Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Establishment Cult.

The establishment is a cult in which its followers are unable to think outside the propaganda. Its how successive governments have got away with it for so long - cult followers accept what they are told. They believe they have free speech as they live in a democracy! In reality they are only  free to question what they have been conditioned  to question. Their mindset is the small criteria the establishment cult gives them. At election times, they believe they are free to choose between this political party of that, but the fact all political parties are working to the same agenda is completely missed. Any small political party that begins to step out of line and poses a threat to the order is promptly infiltrated and destroyed from within. The BBC is the cult members' source of disinformation and silly programmes such as Question Time help to deflect their narrow mindset away from the real issues.
If we lived in a real democracy, the corrupt  psychopathic parasites that are supposed to be governing us, and those responsible for carrying out Soviet sedition, would have been in court on a charge of treason long ago. Civil servants responsible for the theft of assets of the elderly would have faced charges of crimes against humanity. If found guilty they would have faced extremely long jail sentences and they would have been asset stripped in order to pay back their victims. Unfortunately as most of their victims were elderly and probably passed on, their next of kin or relatives would have been compensated. By now we would have our own sovereign currency, issued by government, as Abraham Lincoln and President Kennedy were about to do before they were assassinated. Income tax would be unnecessary and would have been abolished and the countries economy would be booming. Other taxes such as the Council Tax scam, in which the yearly bill is a cunningly worded "Contract," that's negotiable, would be abolished! Council services such as dustbin emptying etcetera cost very little and would be financed from central government. Revenue raising speed cameras that are nothing to do with safety would be scrapped. The Global warming con would also be exposed as yet another money making scam.  Usury would have been banned; banks would only be all allowed to charge a handling fee at the beginning of a loan, nothing else, please see: The Lawful Bank   The Elderly wouldn't  die of hypothermia as they would have more than enough to live on and unemployment and social deprivation would be virtually unheard of. People would be really free, not tax slaves. People in government would be truly democratically elected and would be working on behalf of the people of this land, not a handful of corrupt  bankers and industrialists whose aim is to rob the  masses whilst dramatically reducing the population. Our current war based economy, a product of the psychopath mindset, requires constant conflict to survive. With an honest economy, devoid of psychopaths, armed conflict would be unnecessary and war would be confined to the history books. If you believe this country is currently under threat from middle eastern bogey men, check out the facts and the real evidence. False flag outrages as a precursor to war have been going on for years. Wars are not won on the battlefield but in the hearts and minds of people and most people are gullible and believe anything from an official source, however outrageous the evidence is. Try telling an establishment cultist the truth, their eyes glaze over and selective hearing sets in. They only hear and see what they want to hear and see; it's exactly the same with religions. The Establishment is a religion, like any other, complete with its high priests (the politicians and civil servant cronies in Westminster) and the congregation who cannot think outside the myth that they believe they are free and living in a democracy! Anyone that steps outside the cult's criteria is looked upon as a "Conspiracy Theorist." During World War Two, anyone that questioned the war was a "Defeatist." Likewise, not so long ago, anyone that questioned religion was accused of being a "Heathen!" A person that questioned the order was an outcast. Fear of being an outcast kept people in line. The same techniques are being played out today with the Establishment Cult; nothing changes. Real issues, such as the usury banking scam are not part of the Establishments' Cult vocabulary. Within the Cult's narrow mindset, the banking scam doesn't exist, even though it's blatantly obvious to anyone that does their research. It's rather like a goldfish in a goldfish bowl. It probably thinks it's free to swim around the bowl but in reality it's a captive. Nobody has told it and if they did, the goldfish probably wouldn't believe it!
For further details please see: anti war website

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