Wednesday 29 February 2012

A strange thing happened on our way to a dictatorship!

Here we are in 2012 Britain, fully on track for a full blown dictatorship. The endgame is massive population reduction. Thereafter enslavement of the remaining workers serving their ruling nobility.

Shortly after becoming Prime Minister, alleged psychopath
war criminal, Tony Blair, quietly revised the 1848 Treason and
Sedition Act.  It no longer carries the  death sentence - so he thought
at the time. Document Reference FCO 1048 dated April 1971 clearly
shows The Heath Government of that time committed Treason.
All acts of Parliament since that date are null and void.
The 1848 Treason and Sedition Act  is therefore still in force and still
carries the death sentence.  Governments realise what would
happen if the public knew the truth. Little wonder those
in high office look so worried and do everything
they can to conceal the facts. If a civilised truly
democratic government ever gets to power and
arrests these alleged criminals the death sentence
would be unthinkable. Such would be the anger
of the public if the truth were revealed, mob rule
and anarchy could result; there's no knowing what would
happen. No-doubt Messrs Blair and the rest of the Westminster
gangsters have a well organised exit strategy and a bolt hole in
another country! 
Our finances are being controlled by an elite bunch of super rich parasites. Phony terrorism makes everyone suspicious of each other. It’s a perfect excuse to install security cameras - for our own safety of course! Tony Blair worked tirelessly to create as many new phony laws (statutes in reality) as humanly possible. He, via his devious chancellor, cunningly managed to extract even more money from us, to give to his puppet masters, without a hint of mass rebellion. It was made possible due to an eroded education system, a controlled dumbed down mass media and diversions such as high unemployment.

The old recession routine is now being played out, just like the old days (1930's), as a precursor to a major war and population cull. The so called health (or lack of it) service is well on track to carry out euthanasia and privatisation will ensure survival (for a bit longer on pharmaceutical poisons) of the financially fittest. Political correctness (thought crimes) along with mass immigration have almost wiped out the indigenous populations’ culture.

Deliberate financial deprivation has
Day nurseries work to the authorities script. They prevent
individualism and install the group mentality in children,
enabling the state to control them in their adult lives.
Governments are obsessed with clubs and being part
of the team. When I was at school, in the 1960's, any child
that was not a team player was made to feel as if they
were a failure. Being part of the "wolf pack" seemed
 more important than education. To me, school was
nothing more than a method of conditioning children
to become future dumbed down tax slaves.

broken up the family unit. Mothers are now forced to work to make ends meet. The natural nurturing role of a mother caring for her children has been replaced by profit run nurseries that work to the authorities script. Nurseries prevent individualism and give children the group mentality, enabling the state to control them later in their adult lives. There is undeniable evidence that children are now being taken away from their parents and sexually abused by the state. A traumatised child is a controllable child!

David Cameron is keeping to the “subversion” time line by destroying what’s left of industry and, due to stringent cut backs, humiliating what remains of Britain’s armed forces. Again, this is a re-run of what happened in the 1930's; at that time arms were being thrown into the sea due to over production and cancelled orders. Creating mass depression and reliance upon the state, due to lack of work, enables the state to dictate to the individual. Unemployed people, usually through no fault of their own, are deliberately humiliated, treated with suspicion and made to feel like scroungers, in much the same way as war disabled were after both World Wars. Negative news, bleak works of public art and creating an overall picture of pessimism is psychologically very manipulative. It enables the state, via controlled media, to rebuild the masses psyche, enabling them to accept a police state as the only alternative. Stopping those naughty terrorists whilst trying to slow down the spiralling crime rate along with keeping tabs on the unemployed who moonlight enables the public to police themselves by snooping on their neighbours and friends, as happened in the former Soviet Union. Financially, it should also be remembered we are all in it together, except the higher echelons of society, when paying off the national debt, that in reality doesn’t exist!

Amongst this engineered doom and gloom, a strange thing has happened on our way to a dictatorship. People are starting to wake up to the fact we are being duped by a very sick bunch of megalomaniacs! Proof the state is running scared are the tactics they employ to discredit anyone that reveals the truth. The state’s greatest fear is individuality. Their subordinates cannot think outside the group box. It’s very noticeable to the experienced eye.

Major political parties are of no threat to the status quo as they are controlled opposition. The majority have been infiltrated and are nothing more than puppets. It becomes immediately obvious when looking from a different perspective as they all avoid addressing the financial fraud, it’s as if it doesn’t exist! No infiltrated political party exposes the planned Orwellian nightmare. Neither is there any mention of printing our own sovereign currency and telling the IMF to get stuffed! Some web sites that purport to be anti-establishment are often nothing of the sort. They mimic truthful web sites, in order to infiltrate and spread disinformation. They often link to real truthful web sites, like parasites, in order to throw people off the scent. They also do this to discredit the host site, especially if the site operator fails to investigate them. When looking at a false flag site, the group mind set is often very evident, it’s a giveaway they can’t easily hide.

