Friday, 26 March 2021

Hyper inflation and possible food shortages.

Governments are now obsessed with collectivism which historically always leads to food shortages. Photo is of the Soviet famine of 1932 to 33. 

In my view, the current pantomime-demic is nothing more than seasonal f1u hyped up to hide a financial reset. Governments couldn't announce they want to euthanize the masses via a fake-demic so as to introduce world communism. There would be mass outrage so it all has to be done via cloak and mirrors!

Those of us with functioning brains that can see through the over the top mass propaganda realize food shortages may be on the horizon so it's wise to stock up.

Rice and pasta can last for over thirty years if correctly stored. Tinned food, except tinned tomatoes is also OK long after its expiry date. The reason tinned tomatoes are a no no is because the acid in the tomatoes apparently, over time, reacts with the inside of the tin.
I don't store bottled water for two reasons. firstly I don't like drinking water out of plastic and secondly it wouldn't last long! It's surprising how much water we consume in a day! Hence reason I've gone for stocking up on water filters and rain water storage. For drinking water my plan is to firstly filter the water using a home made sand, gravel and charcoal filter. Then boil it and finally run it through a Britta filter. Or the other way around. Britta filter then boil it! For washing, the sand, gravel and charcoal filter would be fine.

Have also made a thermal cooker and a solar cooker, although usage of a solar cooker in the UK would be limited! The reason for the solar cooker is I believe the price of electricity will soon be astronomical. Because of the fake green nonsense, they are closing coal fired power stations and relying on stupid "reusable" energy that's pure cloud cuckoo land thinking! It's causing more pollution but adheres to a deranged communist political ideology.
A thermal cooker is great for cooking potatoes as it only takes a few minutes of energy to initially heat them up on the stove. Thereafter they are cooked to perfection in the thermal cooker after about three hours. Same with carrots and other root vegetables. Pasta also cooks well in the thermal cooker; it takes about half an hour. You heat the thermal cooker up with boiling water from the kettle. After 10 mins empty the water back into the kettle and add the pasta to the thermal cooker. Then pour boiling water, from the kettle, over the pasta and seal the thermal cooker! It's super simple and tastes better!

With some forward planning food storage will buy you time to plan and hopefully give you essential supplies until you can grow your own food.

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