Friday, 6 June 2014


The current 70th Anniversary of D-Day is nothing more than a regimental extravaganza and military promotion exercise.

It's a sort of Hollywood fiction factory and selective amnesia all rolled into one!

What is revealed in this film is only part of, what I believe, is a massive cover-up. Very few "Seasoned Troops" who were constantly kept in the front line survived. Dead men tell no tales! Amongst those earmarked for euthanasia even fewer survived, but my father did and lived to reveal the truth.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

70th Anniversary of D-Day

During the D-Day 70th Anniversary Regimental Extravaganza, please spare a thought for those who try to reveal the truth behind the ongoing propaganda.

The big problem with speaking the truth about WWII is being branded a Nazi or some other nasty word ending in "ist." It is my belief such words were devised to stifle open debate and truth.

I'm totally against all forms of dictatorship, in whatever shape or form they appear but that fact is usually subject to selective hearing by an accuser. What I have to say is neither political nor anything to do with the Holocaust, it's simply facts. I'm very much a pacifist and against all forms of aggression. One innocent victim of totalitarianism is one victim too many.

The big problem is WWII propaganda is still believed today and overshadows the truth. The fact Britain had a euthanasia policy during the war has been conveniently lost in the mists of time. I guess they won't be mentioning that on the 70th Anniversary of D-Day! The fact disabled WWII veterans were tortured, yes tortured, after the war to dissuade them from claiming their rightful entitlements has also been airbrushed from history. Those facts are usually met with the same ignorant smugness that is synonymous with those that believe the official 9/11 lie.

What happened during WWII continues to have a major impact on how we live today but few people realize it. WWI and WWII war veterans that spoke the truth were in a similar situation as those of us today that DON'T believe the official 9/11line.

No doubt during this 70th anniversary of D-Day the mainstream media will continue to promote the same regimental exhibitionist drivel and state the same mantra. The war justification industries usual poetic drivel is, “ They gave their today so we can have our tomorrow” and other such tosh. What won't be said is the war was fought for and on behalf of the banks!

The German invasion of Poland was an excuse to get Britain involved. The Soviet Union invaded Poland shortly after, a fact they keep quiet about, but Britain didn't declare war on the Soviet Union!

Another inconvenient truth is Germany told Wall Street to go to hell and printed its own debt free currency. On the other hand, the Soviet Union was financed by Wall Street. The Soviet Union’s dictator, Stalin, was responsible for the genocide of around 60 million people. Another fact the establishment keeps eerily quiet about.

Real history is very different to the Hollywood fairy tale version that is continuously spoon fed to the masses. The forthcoming D-Day seventieth anniversary will consist of the usual regimental pantomime that acts as a fa├žade to conceal the real facts.

My Father was in Front Line Intelligence and was amongst the first assault wave to hit Gold Beach, Jig Section on D-Day. When they eventually got off the beach and started to advance inland, everyone was in for a shock.

Contrary to popular belief, French civilians made it known to front line troops that they didn't want to be "liberated" and didn't want the allies in their country. That wasn't an isolated few but the majority! Front line troops were met with an ice cold reception and had to fight against French people that didn't want their country invaded and didn't want a life of debt, after living with debt free currency. Most French people fought a rear guard action to hold the allies up to enable German units to regroup. Whenever British front line troops entered French towns and villages they were met with the same ice-cold reception and were often told to “Go Home!”

Again, I'm NOT praising German National Socialism neither am I justifying the German occupation of France, I'm simply stating a fact that you won't find in official history books!

I believe photographs of French women waving British flags and greeting and kissing British troops are fakes, where did they get the flags from? The troops look too well turned out to have been in battle and their vehicles are too clean. Most pictures of happy French people kissing and hugging allied troops were taken well behind the front lines. Sadly the propaganda of that time is still believed to this day.

Before my father died he said, "What did my friends die for? If we had known how this country was going to turn out, we would have thrown down our weapons and given up!" My Dad said that whilst being means tested to pay for nursing care.

He fully paid his taxes and National Insurance throughout his working life and was led to believe it covered everyone from cradle to grave. Like me, he was horrified by the way the government is now openly robbing the elderly to make private companies a fortune. It is nothing more than fraud.

During this 70th Anniversary of D-Day the mass media's war justification industries' propaganda machine will be going full pelt. During this time all I ask is for you to spare a thought for the War Veterans, such as my father, that spoke the truth and were treated in much the same way as truth movements are treated today.

