Monday 14 January 2013

The deliberate destruction of Britain.

Nowadays most inner city high streets
have graffiti on walls, boarded
up shops along with rubbish bags.
Is this the Britain the WWII
generation fought for?
Germans described WWI
British troops as lions led by
donkeys. Today we are
lions led by the mentally deranged!
It is my belief that Britain is being deliberately destroyed from within. Most people are aware something is wrong but are unable to understand why. I believe this is to do with the constant brainwashing the masses are bombarded with, especially on the BBC.

When I think back to the Britain I grew up in, although far from perfect, it was a Britain that had industry and optimism, above all it had our unique culture and humour! What passes itself as humour nowadays simply isn't funny, it's mainly pushing the gay agenda and normally consists of crude filth, Little Britain being one of the worst. I watched "The Office" and wondered if I had lost my sense of humour! Although I have no evidence I often wonder if the awards for such rubbish programmes are rigged?

There are few, if any, talented artists on TV and anyone with real talent is not given the opportunity. I question if the Spice Girls actually did get to the top or if it was rigged? I have yet to meet anyone, young and old, that likes them or has bought any of their music. Go into any charity shop and there are usually a range of CD's from music of ten plus years ago. I've never seen a Spice Girls CD indicating hardly anyone bought into it. I don't know of anyone else that's seen one either?

Our cities are now full of weird so called art; sculptures that look as if they have come from the minds of the seriously mentally deranged. Almost everything you care to look at in Britain today is either crumbling or falling to bits at the seams.

Quality has been exchanged for shoddy rubbish produced on a budget. Politicians do not have an excuse but survive on hype talk and skillful political manipulation backed up by their media propaganda machine. Writing to a local MP is usually nothing more than a delegation exercise. They simply get one of their helpers to forward your letter onto a department that in turn gives a reply that's usually an insult to the average persons' mentality!

Sadly it's not just Britain that's on the slide, it seems the entire western world is. People appear to have been hypnotized into a passive state of mind (cognitive dissonance) whereby they accept almost anything. I dread to think what next is in store for us? I personally believe governments deliberately want upheaval so as to use it as an excuse to implement a full police state, whereby large sections of the population would mysteriously disappear, as happened in the former Soviet Union and East Germany. Let's hope people wake up soon, that's our only hope.