Tuesday 5 June 2012

The Royals and the Invisible Man

What does the Queen and village idiots have in common? The answer is: Quite a lot! They are both a product of close family breeding. They both wave at complete strangers and they both live in cloud cuckoo land! A village idiot has a very simple view of the world whereas the Queen believes she has a hereditary right to rule over us because an invisible man said so. If that’s not bonkers, I don’t know what is! 

Humans appear to be obsessed with cults; it’s a weakness that people with influence have exploited for millennia. Religion, The royals and our system of government are perfect examples of manipulation whereby a minority can exploit the majority.

I believe there are two things that go into infinity; the universe and human stupidity! Teenagers follow the celebrity and music cult whilst the  ever popular football cult is idolised by its followers. There is also the science cult that believes science has an answer for everything. Top of the list though is religion. To me, religion is a belief in ancient science fiction. Men wearing strange clothing have managed to convince people  that an invisible man watches over them. The same invisible man has given a minority on earth the power to  acquire huge wealth, whilst draining us of our money. That's OK as the invisible man has granted these people special powers! It would be easy to dismiss such nonsense as complete lunacy if it was not for the fact that vast sections of the population believe it! The reason they believe it is because they have been programmed to believe it by the ruling minority that set up our education system. From the moment we start school we are pigeon holed into groups. We are conditioned into competitiveness and emphasis is put on leadership. Obedience is the objective and even though religion is less obvious in schools nowadays, it has mutated and still has as much power as it always had. I'm not religious but believe there are different entities or time slots. There’s an earth energy that is beyond most peoples’ perception. I don’t get down on my hands and knees and worship whatever it is but just try and understand it. I don't preach to people because I don't know what the energy is, all I do know is the power of thought is more powerful than most people realise.  From that perspective I guess I'm somewhat spiritual. 

Carol Hawkins, as she was in the 1970's
Men dressed in frocks with their collars turned back to front are an integral part of hyping up the royal myth. The queen is supposed to be head of the Church of England, it's all one big happy tax free earner! Religions are exempt from council tax and TV licenses. They are also exempt from other taxes. Little wonder they are an integral part of the establishment. They all like to help each other. As I'm not religious I was wondering how I could get on the "cult" bandwagon and came up with a cunning plan! As a single male, I like women so therefore decided to worship Carol Hawkins! She was an actress in the 1970's TV comedy "Please Sir." She was also in some Carry On films. It's working well. I was in Tescos the other evening waiting for some bananas to be reduced. I said a quick prayer to Carol Hawkins and hey presto four pounds of bananas were reduced to 45p. Not bad eh! If I could convince my local authority that my house is now a church for the worship of Carol Hawkins I wonder if they would exempt me from council tax?  The main flaw in my plan is it can be proven that Carol Hawkins actually exists, she ain't invisible! Also she exists in a time that most people can remember, not some dark distant time in the past. Therefore if you can prove that a person or entity that is worshiped actually exists, you don't stand a chance of getting religious status, also they will probably think you are a nutter. On the other hand, if you can't prove that a worshiped person or entity exists and it's accepted by the establishment that it's invisible, you are looked upon as completely sane! If you study ancient texts and can prove you are qualified in the subject of believing in the invisible man, whilst walking around wearing a black frock with your collar back to front, you are treated with reverence! Also the establishment has it all sown up for themselves! Not only is council tax exemption for an established religion, there are also one heck of a lot of obstacles, designed to detract people, such as myself, that like taking the mickey out of the authorities!

When you look at the system by which a minority rules us, you only have to dig below the surface a little and not accept what they tell us to realise we are continuously lied to. We are conned out of our finances by an elite that use hocus-pocus to convince us they have the right to do so. This is where the invisible man comes in. The royals have as much right to sit on a throne as you and I have, but for one stumbling block. We can’t convince people we have a right to steal their money and are superior to them because an invisible man says so, but the royals can! There is also another problem, most of us have a conscience, but most of the royals don’t! As I’ve said in previous articles, the royals’ inbreeding is designed to produce psychopaths; it has served them well in their bloodthirsty past and enabled them to acquire a vast wealth though questionable means. 

Around forty years ago a psychopath married into my family and caused an emotional tsunami. Having studied psychopaths for many years, I’ve come to the conclusion they all work to a similar agenda. They are brilliant illusionists. They give you a false impression and they look upon us non-psychopaths as if we are gullible sheep. They all believe they are superior to other humans and deliberately create distrust and unease, enabling them to stand out as superior people that ride above the mayhem. 

Queen Victoria's Father was
allegedly a footman.
I strongly believe the Queen is a psychopath along with Phil the Greek. The protocol surrounding the Queen is straight from the psychopaths’ mindset.  You cannot speak to the Queen, she has to speak first. Curtsying, bowing and addressing her in a certain manner are all designed to demean whilst putting the royal on a pedestal. I believe in politeness and respect but royals’ protocol goes beyond that; it works on the subconscious and is very effective. Psychopaths’ brilliance comes in their ability to give you the impression they are the opposite of what they really are. For example, Phil the Greek supports the World Wildlife Fund. He once allegedly said “It’s better to see a live animal than see it stuffed in a museum.” The objective is to save animals. On the other hand he loves hunting and goes out shooting animals – the complete opposite to what he preaches in The World Wildlife Fund! Most of the royals love bloodthirsty sports such a stag and fox hunting. I also believe their “Charity” work is also questionable as “Charity” is often used as a front to give a good impression whilst, in reality, they do the opposite. The psychopath trait is strange as it can skip a generation. For example I know a lady whose mother and her sisters were psychopaths but it missed her. She married and had two sons. The eldest son is a psychopath the youngest isn’t.  Likewise in the royals, it can miss some. I don’t believe King George VI was a psychopath; hence reason for his bad nerves.  It’s debatable if Diana was as it’s difficult to tell. Female psychopaths are the same as male psychopaths. The impression they give is often very different to the person they really are. Even the rebellious royals may give the impression they are speaking out, but again they are controlled. If they don’t keep in line and risk revealing the truth, they are promptly done away with. Even though the royals are obsessed with breeding the occasional affair with a servant waters down the bloodline. For example Queen Victoria’s father was one of the footmen! That’s how haemophilia got into the royal bloodline. It would have been biologically impossible for her official father to have conceived her; he was out of the country away from his wife at time of conception. There are many other reports of affairs with servants etc. 

It's doubtful King George VI was a
psychopath, hence his bad nerves.
The brilliance of how royalty continues to con us relies upon ignorance of the populous. People don’t ask questions such as how the royals acquired such enormous wealth.  Prince Charles has the Duchy of Cornwall, he owns Cornwall. If someone dies and leaves property and no relatives, the house goes over to the Duchy of Cornwall! Apparently Prince Charles acquires property, free of charge, on a weekly basis! I wonder if he pays capitol transfer tax?

The Queen signed away our rights to the EU, so she is no longer the Queen but a citizen of Europe. By allowing the Maastricht Treaty (formally, the Treaty on European Union or TEU) on 7 February 1992 she allegedly committed treason and went against her Coronation Oath. As she is therefore no longer the Queen (her reign was just forty years 1952 – 1992) how come she can still go around in a plush car that’s exempt from vehicle excise duty? The queen (as she was formally known) owns Canada. Officially Canadians only own one foot of ground under their feet, below that it belongs to Lizzy! 

There are also allegations, from whistleblowers, of the royals making money out of drug trafficking. Recently a corpse was found, up a tree on a royal estate. The item was quietly mentioned on the official news head lies and that was that. Nothing more said. If a corpse was found up a tree in someone’s garden, it would make headline news. Because it happened on the royals’ property, it was barely mentioned. There are allegations, again from whistleblowers, that the royals are involved in black magic. Whether these allegations are true or not, I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

People worship Lizzy (formally the Queen) as if she is superhuman. She is cold as ice, has no personality and has an expression on her face as if she has just put her finger through the toilet paper; assuming she knows how to use toilet paper! We are continuously fed endless drivel about the royal bunch of freaks whose very existence relies upon ignorance of the public. 

I've never known blanket coverage of such magnitude as this Jubilee. Today, as I write this, it’s bank holiday Tuesday. As an experiment I tuned around the radio dial this morning. Without exception every station was waffling on about the jubilee. Even Classic FM and Radio Three were playing royal pageantry music. I remember the 1977 jubilee and big ears’ wedding in 1981. In those days with less choice of media it was not as bad as this. I find it very disturbing how they are working on peoples' subconscious.

Crawlers extraordinaire. Sometimes there isn't a
sick bag big enough! Behind Charles, is that Angela Merkel
or Paul Mc Cartney?
On Friday, whilst shopping in the supermarket, not only were various products covered in jubilee stuff, the supermarket was full of bunting and they were playing royal pageantry music over loud speakers. Even the area where they were selling televisions, every television was playing a documentary about the queen. It's terrifying, there's no escape. It's like a form of big brother - you will conform! Any voice of dissent has been silenced. I've also noticed they deliberately interview thick people when speaking about the jubilee on the radio. Apparently, so I heard on the radio this morning, there was a concert outside Buckingham Palace. There were performances by Elton John and Paul McCartney along with Cliff Richards and the entire gang of so called entertainers that have been awarded gongs. There appears to be a media elite of grovelling rear end lickers who turn up, like a bent penny, at these events.