Before my Father died I promised him I would carry on revealing the facts about World War Two. What is said is nothing to do with Nazism, Holocaust denial or any other slur that's designed to stifle the truth. In order to look forward it is essential to keep an eye in the past, history keeps repeating itself. Understanding the false information surrounding World War Two gives us a far clearer picture of what is actually going on today!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

D-Day 70th Anniversary

Jig section of Gold Beach. 
As the 6th June, 70th anniversary of D-Day approaches the mainstream media will no-doubt churn out the usual regimental extravaganza which continues to be an integral part of the justification industry.
The image makers will, no-doubt, skilfully gloss over facts that can't be hidden and continue to keep quiet about wartime euthanasia and the post-war G.D.P.F.
Sadly such anniversaries are more to do with regimental exhibitionism and Hollywood gloss over than facts. The only way we can fully honour all innocent victims of war is to seek the truth, regardless of how ugly the truth is.
As the number of WWII survivors of the G.D.P.F are now few, their son's and daughters are carrying on the task of revealing this major injustice that has been airbrushed from history.


This year happens to be the 70th anniversary of D-Day on 6th June. The propoghanda of 70 years ago is still believed to this day due to a complient media. Selective amnesia and manipulation of facts continues to give a younger generation a very distorted Hollywood view of what really happened.
My father was in front line Intellegence and was amongst the first assault wave to hit the D-Day beach on Jig section of Gold beach, adjacent to where the fiction film, "Saving Private Ryan" was depcted. Dad's unit often had to go ahead of the front line, behind enemy lines. They got off the beach on D-Day by running across a live mine field!
At the moment I'm working against the clock to make a film about the hidden history of D-Day. I hope to play the film on my soon to start up regular radio programme on my new website (new web address soon to be announced).
Similar to an earlier film, “The War Justification Industry”, it may be called “The D-Day Justification Industry!” It reveals many facts that have been deleberately airbrushed from history.
I wonder if you know an elderly person or relative from the Newcastle area that remembers an event that happened in Newcastle in the latter part of 1944?
My Dad was in the 50th Northumbrian division. They were expected to be totally annihilated on D-Day Most of the men were walking wounded, patched up for the day and others were totally unfit having previously suffered malnutrition during the Siege of Malta. They also had unfit men from other regiments to make the numbers up. It was a cost saving exorcize as the more unfit people that were killed in action the more cost savings could be made in peacetime. It costs little to bury someone compared with the cost of keeping them on welfare after the war. The 50th Northumbrian division were expected to soak up enemy fire so as to allow a foothold for other units.
Cutting a long story short, Dad eventually returned to England suffering from Malaria, severe Shell Shock and a host of other problems. He, along with other survivors were eventually sent to the 50th division's home city, Newcastle.
When the hospital train arrived at the station the men were in for a surprise. There were huge crowds of civilians to meet them, they were being held back by police. The troops were treated like celebrates. As stretchers of wounded men were taken through the crowds, people were
being held back by police. The troops were treated like celebrates. As stretchers of wounded men were taken through the crowds, people were giving the troops their merge rations and children were giving the men their sweets. Dad was amongst the walking wounded who were led by ambulance crew, not to ambulances but limousine cars that were lined up waiting at the station. The cars had priority as they drove to Newcastle Hospital. Once at the hospital the nurses treated the men as if they were VIP's.
Dad was later discharged from the hospital. As he had malaria he was hurridly put on a draft for Burma, one of the most Malarious areas, so as to finish him off. Miracliously he didn't go and survived. Soon after the war Dad, along with countless others, became a victim of the G.D.P.F. (Government Directed Pensions Fraud), but that's another story skillfully airbrushed from history.
Dad always found it hard to hold back the tears when remembering that incredible day in Newcastle. He couldn't thank the people enough for their generosity. I wonder if you know any elderly person that remembers that day?

Monday, 30 December 2013

Happy Greedmas!

Oh well it’s Christmas although under political correctness It’s a miracle they haven’t named it Greedmas!!! Every year we go through the same ritual of wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year but I wonder if anyone really means it?

To me, every year Christmas becomes even more surreal, especially when shopping.

It’s more like a scrum! I tend to go to the supermarket on Christmas Eve, a few hours before closing as they generally reduce the price of food and you can get some real bargains. A few years ago my local supermarket was virtually empty on Christmas Eve but within the last three years, as austerity bites, people have cottoned on to the price cuts and the place is now packed to capacity.

Last year I went into the local supermarket and almost everyone had an expression on their face as if they had just been sentenced to life imprisonment!  Around the entrance lobby were a bunch of battery operated small plastic, made in China, Santa Claus dolls. They were bellowing out “Yo Ho Ho, Merry Christmas,” in an electronic American accent!  The atmosphere was as false as Obama’s birth certificate!

