Tuesday 16 July 2013

False Flag Terrorism isn't new.

For as long as I can remember there has never been a time when this country was NOT in a crisis! It is all part of the ruling psycho mentality; a frightened society is a controllable society! Governments are obsessed with making everyone suspicious of each other. Again it is deliberate social engineering.

False flag terrorism isn't new, it has been around for years. The Victorians feared anarchists who were plotting to assassinate Queen Victoria.
Official history gives us the impression Queen Victoria was popular, in reality she wasn't. At one point she fled to The Isle of Wight fearing there was going to be an armed uprising!

A series of incidents, similar to today's false flag events happened of which the facts didn't add up. Queen Victoria survived every attempt on her life of which there were several throughout her reign. Further details: http://vichist.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/to-kill-queen.html 

In the aftermath of attempts against Queen Victoria's life an unpopular royal suddenly became very popular!  Amazing eh! There is evidence such events were staged by the British Secret Service. The "Anarchists," were generally referred to as "Foreigners," as anything foreign, in the Victorian times, was viewed with suspicion.

Prior to WWI people were led to believe German agents were plotting against us. The propaganda started about twenty years before WWI. Innocent German immigrants were often set upon in the streets by angry mobs and had their businesses destroyed.

Similar happened to German immigrants in Australia.

Again most major events looked staged managed. The intention was to prime public opinion ready for the forthcoming war. Hysteria was stirred up to such a peak that by the time war came, people were primed ready for action. It was called "War Fever." Men were keen to enlist to fight the nasty Hun!

In the 1930's the IRA had a campaign of putting bombs in letter boxes. The jury is still out regarding who was really behind it. When WWII came along the attacks ceased.

It seems we are deliberately in a constant state of war. Terrorism seems to fill the gaps between all out conflicts and prime people ready for a forthcoming war. In reality no real enemy terrorist would want to outrage the population of a country they are against. It is illogical. It would be in the terrorist organizations' interests to get people of an enemy country to support them and eventually go against their own governments!

The former Soviet Union has proved this by using subversion techniques to slowly infiltrate our society whereby we are now sleepwalking into a Soviet style dictatorship without noticing it.

In fact phony terrorism is all part of the process of making people suspicious of each other! It's an integral part of creating a totalitarian state. The Berlin wall coming down was an illusion, to give the impression the Soviet system had collapsed. In reality it was well planned; Communism didn't suddenly stop, it simply mutated and reinvented itself.  The west is now taking an almost identical path as the former Soviet Union. It is happening so slowly people fail to notice it.

Terrorism always takes the same form, a mysterious invisible enemy who commits acts of violence that outrages the populous. Those committing the staged acts of violence are always extremists. In reality they usually have connections with the secret services. Again, deliberately alienating the civilian population of a country doesn't make sense. It makes perfect sense though if they are staged events to deliberately outrage the public thus giving the government a perfect excuse to impose further draconian laws.

In order to get a perspective of what is going on today it is wise to look back to the past. History continues to repeat itself. The ruling psychopath agenda has always been to manipulate public opinion so as to create hatred of another culture thus making war more acceptable and enabling a totalitarian state to be installed with ease. Psychopaths thrive on the misery and stress of others. We have been conditioned to believe war is inevitable, it isn't.

Our enemy is really psychopath politicians, but the populous fail to see it. Until society wakes up to what wars and phony terrorism are really about and sees through the illusion and deals with the real enemy - psycho politicians and ultimately their banking masters that control the finances, the human race is destined for a very bleak future. 

The establishment and controlled media is responsible for giving us their version of history. There's an old saying: He who controls the past, controls the future!
What we learn from history is we don't learn from history! It's time to wake up!

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