Monday, 29 March 2021

Establishment Pied Pipers!

Farage or "Fart-arse" as I call him is, in my view, a Pied Piper. He initially entices people by telling them what they want to hear. Once enticed he leads them down the establishment road to hell! Little Tommy Tucker from Luton, who pranced around displaying the flag of a country we are not allowed to criticize, did the same and it may have misfired? What's happened to him?

So called "Celebrities" are doing similar. Getting a following then leading their flock down the path to establishment hell. Often these so called "Celebrities" lack talent but are hyped up as being exceptional. How did they get where they are with such little talent? Could it be a case of, "Get rich and famous providing you do what we say?"

Apparently the Mafia would carry out their own version of the law on behalf of a victim. But there were strings attached. The victim who the Mafia carried out a task for would then forever be under their rule and would have to do what they say or else! The Mafia has many guises and we know the criminal underworld operate in political, entertainment and industrial circles. To what extent is debatable.

I question how an actor that doesn't act but is himself in every part get's a lucky break? A pub pianist whose average hitting the big time also springs to mind. I'm NOT accusing but the word "Blackmailable" instantly springs to mind. Those in the limelight often have a dark side to their life, again I'm NOT accusing as I lack evidence. Could it be a case of, "You do what we tell you or we will air your dirty laundry in public?"

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