This year the plastic Santa Claus has been replaced with intimidating security men at the entrance, wearing Santa Clause hats!  Throughout the store Christmas Music is bellowing out at near thermo nuclear volume. .

Crowds were gathering around the isles where major reductions were to be had. There was a sense of desperation as people, were almost fighting over each other to get the discounted produce.  Several people, including myself, stood back in amazement. Such behaviour had never been seen before.

Standing on the periphery of the shopping scrum I couldn’t help noticing a very elderly man, I assume in his 80’s or 90’s. My gut feeling told me there was something wrong with him. I became anxious for him even though, to the average person he appeared to be OK. I’m very sensitive and tend to have a sixth sense. I’ve seen the man there before, usually with his middle-aged daughter; I assume she is his carer?

After several minutes it became obvious to me that it was near impossible to get any discounted items from that section so I decided to go to another discounted area. As I walked away, there was even greater pandemonium.

I looked around to see the elderly gentleman had collapsed and members of staff were attending to him. Whilst that was happening, people were still pushing and shoving to get to the bargains and were stepping over and treading on him!. Staff were forced to clear the immediate area around the collapsed man using mobile storage racks. A senior member of staff shouted, “Call an ambulance!” The Man’s daughter was almost hysterical. Meanwhile people stood around as if it were some form of show. My attitude is if I can’t help, I get out of the way to allow those that can to get through. Additionally it is rude to stare at a person in their hour of trauma.

I found it hard to hold back the tears, my heart went out to both the man and his daughter. It reminded me of when my Dad collapsed and the sad memories came flooding back. I was biting my lip, desperately trying to hold back the tears.

Meanwhile as the man lay stretched out on the floor, the nauseating Christmas music blasted out Andy William’s record “The most wonderful time of the year!”  It made me think, “Is this what civilisation has got too?” A man collapsed on the floor, possibly dieing whilst people clamber over each other, almost knocking the racks over that are protecting him, to reach the reduced price food.

About half hour later I went back to that area fully expecting the ambulance crew to have been and gone but to my amazement the poor man was still on the floor. What struck me was what appeared to be the lack of compassion. Nobody held the gentleman’s hand, essential in such a
What has happened to human kindness?
situation and nobody comforted the daughter. A comforting and reassuring arm around the shoulder acts as essential emotional support. It was as if the collapsed person were a slab of meat. I again promptly left the area and did the rest of my shopping. As I was going through the checkout the ambulance arrived; it was about an hour after the gent had collapsed! Considering the ambulance station is less than two miles away I was surprised by the delay. I guess it’s due to government cutbacks?

It made me aware of how dehumanised society has become. This current situation cannot be allowed to continue, it’s turning people into ruthless scavengers. That is exactly what the egotistical psychopaths in government want. I sincerely hope humanity wakes up to what is really happening before it’s too late.

The Hidden Nightmare

The UK, America and most western nations are being deliberately destroyed from within. It is all part of United Nations Agenda 21. The aim is to destroy small business and make as many people dependent upon the State as possible. Next they aim to destroy culture via mass immigration. Empty the countryside and make huge overcrowded cities whereby everyone is forced to share their home with strangers. Bedroom tax is the start; there are plans to extend it to private homes via Council Tax.

That's how Stalin did it and that is how it will happen again, we are following an almost identical path. It should be remembered Stalin was responsible for the deaths of between 60 to 100 million people. It should also be remembered that Stalin's evil empire was financed by American banks!

Yuri Brezmenov ex KGB subversion expert that defected to the west in 1970, did a series of lectures in the early 1980's. They are on YouTube. What he said then about what will happen is terrifyingly accurate!

Because the Berlin Wall came down it didn't mean the end of Communism. It simply evolved into Communitarianism.

What we see today is nearing the completion of the Frankfurt School's work that was started in the 1930's. Their first objective was to infiltrate universities. The woolly headed psycho mentality of the MP's we have today is a direct result of that infiltration. As Yuri Brezmenov said "We are stuck with them!" Political correctness and over the top health and safety laws along with loony art and explicit sex and violence in the media are also the work of the Communist Frankfurt School that was financed by Stalin.

When Hitler got to power and booted them out, the Frankfurt school split. Part of it went to the former USSR and the other part went to America where it was able to more thoroughly subvert American Universities. Rather like a virus the infiltration spread throughout the west, except wartime Germany.

