Monday, 10 May 2021

Houston we've got a problem!

The amazing story of how three contortionists (they had to be in order to get into bulky space suits in a confined space) went to the moon! How they defied the laws of physics, throwing up moon dust on a moon buggy without causing a massive dust cloud!

How did the batteries tolerate freezing temperatures? How did they manage to get studio lighting to the moon in order to produce near perfect backlit photos?

Live coverage from the moon in the days when it took a fleet of vehicles to get a live television broadcast from Barnsley to London! Jaw dropping stuff eh!

Now, how on earth did they lose all the scientific data on how they did it! Sniff sniff, can you smell something? Is it cats? Dogs? No it's bovine excrement! John Hamer, Shannon (in America) and Eric von Essex question if NASA should really stand for National Association of Space Actors lol!

Sunday, 2 May 2021

Uglyness is the new normal!

I miss those days, about fifty plus years ago, when people were normal. The above photo was taken in 1969. Notice how slim and healthy everyone looked.

Sadly ugliness is now the new beauty thanks to decades of ideological subversion causing, in my view, a form of mind fog. Also people nowadays have had all forms of self respect drained out of them, hence so many are obsessed with telling everyone about their sex lives.

Minority and so called oppressed groups are hyped up and people are made to feel guilty for something they haven't done! Also the destruction of pride and culture; replaced with fake pride and fake culture along with imposed communities (mass rabbit hutch housing) run by change agents. Again, it's all part of Ideological Subversion to psychologically destroy the individual and make them a slave of the state.

The West LOST the Cold War without a shot being fired. Over the years the slow creep of communism has slowly infected society whilst people are distracted by deliberate news/information misdirection. The communism we have today is nothing whatsoever to do with the former Soviet Union or modern day Russia. It stems from the former Frankfurt School that was booted out of Germany in the 1930's and welcomed into America with open arms. From thereon the Frankfurt School spread its evil tentacles into our education systems throughout the west and beyond. The psychopaths we have in power today is the result of a corrupted education system.


Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Fake Green V Real Green!

In my view, the global warming hoax, an integral part of the fake green agenda, is a misdirection to hide a population reduction plan, UN Agenda 2030. This along with the current promulgation of mass hypochondria so as to subdue the masses is designed to hide the obvious.

The entire agenda is based upon fake science and creative statistics that are easy to see, but the power of propaganda overrides logic. It's the Kings new clothes syndrome whereby real scientists often remain silent or go along with the agenda fearing financial ruin and/or public humiliation if they go against the trend.

The power of the elite's money that's fuelling the agenda is an example where wealth is more powerful than real science! Where it's possible to buy an outcome that's in the elite's financial interests.

Humans are carbon and they now talk about zero carbon within ten years. In my view, that's a euphemism for massive population reduction, a hidden genocide! Mass media propaganda is extremely powerful. People are controlled by fear, not logic! The masses are now falling over themselves to have a DNA altering substance shot into their arm to protect themselves from a fake epidemic that real statistics, from the Office of National Statistics, proves doesn't exist! The companies producing the substance are NOT liable if anything goes wrong and admit it's a trial and the outcome is unknown!

The masses have been brainwashed to fear a strain of f1u that has mutated for years but suddenly, due to fake analysis, is deadly; it always has been! We are now brainwashed to fear the environment that humans are supposed to be destroying due to using fossil fuels, which is debatable. It is questionable if oil is a fossil fuel considering oil fields have been known to refill and it is believed the earth replenishes itself with oil which is carbon based. The temperature of the earth, due to CO2 is supposed to be on the rise, but real evidence and real science is showing the earth is getting colder, which is part of a natural cycle and nothing to worry about. Regarding CO2, it was warmer when the Romans invaded Britain than now! Maybe that was due to the Romans drinking gassy beer! lol

The climate has been changing since the year dot. There's a huge difference between stopping pollution, real green, which is in everyone's interests and fake green which is in the financial elite's interests. In reality fake green causes more environmental destruction than anything else! Silly windmills that are a wildlife hazard. Ridiculous electric vehicles with lithium batteries that are causing damage to the environment due to massive lithium mines. The list goes on but such stupidity is hidden behind a wall of fear hyped up by skilful propaganda.

Coal and oil powered power stations did pollute but modern technology has made them very clean. There's hardly any, if any, pollution from them nowadays. The technology of a conventional power station is cheap and relatively simple to maintain. Modern technology has also made them much more efficient whereby they burn less fuel. All that technology is due to be binned forever in favour of ridiculous almost laughable means of power generation. The fake green "Renewable" and so-called "Sustainable" power generation using silly windmills etc., creates more hidden pollution in production and hidden environmental impact and doesn't come close to providing modern power requirements.

The environmental hazards of the fake green agenda are now polluting the minds of local politicians who have got on the bandwagon. I recently had a local election leaflet through my letterbox. Probably one of the most terrifying political leaflets I've ever seen! Behind the glossy literature lay the communist agenda that's hidden in plain view for those who can see it but sadly few can see it or want to see it!

Apparently our local political candidate wants the area to be carbon neutral within ten years and to help halt climate change. If confronted with real science that shows the environment continues to go through a natural process and there's nothing to worry about, that candidate would be the laughingstock! I guess the candidate thinks of himself as another King Canute who sat on his throne in front of the sea and ordered the tide not to come in! lol

Monday, 19 April 2021

The Falsification of Climate Science.

 What is "Carbon Neutral" a euphemism for?  What has "William's Special Arm Brew" and the climate fear extravaganza got in common? To find out why not tune into John Hamer and Eric von Essex. Monday, 19th April 2021, live on youtube at 8:00pm (UK Time).

Monday, 12 April 2021

 Tonight, John Hamer is my guest for Part Two. This week we will be covering, "The Falsification of Science!" We will be going live at 8:00pm (UK Time). so please join us.


Friday, 9 April 2021

Caroline Stephens Thirty Day Facebook Ban + News Update.


Caroline Stephens Facebook Ban.

Caroline has been banned for thirty days from Facebook. She apparently "breached guidelines" for pasting information that is readily available in the public domain. 

Initially she got a three day ban for showing the "K0r0na V1rus Patent" that was cut and pasted from Google!

She then mentioned Dr Coleman's Transvestite book, "Men in Bras, Panties and Dresses!" Questioning, in her opinion, with evidence that there's every possibility Dr Coleman allegedly may be controlled opposition.

Facebook accused Caroline of "Hate Speech" regarding Dr Coleman. They then lumped her three day ban, that had been and gone, in with her Dr Coleman ban to make it a thirty day ban!

Future Program News.

Saturday 10th April 2021. Caroline Stephens, John Hamer and myself plan a live show at 7:00pm (UK Time). We cannot do the show via youtube or Facebook as what we have to say is too controversial. I'm currently looking at other platforms, such as GAB TV and a Russian equivalent to youtube called "VK" At the moment I'm still looking into those options.  Whatever happens the show will be recorded and downloaded to my Odysee channel. 

 Monday 12th April 2021. I will do my usual "Eric von Essex" show live on youtube at 8:00pm (UK Time) with guest John Hamer. Show title: "The Falsification of Science."

Wednesday 14th April 2021. "Over the Rainbow Part 9" with Caroline Stephens and Eric von Essex at 6:00pm (UK Time). Currently trying to find a platform where we can broadcast live as what we say is too controversial for youtube and Facebook. As usual the show will be recorded and downloaded to my Odysee channel.   

For link to my Odysee channel, please see: