Saturday 11 May 2013

Hidden Psychopaths

Soviet Britain by dm_5096bd8bde1c2


  1. Is your father's book listed at, I am trying to find it.

  2. Hello, The book should be listed at Amazon but it is available directly from us. The link is: Many thanks for your interest.

  3. fantastic, this should be compulsory viewing for all school leavers
    those looking for work and even the general numpties we see today.
    its education content is fabulous well done

  4. Many thanks for your comments, very much appreciated.

  5. When i wasa student i had access to a very good libray, and i found a great book linking psycopathic behavoir to homosexuals, apparently neither can make proper relationships and are just cold exploiters,
    i agree with those who say tony blair is one, not sure about his crazy wife, but do think they are just israeli puppets
    john simms

  6. Tony Blair's wife's great, great, great grandfather was John Wilkes Booth who shot President Lincoln! Evidence points towards his wife being a psycho. The children of psychos generally have suicide tendencies - their daughter recently attempted suicide.

    The link between psychopathic behavior and Homosexuals is interesting. The two do seem to work hand in glove so to speak. The psycho in-law that married into my family and caused an emotional tsunami, he did have strange tendencies leaning towards homosexuality, but he was so mysterious and deep we didn't know for sure. He did sleep separate from his wife and seemed to have strange friends from the past that were borderline homosexual, possibly bisexual? You have opened up another area of investigation as most homosexuals behavior is self gratification, the same as psychopaths.

    You are spot on regarding Israel. I think Tony Blair now owns a flat there! Israel virtually runs America and the Rothschild's run the lot. Cameron is even related to the Rothschilds!

    What was predicted around seventy years ago is coming true. They are stealing from us whilst the brainwashed masses accept it! They recently looted peoples' savings in Cyprus. That was a practice run. Soon they will be coming for our savings! When they do, no doubt the masses will be conditioned to accept it. A stressed out browbeaten population will accept almost anything.