Wednesday 25 April 2012

The Charitable War Industry Racket.

Dad and I soon after Dad's book, "My World War Two,"
was published in December 1999. We believed in principle
before profit, hence reason I published the book out of my
own savings. It was the only option in order to reveal
the truth as publishers were more interested
in profit and going along with the Hollywood hype.
My Dad spent ten years writing a book, entitled "My World War Two"  Dad was conscripted into the infantry and was later in front line intelligence and was often behind enemy lines. He always believed World War Two was a war that should never have happened. He was in the full siege of Malta and amongst the initial assaults on the invasions of Sicily, Italy and France, D-Day. Each invasion was followed by fierce inland battles. Dad had a lot to say, especially about the despicable way the British authorities treated War Veterans in the aftermath of World War Two. He revealed deliberate wartime euthanasia - something the authorities continue to keep quiet about! He also revealed the postwar Government Directed Pensions Fraud. An historical fact that has been virtually airbrushed from history, due in part to a well known regimental "Charity" whose credentials are, allegedly, far from what they appear to be!  I believe The Royal British Legion is nothing more than a government directed PR organisation whose sole purpose is to give the public an image of War Veterans that best suits the authorities. It's a very enticing cult that prevents the masses from discovering the truth. Many of its worshipers are devoted to the false ethos to a point where they are unable to think outside the narrow criteria. Charitable heroic worship is a brilliant way of covering up blatant government neglect as it's taboo to question it. The cult's worshipers fail to see the obvious. They don't question why benevolence covers blatant establishment fraud.   
Set up in 1921, the so-called Veterans' charity prevented a revolution after World War One and effectively wiped out veterans groups that questioned what World War One was really about. A mass wakeup isn't new, it happened soon after the First World War and was successfully stifled by infiltrators that spread disinformation. History repeats itself. Throughout the years the veterans "Charity" has also helped recruit more cannon fodder for future wars. Charitable hero worship is very powerful. It's brilliant and, similar to the banking scam, people simply accept it without question.  If the "Charity" were really working on behalf of ex-service people, they would be a thorn in the side of successive governments, not part of them. If you disbelieve me, simply look at the links on the government website.  

In 1999, my Dad's book, "My World War Two," was at finished. Over eight hundred pages, it was a masterpiece and took considerable time as Dad was a perfectionist. Conventional publishers wanted to censor out facts, replacing controversial items with regimental drivel. After a lot of frustrating meetings with various publishers, it was clear they didn't want truth they just wanted the Hollywood version of events. There was no other option other than to draw on my savings and publish the book ourselves, which we did. 

Dad holding a copy of one of his
recordings entitled "Hidden History of
World War Two."
 Self publishing is rather like pushing a giant bolder up a slippery hill! it's hard work, especially if you are an unknown author such as my Dad. It was especially hard as Dad's viewpoint did not fit the establishment propaganda that the masses have been brainwashed with. What Dad had to say was not political. Like me he always believed in freedom of the individual and was totally against any form of totalitarianism. He simply wanted to convey the truth. We tried everywhere possible to get inroads. When people read the book, entitled "My World War Two," they were so gripped many tried to help us. One such person kindly send our details to an organisation. The person did it in good faith and didn't realise what would happen and what it would lead to.  Within a very short time Dad and I got approached by various small charities who, in turn, sent our name, address and telephone number, without our permission, to all and sundry within the establishments' profitable regimental extravaganza war industry. An industry that, out of principal, we endeavored to avoid! 
Within a short time we were bombarded by almost every parasite in the industry. 
One day we received a letter from an author that wanted information about Malta. He was being paid a handsome sum from a publishing house who, in turn, were being paid a fortune by a major American film company. They were going to do a patriotic propaganda supa-dupa saluter documentary about the Malta Siege. The Author openly wanted to plagiarize Dad's book and expected us to send him a book, free of charge, so he could do it! He was really smug about it and openly admitted he was going to copy the chapters word for word! He was delighted it would save him a lot of time - what an audacity! He was condescending and looked upon Dad's book as some form of vanity publishing; as if Dad had run off a couple of copies for his family. That couldn't have been further from the truth. We had the books professionally printed and bound and felt it time people heard a very different viewpoint from the mainstream. Dad and I put principle before profit, our aim was to get the truth out, but we could only do it on a shoestring budget! We were not money grabbers but I felt Dad should have his fair share of the cake if he were to provide information. The author's attitude was that we should be honored to give him the information. He initially sent us copies of letters from big companies, proving his credibility. I checked him out and he was legitimate. He also wanted to visit Dad and interview him; all free of charge to enable him to make a mint of money out of poor old Dad's experiences and hard work. I saw red so wrote back a polite letter with one magic sentence "What are your terms?"  We didn't hear another thing from him! Can't say I was surprised!  

