Monday 17 June 2013


My family knew nothing about Freemasons before an in-law, that turned out to be a psychopath, married my relative. The in-law’s father was a freemason. Because of that my in-law’s family believed they were superior beings and spoke down to my family as if we were inferior.   I discovered all psychopaths work to exactly the same agenda and instinctively divide and rule.  What my family and I experienced was a microcosm of how governments dictate to us. Its a long story. I am currently writing a book about it.  

Regarding freemasons, I believe there are several levels of which the lower level are possibly as much in ignorance of what is really going on as the general population are. To me, I look upon them as a bunch of immature misfits of questionable sexuality that have never grown up. My dad looked upon them as overgrown schoolboys that have to rely upon others, and possible questionable means, to get anywhere in life!

 I’m very suspicious of major charities and any organization that uses charity as a front. Whenever talking to the general brainwashed public about freemasonry their immediate response is to say they do a lot of good for charity! Some of the most evil industrialists are seen giving to “Charity.” It’s good for tax concessions and it gives them a good image so as to gloss over their ruthless behaviour. I’m NOT saying masons are of the same ilk as there are some well-meaning people in freemasonry that genuinely do good. What I am questioning is the general charitable image, put about by the higher levels, possibly hiding something much darker? Equally I’m not saying all freemasons are psychopaths, most of those on the lower levels aren’t. Those at the very top, it’s questionable!

My profession was architecture and a very large number of architects are masons. I hasten to add, as you have probably guessed by now, I'm NOT a mason! Never have been and never would be. In the 1980’s and 90’s I worked on a freelance basis and was once greeted by an Architect who incorrectly assumed I was a mason. 

I’m a very nervous person so perhaps a nervous twitch was mistaken as a Masonic symbol or maybe I broke wind at the wrong time and that may have been thought of as a Masonic gesture. I don’t know? I was being interviewed for a job. As the man was shaking my hand he started twiddling his thumb over the back of my hand. I often wonder what would have happened if I had done the same back! After the weird handshake I refrained from bending down and doing my shoelace up and couldn’t wait to get out of the door! I didn’t get the job – I wonder why!!!

Why any man would want to spend his time prancing around with his trouser leg rolled up and his tit exposed, performing strange rituals with a bunch of egotistical geriatric weirdoes of equally questionable sexuality is beyond me but I guess everyone to their own! 

Wearing white gloves and aprons, to me they look more like snobby ice cream salesmen to the aristocracy and I would be more inclined to ask them for a choc ice or a Cornish mivvy!

I know for a fact Tony Blair is a thirty-three degree mason and so was Churchill. Clement Attlee (Labour Prime Minister in 1945) was also a mason. According to a friend that’s spent many years researching freemasonry apparently Stalin was also a freemason!  It is suspected the Milliband brothers may be masons although as yet I have no real solid evidence.

My in-law’s father slept in a separate bedroom to his wife and seemed quite open about it. How my in-law came on the scene is a mystery; answers please on a postcard!

I know for a fact that Lizzie the mad lizard lady commonly known as the queen sleeps in a separate bedroom to Phil the Greek. The truth came out when, I think it was in the 1980’s, someone broke into Buckingham Palace and entered Lizzie’s bedroom. Again, why anyone would want to speak to that old bag is also beyond me; I personally would go out of my way to avoid her! She lives in a world of perpetual small talk and probably thinks the entire planet smells of wet paint!

Back to sleeping with wives, it seems a fair amount of masons sleep in a separate bedroom to their wife and they are very open about it, as if it’s normal– odd eh! Again, answers please on a postcard!!!

The book “The Brotherhood” was published in the early 1980’s and listed members of the Thatcher government that were Freemasons. Almost every government minister was! That possibly answers the question why this country is in such a state and run by egotistical psychopaths who, behind the scenes, go into secret chambers, dressed as high-class ice cream salesmen, and perform strange rituals! 

We live in a charade democracy that’s ruled by major financial institutions that are rotten to the core.  The city of London is full of satanic imagery. Paedophilia appears to be rife behind the closed doors of government. Those that get too close to the truth tend to have mysterious deaths. The controlled media and so called “Entertainment” industry are obsessed with violence. James Bond 007 is nothing more than a psychopath; he can kill without a hint of conscience. That form of violence is blatantly brainwashing youth with a form of hero worship that borders on the macabre. It subtly coerces people into acceptance of the psychopath agenda and mindset.

Putting all that evidence together it appears we are dealing with evil that reverberates out from central government and the crown and goes deep into local authorities, the courts and society generally.  

The following film was made in occupied France in 1943. It was years ahead of its time and shows a Masonic ritual. It’s best to download the film as soon as possible as I suspect the authorities may soon remove it!

Friday 14 June 2013

The Pharmaceutical Mafia

The pharmaceutical mafia is nothing more than a religion that, along with the mainstream Rothschild owned "news" media, has managed to convince people that ingesting toxins somehow makes them better! It's rather like a dodgy used car salesman convincing someone to buy a death trap wreck of a car!

When my father was in hospital I was shocked how ignorant doctors were. They knew nothing about vitamins and had a claustrophobic mindset on a par to someone that has been taken over by a cult!

Few people realize the real reason why the NHS was set up. Those of my parents generation looked upon it as a life saver. They previously experienced a fully private health system that only catered for the rich. Everyone else either had to rely upon means tested charity or died! Somewhat like today!

The real reason the NHS was set up was for the military and industrial profits! The military wanted fit canon fodder. During WWII it got to the point where there were so many unfit men being rejected when conscripted they lowered the medical requirement to a point where if you could walk unaided, you were fit enough to fight in the war!

A relative of mine had one eye, he lost his eye when young due to an accident. Anyone would have thought it would have excused him from compulsory military service, but it didn't! Just at the end of WWII, he went into the Royal Corps of Signals - yes with only one eye!

The life expectancy of a front line infantryman during WWII and the Korean war in the early 1950's was short. Provided the Infantryman served their purpose, that was all the authorities were interested in. Their long term health was of no interest whatsoever. Hence we have toxic mercury fillings, babies vaccinated with a chemistry set of toxins, the list goes on. Vaccines and mercury fillings came in, big time, when the NHS started.

As the manpower requirements of the army have dropped, along with it has come the erosion of the NHS. The graphs run almost in conjunction with each other. As the military requirement has dropped off, so to speak, so as to maintain corporate profits vast sums have been invested in keeping people alive long enough, but not curing them, so they become a nice little earner!

Large corporations made a fortune out of WWII. In the aftermath they  risked loosing a considerable sum. Hence reason technology originally designed for weaponry was adapted for medical use, such as nuclear medicine.

When the NHS was set up in 1948, all previous natural medicines that were widely used were thrown out and natural remedy textbooks were destroyed. A lot of natural medicine knowledge of the late 19th early 20th centuries has been lost forever. The news media sprang into action to deliberately make natural medicine look like quackery. The results of that propaganda clearly be seen today.

I'm all for a health service that's free for everyone, but equally I'm for a health service that's there to cure, that uses tried and tested natural medicines that usually cost virtually nothing to produce. Also it's important to look at people as individuals and not slabs of meat as they currently are. Hospitals are run on industrial lines and it's nothing more than conveyor belt toxic medicines, one size fits all! Compassion, kindness and above all caring are words that are alien to the modern industrial world of the profit motivated corporate medicine machine.

Sadly, so many people are brainwashed by the political egotistical psychopath elite that convincing the overall majority of people they are being lied to and slowly killed by pharmaceutical toxins is on a par to trying to nail jelly to the ceiling! People generally only wake up when they lose a loved one, it affects them or when it's too late!