Post war we have seen three of the four stages of subversion unfold before our eyes but few people can see it! The first stage is "Anything goes!" Free love, open sex and the complete decline of moral standards (1960's). Destruction of the family unit is essential. Nowadays, over half the population of children in this country now come from a single parent family. The state’s aim is to indoctrinate the children. The National Service bill which is due for a second reading in February will, if passed, make it compulsory for everyone between the ages of 18 to 26 to spend one year away from their parental home, no doubt for indoctrination.

The next stage is "Demoralization." It started in the 1970's and continues to this day. The destruction of industry, mass unemployment, mass immigration to destroy the indigenous culture and create tension, and of course a housing shortage whereby few people are able to afford a house. Overcrowding and rampant inflation is a key element. It's essential to create food shortages and make fuel so expensive only the rich few can afford to travel.

The third stage is "Crisis." We are almost at that stage. The current situation will reach boiling point with riots on the streets. That is what the real rulers want. Their puppet politicians are known as “Useful Idiots” and are deliberately creating policies to fuel a future scenario.

The last stage is "normalization." This is where a ruthless dictatorship takes control under the guise of being what the people want! Initially the dictatorship gives the impression they are the answer to all the country’s problems, they promise the earth and gain overwhelming support.  Once in power their attitude promptly changes. They shoot the woolly-headed politicians and people that got them into power. Those that got them into power can equally get them out of power that is why they are done away with first! Then they go for population reduction big time! That is how Stalin did it and we are following an almost identical path.

If only the masses could wake up and see what has and is actually happening. Sadly they are too preoccupied with celebrity junk culture and TV soaps!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The National Service Bill

One More Step Towards Totalitarianism

Early 2014 the National Service Bill is due for a second reading. The Bill, if introduced, will compulsorily force anyone between the ages of 18 to 26 to spend one year away from home doing: charitable work, social action, care for the elderly or disabled, overseas development activity, or work connected with the National Health Service, the emergency services or the Armed Forces.

Anything to do with the establishment psychopaths always has a sting in its tail and this is no exception, it’s the thin edge of the wedge! Its like rat poison, 10% sweetener and 90% lethal. Why should anything be compulsory? 

All dictatorships, our Rothschild financial stranglehold democratic dictatorship is no exception, endeavour to get youngsters away from their parents. This is so they can brainwash them. It’s as old as the hills!

The brutality of 1950's National Service
where young conscripts were treated
like prisoners.
Currently children are being taken away from loving families via closed courts and a financially led adoption system. The National Service Bill is yet one more money making racket for the elite whilst at the same time helping to turn a future generation into obedient slaves. It’s all part of David Cameron’s Soviet style “Big Society.”

The mass media has been eerily silent on the bill, so silent it’s deafening! The bill will probably be rejected but will raise its ugly head again via the back door; that’s what usually happens.

No doubt government agents will bombard local radio and press stating how marvellous the bill is. Exactly as happened when Britain joined the Common Market. People generally don’t think for themselves and follow like sheep and the establishment know it. If you keep telling people a lie long enough they believe it.

Public reaction is monitored and no doubt another National Service Bill will be introduced. Prior to the bill, the mass controlled media will whip up frenzy by reporting almost every robbery and blaming it on youths. The government will then use the hype to slide another National Service bill in to solve a non-existent problem of youths going wild. The government’s excuse will be, “It’s what the public want!” They did similar with firearms and dangerous dogs etc. It’s all contrived!

I believe The National Service Bill is all part of the United Nations Agenda 21. An ongoing agenda in which the plan is to dramatically cut the world population without the masses noticing it. We are all Tax Slaves, giving up over half of our hard earned incomes to the government who in turn give most of it to the elite-banking cartel such as the Rothschild’s. Debt is used to control countries and contrived wars get countries into debt. In reality all countries can print their own debt free currencies, but that doesn’t make the Rothschild’s rich! It’s the biggest scam in history that requires mass ignorance to succeed. Governments are not there for us; their job is to continue the scam under the charade they are democratically elected. If we were a real democracy, governments would have told the Rothschild’s to go to hell long ago.

Our slavery will increase as deliberate unemployment increases. Part of the plan is to make people dependent upon government so the authorities can then dictate to them. Once a National Service bill is pushed through government mass media propaganda will report how successful it is. It will then be extended to the unemployed of all age groups. After that, the next step is work camps – made to look as if it is what the public wants of course!
The current dictatorship is like a mass hypnosis. Sadly people will only wake up when it’s too late.
Chris Powis with his Father David J Powis

Below is a link to a recording of World War Two Veteran David J Powis who was conscripted into the Army in 1939. He went through the full six years of front line hell. 

Following a stroke in 2003 David found it difficult to speak for any length of time. For the first part of the recording David's son Chris speaks on his behalf.