The establishment love labeling people. The BBC has
labeled the protesters, recently outside St Pauls in London,
as "Anti-Capitalist Protesters." The term is meant to give
the populous the impression the protesters are a bunch
of unwashed lazy layabout Marxists. In reality, that
could not be further from the truth. The protesters
that REALLY know what's going on are aware the
majority of us are victims of a massive financial fraud,
in which a financial elite and their puppet governments
are the perpetrators. Such is the nature of the crime, that
has gone on for hundreds of years, the criminal
hierarchy will do anything to maintain their grip on
financial power. Agent Provocateurs are amongst the
protesters. The establishment is endeavoring to do what
they have always done. Infiltrate, discredit then
control the opposition! 
The protests regarding banks have also been infiltrated. Authorities always give their threats labels; again that’s the group mentality. The protesters camping out in London have been labelled by the BBC as “Anti-Capitalist Protesters.” In reality, that label couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a brilliant label as it gives the populous the impression the protesters are a bunch of unemployed Marxist lazy layabouts that are jealous of hard working people. BBC local radio often debate whether the protesters should get a job and discuss the damage the protests are doing to our tourist industry? Again the point is deliberately missed. It skilfully channels peoples’ thoughts away from the facts and points them towards negativity and resistance towards the protesters. In reality, the real protestors are revealing the system is one huge fraud that’s run by psychopath banking families whose puppets are the gangster politicians in Westminster. It’s not about any “Isms” it’s about how the masses continue to be victims of a massive fraud that’s gone on for hundreds of years. The fraud has survived as society is deliberately kept in ignorance. Amongst the protestors are the authorities infiltrators. It’s strange how the uninformed and ignorant protestors, people that can hardly string a sentence together (probably infiltrators) are usually singled out for media interviews. There are also the native American drum bashing, bead threading, folk singing, save the planet, unwashed brigade of wholemeal toilet paper users that look strangely like trainee secret service agents? They are all part of a movement and they all work to a schedule and usually have an elected leader or spokesman that’s one sandwich short of a full picnic set - group thought, that’s the giveaway!

Those that pose a real threat to the Westminster Gangsters are ignored, discredited or discreetly disposed of. The authorities’ problem though is too many people are waking up, and they can’t all be dealt with. I believe this is the reason the police state plan has dramatically been stepped up in recent years. They are trying to impose it before too many people realise it.

The state’s standard discrediting routine is on two levels, verbal and physical:

Accusing someone of being a Conspiracy Theorist is a typical example of verbal condescension. It’s a typical establishment label that stifles intelligent discussion and is usually said by smug establishment puppets that are too stupid to notice the facts or are too frightened of facing the facts! The smug establishment puppet mentality prefers to retreat into a comfort zone where they are told what to think. They are duplicators, simply regurgitating the government mantra. To accuse someone of being a Conspiracy Theorist is meant to give the impression they are ignorant barrack room lawyers who walk around spouting off misguided and misunderstood half truths. The person probably sits with a tin foil hat on their head and no doubt believes we are ruled by aliens from the planet zob! Labelling someone as a “Conspiracy Theorist,” is a conversation stopper and does exactly what it is designed to do - stifle intelligent debate. Most derogatory terms are the brainchild of the Tavistock Centre. Words such as Racist, Anti-Semitic, Activist did not suddenly appear in our vocabulary by accident. It’s all part of stifling facts and spreading disinformation.

If you are a speaker and do lectures about the new world order, the state’s nasty tricks brigade can accuse you of being a Nazi. If you become too dangerous they organise protest rallies outside the places where you speak. The fact you are NOT a Nazi is lost in translation as the damage will have already been done in the local press. Regarding physical threats, they usually start as minor inconveniences and become more sinister as time goes on. Another ploy is to leave nasty things on your doorstep such as empty boxes of sex toys, for your neighbours to see. Injection needles are also left. The closer you are to the truth, the more flack you get. When the establishment resorts to such tactics, it’s reassuring to know they are more than worried, they are terrified.

As an increasing number of individuals realise we are all being duped by the establishment, the situation becomes like a little boy trying to plug holes in a dam with his fingers. The more holes that appear the less chance he has of stopping the water cascading through. I believe we are close to that tipping point. We have been close to the tipping point in the past, but the establishment have always managed to save themselves from the brink by using the same tactics. Infiltration, controlled information and discrediting anyone that appears to be making a breakthrough. This time though, they may not be so lucky, only time will tell. Of course, the government want riots to break out, it’s a fast track to their police state goal. What they don’t want is peaceful and lawful rebellion. Hence reason peaceful protests are usually met with agent provocateurs creating mayhem.

It’s strange how, nowadays, the news media are usually in the right place at the right time? How come the media choose the right vantage points on a roofs, where they know the action will take place immediately below them? Governments always have the upper hand in the propaganda war, however implausible the authorities line is, gullible people will still believe them. Agent provocateurs that carry out nasty tricks along with telephone tapping should be made aware, if the balance of power goes to the people, they would be arrested and if found guilty, could face extremely long jail sentences. Anyone, whose government job is to steal from honest folk will have their day in court. From the social worker that helps an elderly person to sign away their life savings away to pay for their care, right through to a local MP who chooses to remain ignorant of what is really going on, they should all be made aware of what they could face if found guilty. We are talking about crimes against humanity that carry life sentences. Even parking wardens will have to answer for their alleged crimes of collecting revenue for the criminal elite. Our prisons will certainly be full! A strange thing happened on our way to a dictatorship - let’s hope the Orwellian nightmare can be averted by people waking from their slumbers and using their own common sense instead of the establishments’ common purpose!