please checkout my website on:

Spotting Controlled Opposition.

The way I smell a rat is controlled opposition always compare things to the nasty NAZ1's. No mention of how society is being led down the communist road. Neither any mention of the former Soviet Union's genocide of an estimated forty to sixty million mainly Christians. Nobody knows the exact figure some say around one hundred million were exterminated.

The silence is deafening, but still the nasty NAZ1 comparisons go on and on like a long playing record that's stuck in the groove. I'm NOT denying the nasty NAZ1's committed atrocities, but so did the allies! Neither am I praising the nasty NAZ1's, I'm just getting things into perspective.

We should be presented with a real view of history instead of a selective one for political and financial purposes. The lucrative political view of history, peddled by Hollywood, now aided by controlled opposition, fits in neatly as a distraction from reality.

Controlled opposition have now taken over from Hollywood to peddle the nasty NAZ1 narrative that was once used for lucrative and political reasons. It is now designed to turn peoples' attention away from back door communism that's staring us in the face!

David Icke - useful to controlled opposition?

In my view David is the "Court Jester" without the humour. He has and continues to be used but I get the feeling he doesn't realise it or maybe doesn't want to realise it. He states a lot of extremely poignant truths but then looses the plot. For example, before meeting Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa who allegedly had connections to the CIA, what David Icke said was logical. Then Icke looses the plot waffling on about prominent people shape shifting.

The point I'm getting at is David Icke is very useful to the controlled opposition brigade. I think, deep down, he is a good man. The controlled opposition are psychopaths (NOT David Icke). Whenever a psychopath's plot is revealed, they always accuse the accuser of being mentally ill, a loony! Psychopaths are also obsessed with collectivism, that they control, and pigeon holing everyone into "Communities." Therefore anyone who follows David Icke can easily (wrongly) be pigeon holed as an outrageous conspiracy theorist and loony! David had to be made to look like the loony first, hence he was easily allowed onto the mass controlled media.

I question if the CIA or UK Secret Service may have had something to do with him looking as if he were drugged or hypnotised when he appeared on Wogan? He was wearing a purple tracksuit and speaking as if he wasn't the full ticket! I haven't any evidence to support my observation but it would add up.

Friday 26 March 2021

Hyper inflation and possible food shortages.

Governments are now obsessed with collectivism which historically always leads to food shortages. Photo is of the Soviet famine of 1932 to 33. 

In my view, the current pantomime-demic is nothing more than seasonal f1u hyped up to hide a financial reset. Governments couldn't announce they want to euthanize the masses via a fake-demic so as to introduce world communism. There would be mass outrage so it all has to be done via cloak and mirrors!

Those of us with functioning brains that can see through the over the top mass propaganda realize food shortages may be on the horizon so it's wise to stock up.

Rice and pasta can last for over thirty years if correctly stored. Tinned food, except tinned tomatoes is also OK long after its expiry date. The reason tinned tomatoes are a no no is because the acid in the tomatoes apparently, over time, reacts with the inside of the tin.
I don't store bottled water for two reasons. firstly I don't like drinking water out of plastic and secondly it wouldn't last long! It's surprising how much water we consume in a day! Hence reason I've gone for stocking up on water filters and rain water storage. For drinking water my plan is to firstly filter the water using a home made sand, gravel and charcoal filter. Then boil it and finally run it through a Britta filter. Or the other way around. Britta filter then boil it! For washing, the sand, gravel and charcoal filter would be fine.

Have also made a thermal cooker and a solar cooker, although usage of a solar cooker in the UK would be limited! The reason for the solar cooker is I believe the price of electricity will soon be astronomical. Because of the fake green nonsense, they are closing coal fired power stations and relying on stupid "reusable" energy that's pure cloud cuckoo land thinking! It's causing more pollution but adheres to a deranged communist political ideology.
A thermal cooker is great for cooking potatoes as it only takes a few minutes of energy to initially heat them up on the stove. Thereafter they are cooked to perfection in the thermal cooker after about three hours. Same with carrots and other root vegetables. Pasta also cooks well in the thermal cooker; it takes about half an hour. You heat the thermal cooker up with boiling water from the kettle. After 10 mins empty the water back into the kettle and add the pasta to the thermal cooker. Then pour boiling water, from the kettle, over the pasta and seal the thermal cooker! It's super simple and tastes better!

With some forward planning food storage will buy you time to plan and hopefully give you essential supplies until you can grow your own food.

Airbrushing history of the immediate aftermath of WWII

Churchill wanted the entire German race eradicated in 1945! If it were not for the Soviet threat, Germany would have been left as a wasteland. The only reason Germany was spared after 1945 was due to military reasons, nothing to do with humanity. 

Rationing in the UK was more severe after WWII than during the war as grain was diverted to Germany! The USA in 1945 also initially wanted to wipe out the German race hence Eisenhower's hidden genocide of German POW's and throwing German families out of their homes. The immediate post-war period in Germany has been airbrushed from history and replaced with a makeover that suits the official narrative!

News Update

Friday 26th March 2021.

Caroline Stephens and Eric von Essex show that was recorded on Wednesday 24th March 2021 is now available to view on Bitchute.