Thursday, 1 April 2021

When the NHS was founded in 1948, decades/centuries of well proven cheap natural remedies were binned along with well documented data. Instead, the big pharma Mafia with their mega expensive unproven synthetic conceptions were given free rein to use the NHS as a cash cow!

The early years saw the population get fitter but only for a short time until around the mid 1950's when the health of the nation went into decline. There are other factors involved in the decline in health including the rise in convenience food. Synthetic food and a general decline in the vitamin content of our food. Along with this has been the rise of cancerogenic chemicals in plastics etc., that are used in food and drink containers. Also lack of exercise and massive rise in obesity, due to rise in junk food, a contributing factor along with changed lifestyles since the 1950's.

Above all though the decline in health has been allowed to happen whilst the religious worship of expensive synthetic big pharma conceptions that prolong suffering but don't cure are extensively promoted. To me it all adds up to planned euthanasia via the backdoor, a political misdirection, whilst making a quick buck along the way for the synthetic muck producers!

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