My father, David J Powis
shortly after being
conscripted into the
2nd Devonshire
November 1939.
We were also contacted by another parasite that expected us to financially contribute to various military charities, of which he was a salaried chairman and making a tidy sum.  My Mum and Dad lived off a standard pension and could just make ends meet as Dad, similar to many war veterans, was a victim of the Government Directed Pensions Fraud. I work for myself and was providing the entire funding for the book. Because Dad had written a book, we got the impression the parasites believed we were in a financial position to fund them! Their mindset, before reading the book and realizing what we had to say, was that Dad had written the book to honour the allies victory and the usual regimental waffle. They would have had a shock if they had read it! They believed we had a disposable income, and were keen we dispose of it, in their direction! They all wanted the fruits of our labour for free. The parasite that contacted us was also compiling a book, to be published by a major publishing house. He rubbed shoulders with government cronies and was well in with the establishment. Dad and I got very irritated with his intensity. He also forwarded our address and telephone number to all and sundry who were obviously on the veterans propaganda gravy train. We were bombarded by  phone calls and begging letters from charities. They all wanted the book for free!  They were also selling commemorative medals and all manner of items. They even wanted to sell Dad a regimental beret and blazer! The bozo that contacted us was keen to get Dad into the Royal British Legion (he didn't work for them) and  kitted out with regimental paraphernalia! It's on a par to a religious cult, in which its worshipers are unable to comprehend any other viewpoint.  That was our breaking point, we couldn't stand any more. I hasten to add the parasite had not read Dad's book, because I hadn't sent him one, and turned a deaf ear to anything derogatory to his regimental belief system. 

We simply couldn't afford to give books away.  BBC local radio had already stolen two of them when we spoke on one of their afternoon programmes. The interview was a waste of time as we weren't allowed to say what we wanted to say. We could only put over the establishment view - it was extremely frustrating.  They only allowed us on air as there was nobody to fill the early afternoon slot when hardly anyone was listening!

Dad never wore his impressive array of medals and had no time for the regimental exhibitionists that prance around saluting flags acting like overgrown schoolboys. Again it's a religious cult in which the extremists are drunk on egotistical exhibitionism whilst promoting the establishment viewpoint. Admittedly some war Veterans join the Royal British Legion as they believe it's the only organisation that represents them. Some read Dad's book and supported him. Dad was a conscript during the war and after going through six years of front line hell wanted nothing more to do with militarism, especially in the postwar period when government directed mass media turned Veterans' welfare into a charitable religious cult. Most conscripts had similar feelings and were only too pleased to get out of the military and get on with their lives. When, after the war they saw regimental exhibitionists prancing around they were surprised and called them "The Just Missed it and Tea Boy Brigade!" Most that followed the regimental cult had not seen any action and just wanted to be part of the glorification industry. They often made the excuse that they never talked about their war experiences. Some were genuine but there were many that weren't. They got away with it as it's taboo to question them. Dad did and caught many out! Dad called them the medal clangers as it was obvious their medals were purchased, not earnt!

My Dad, David J Powis, in
Egypt after the Siege
of Malta. In his book
he reveals that many
Infantryman disliked
Gen Montgomery.
Contrary to what
official history says,
 many detested him.
When Montgomery spoke
to Dad's unit in Sicily the
men booed and hissed
at him and made it clear
how much they disliked him!

Dad and I got fed up with people wanting free copies of his book and free information for their projects, so they could make money out of it. It soon became obvious to us that it appeared to be more of a money making racket than benevolence. If the so-called veterans associations and charities were doing their job, war veterans would not be living in poverty and would have no need to rely upon charity! Every winter, people that had fought for this country die from hypothermia because they can't afford to heat their homes. Many sons and daughters have to financially support their parents in old age, as I had to. Later, the same sons and daughters care for their parents when they become frail, again as I had to. If a war veteran becomes too frail and has to go into a care home, the government steal their home and assets to pay for it, even though we all pay a compulsory "National Insurance" to pay for such emergencies. It's nothing more than a complete fraud. The government directed regimental cult is rather silent on those issues!   We found the regimental charity cult was all take and no give. After a week or two of intensity the director of the charities phoned us and I bluntly asked him "What's in it for us?" After a lot of bovine excrement he eventually had to admit there was nothing in it for us. As a false display of benevolence, when he found out we didn't have any money he said he was keen that Dad got the "Benefits" he was entitled to. That statement was nothing more than bovine excrement.  Dad and I bluntly told him what we thought of so-called military charities and how their role is to manipulate public perception away from the facts. War veterans are kept in poverty, whilst they are indoctrinated into believing their charity is on their side. In reality the charity is there to let successive governments off the hook! Its very skillful marketing and profitable as well. I think he got the message!