It's time to stop accepting
what we are told from an
official source and
question everything
the establishment tells us.
This entire costly extravaganza revolves around getting people to believe a bunch of un-elected genetically inferior psychopaths have a right to rule and steal from us because they have been chosen to do so by an invisible man. The invisible man cult extends into government that are nothing more than gangsters. From an early age we are brainwashed with the notion that an invisible man watches over us. It’s mass mind manipulation at its best. It also gives an insight into how Stalin managed to kill millions whilst the masses not only took part in the killings but believed they were right to do so.

Psychopaths and the invisible man cult have enslaved us for years without us really knowing it. When looking at the institutions of power that pump out this constant bovine excrement, they are all very rich. The church isn’t poor; neither  are government or the royals. Surely that alone should get people asking questions, but it doesn’t. I believe it will take an enormous shift in consciousness for the crooks in power to fall. What I have seen throughout this jubilee extravaganza has made me realise such a shift of consciousness isn’t going to happen for a long time yet; for the future of humanity I sincerely hope I’m wrong!  

Friday 1 June 2012

Jubilee Special

What exactly is the Royal Jubilee really celebrating? The obvious answer is sixty years of Mad Lizzy on the throne, but is it? I say “Mad Lizzy” as I personally believe she is not exactly what we are led to believe. To me, the sycophants that are employed to perpetuate the royal extravaganza show are nothing more than master illusionists that are stage managing a freak show. We are continuously told how marvellous the Queen is, but is she? I question the mentality of someone that appears to be devoid of personality and compassion and believes they are superior to everyone else. People have been locked up in asylums for less!

The media often lower their voice when speaking about the royals as if they are humbled by their greatness. I question this. Royals that marry their cousins and perpetuate a myth of their superiority are seriously deluded. Their inbreeding in order to maintain a healthy stock of psychopaths is hidden behind the illusion that they are above everyone else. To believe they represent us is complete rubbish. Words such as “Your Highness” and bowing and curtsying to the Queen help to maintain the myth. In reality they are a dysfunctional bunch of people of questionable intelligence and suspect heritage due to their occasional affairs with servants. What exactly does the Queen do? To me, her role is to prance around the world looking as if she has a horrible smell under her nose, whilst Phil the Greek looks like the smell that’s under it! It’s all part of the illusion that deflects public attention away from what I believe, is nothing more than criminality. Vast areas of land and property are owned by the Royals, of which little, if any, was acquired honestly. It was stolen, admittedly by their ancestors. There are also very dark and sinister allegations, from many whistleblowers, of other activities the royals allegedly get up to, that stimulate their psychopath mentality!

The royal extravaganza freak show deflects public attention away from allegations that if known would result in the royals being arrested. They would be put on trial for treason, fraud and an array of other charges to do with their alleged murky underworld. Every aspect of the Queen’s public life is stage managed to perfection. It’s like chocolate covered sewage made to look like a cake. It may look appetising but dig slightly underneath and you find something unpalatable and very unpleasant. Truth doesn’t need to be continuously embellished or proven, truth stands up for its self. Our grovelling media fails to dig slightly below the surface. Apart from the occasional shock horror headline of a young royal stepping out of line, they go along with what the freak show master illusionists tell them. They say the Queen continues to do a marvellous job and has never put a foot wrong. In reality the queen can’t put a foot wrong as she is nothing more than a puppet. The Queen’s psychopath bloodline is something to be ashamed of. Her ancestry is awash with bloodthirsty horrific cruelty.

Throughout the years the royals have cared little for the people they are supposed to represent. Their only care is for their own incredible wealth. In much the same way as rich people form foundations in order to avoid tax, I believe most, not all, charities are a front for unpleasant people to show they have a compassionate side, which in reality they haven’t! Again, it’s all part of the media extravaganza.

As the Queen signed away our rights to the EU, she is no longer the Queen but a citizen of Europe. By allowing the Maastricht Treaty (formally, the Treaty on European Union or TEU) on 7 February 1992 she allegedly committed treason and went against her Coronation Oath. As she is therefore no longer the Queen why the heck are people celebrating sixty years since her coronation? Her reign was just forty years 1952 – 1992. No doubt this phoney sixty year anniversary is yet another stage managed illusion to channel public attention away from the fact that state criminality, of which I believe the royals are an integral part, continues to rob us. I haven’t heard the Queen having to cancel her gallivanting around the world because she can’t afford it, or her having to travel via public transport to save the planet. To me the Jubilee Celebration is the establishments’ way of having a laugh at our expense. It is showing how the masses will believe almost anything and follow like sheep. It’s time we started asking questions, finding the truth behind the hype. If the entire gang of criminals that currently rule us were brought to justice, relieving us of the burden of usury and ridiculous taxes, that really would be a celebration. Until then I will politely tell the establishment where they can stick their flags!