Soon after, a government snooper contacted us claiming she wanted to help Dad claim his full benefits. Dad said no government had ever helped him so why are they bothering now? We let bureaucracy take its course and the government flunky paid us a visit. She was the most patronizing example of emotionless snooper you could ever wish to find. She had a face that looked like a bulldog that had just swallowed a wasp and a condescending voice that sounded like a perfumed fart! She wanted to go through everything to do with finances including Dad's bank statements. We made sure she didn't, claiming he shredded them. Dad kept as far away from  conventional doctors as possible, treating his war injuries himself with good nutrition and food. He knew about the pharmaceutical sickness industry.  

Dad's swollen ankles. Can you
guess what pension/compensation
Dad got for this. I will give you some
clues - none, nothing, zilch, sod all!
During the war Dad was one of only two survivors of a twenty-four hour bombardment. The other survivor was in a shell shocked daze and appeared to be barely alive. Dad lost conscientiousness when an unexploded shell pinned his ankles to the side of the shallow trench he was in. When the bombardment ceased, rescuers managed to gently pull the live shell clear and drag Dad out of the trench. From that time onwards Dad suffered from swollen ankles along with many other war related ailments.  After the war Dad saw various Doctors about his swollen ankles but they all proved to be a waste of time. The government flunky was insisted Dad see a doctor about his ankles as it was the only way to get further benefits.  The system was designed around using the toxic pharmaceutical industry, there was no escape. Reluctantly Dad saw a doctor who referred him to a specialist.  Dad was injected with radioactive isotopes to enable them to scan his ankles. Dad was extremely reluctant to have the injections. I went with him when he went to the hospital. After the injections and the scan, I've never seen such a change in a person. Dad was always a positive and happy person, never pessimistic. After the scan he seemed to have aged about twenty years. I had never seen him depressed before and he lacked energy. In hindsight the entire scenario was a complete waste of time. Several weeks after the injections, Dad became lax and he started to make silly mistakes. It was odd as he was always a perfectionist with everything he did. About two months after the injections, November 2003, he collapsed with a stroke. When rushed to hospital the doctors were puzzled why he had a stroke. They told me he had the blood pressure and heart beat of a nineteen year old! One doctor jokingly said he was envious and wished he had Dad's blood pressure and heart beat! When Dad left hospital I cared for him and kept him away from conventional medicine which proved successful for many years. Sadly age and frailty caught up with Dad and in 2009 he was admitted to hospital, came home and returned several times. He passed away on 9th March 2010.
Christmas 2009.
Myself Christopher D Powis
on the left. My Dad
David J Powis on the right.

The moral of this story is the establishment are not there to help you, they are there to help themselves in more ways than one! The establishment wrecked my fathers life. He was used and abused by them. We are all used and abused by them. Until the masses wake up to that fact, we will continue to be enslaved by them.   

Wars are profitable for banks whilst the aftermath is profitable for so-called charities that support the war justification industry. The only losers are those forced to fight in them.

All wars are fought by forgotten heroes for lost causes.  Sadly in the aftermath, for every one hero there are countless parasites trying to emulate them in order to bathe in the glory, a glory that's promoted by government charities and mass media to deflect public conciseness away from the truth. 

Happy birthday Dad on 18th April. Even though you passed away on 9th March 2010, you will never be forgotten; the kindest, most placid and bravest man. If I had half your courage I would be a very brave person. This article is dedicated to you, my hero.  For further details please see: anti war website


  1. Great article chris. Happy birthday Mr powis, always thinking of you, my dad, my friends dad and all the people subjected to warfare forceced upon us by terrible people.

  2. Fantastic article about a great man. David and dad are my heroes not the cast of a reality brain washing programme or pop-cult icon. How can those people sleep at night knowing what they have done ? I think the answer is because they are either so stupid, so thick, that they did not know what they were doing or they are complete psychopaths!

  3. This is awful at times and amazing - I would like to purchase a copy of your dad's story if you have any left - its Therese well would like to add you to a list of blogs I have - it may help to spread the word.I sent you a link yesterday from Fair Dinkum radio on Bioethics, its one hour and 40 mins but well worth the listen and is relevant here - let me know if you didn't get it. I could not believe the state of your father's feet - how on earth did he handle the pain that they must have caused him - the powers that be are disgusting in the way they treat those who they bear responsibility for after they are hurt.