Tuesday 24 April 2012

Population Reduction - The Hidden Agenda

The mass media only report what their
masters want you to know. People
are fast waking up the fact the
care system, or lack of it, is a huge money
making racket in which
vulnerable patients are suffering due
to the constant quest for profit.
When bad reports hit the mainstream
media, as they seem to on a regular
basis, the Government gives the impression
of being seen to address the problem
when in fact they do nothing! The
problem subsequently gets worse
with every budgetary cutback. 
There is supposed to be an investigation going on regarding nursing homes. Apparently elderly people are being tortured in homes that have been inspected and have received top ratings! 
Our run for profit "Health" service has gone to pot thanks to a mixture of Soviet subversion and pharmaceutical profits! The staff have to attend numerous NLP courses. I believe the objective of these courses is to boost the egos of psychopaths whilst manipulating the minds of non-psychopaths. Compassion and creative logical thought amongst susceptible staff is replaced with ice cold conveyor belt robotic reaction and total adherence to the politically correct mantra.  Since its inception in 1948, NHS was a con from the start and not as it was reported to have been, but that's an article for another day. 
Reports regarding abuse surface now and again but the square root of nothing is done about it - its been going on for years and they have been reporting it for years. Every so often a shock, horror documentary appears on the mainstream media and government ministers appoint working committees to investigate. The art of bureaucracy is to be seen to be doing when in reality nothing is done! Abuse of the elderly in hospitals and care homes is a perfect example.  
My Dad came home from hospital covered in bruises. I dread to think how they treated him and what he went through! He never complained and was very placid. I have a recording of him saying how the nurses laughed at him when he wanted help to get out of a seat. The recording is on: http://www.warveteran.co.uk/page11.html They didn't help him, so he had to remain where he was.
My Dad, David J Powis
18th April 1919 to 9th March 2010
Photo taken in 2007.

They also sent him home in freezing cold weather without shoes and socks! He was blue with the cold. It's a miracle he survived. I've got the film on Youtube. Also when he got home he sounded drugged. When he later returned to hospital, I'm positive my Dad was finished off - I believe they had a euthanasia plan in place. They sent him down for an operation that he didn't need - and nobody signed for it! Other patients in Dad's ward also had the same operation. One by one they inserted a tube into the patients stomachs in his ward and one by one they died after a few days. Days prior the elderly patients appeared to be recovering. One old chap was walking around and was very jolly, he was also eating normally. He had a feed tube inserted into his stomach and was dead the next day. The man next to him had the same and another next to my Dad. They all died within a few days. That's too many to be a coincidence. The odd thing was they didn't need it and they appeared to be eating normally. 
The senior Doctor on the ward had a meeting with me regarding putting a feed tube in Dad's stomach. I had researched it on the Internet and realized my Dad didn't need it. I showed the doctor the information. He seemed a bit perturbed that I was looking into it in depth and not taking his word for it. My Dad had suffered a stroke a few years prior and sometimes had problems swallowing his food. I discovered that with therapy it's possible to re-learn the process of swallowing. Apparently, due to cutbacks, there was only one therapist serving two major hospitals! I had previously discovered the therapist saw my Dad for less than a minute, whilst he was asleep!  I found out from the other patients. They said the therapist simply  filled in a few forms and left! I pointed this out to the doctor who glossed over the matter and did the usual bovine excrement professional reassurance routine. I pressed him more on this subject, but it was obvious I was getting nowhere. He then suggested I meet him again, after I speak to my Dad, to discuss the matter further as there was a minimum of two weeks wait before any operation could happen. After the meeting, on the same day, I later spoke to Dad and we were both adamant that he didn't need the operation as there was every possibility therapy would cure the problem. Nurses overheard me talking to Dad. The meeting with the doctor was at around 5:00pm that day. 10:00 am next morning I got a phone call from the Doctor who said my Dad was in the operating theater having the tube fitted! I hit the roof and immediately asked him who authorized it! He couldn't tell me. 
A few days later, on 9th March 2010, my dear Dad passed away. I was so shocked and traumatized by Dad's death that I didn't investigate the matter. Even though Dad died over two years ago I'm still thinking of trying to find out why he was operated on without his or his families consent? Additionally it was NOT an emergency. 
We are ruled by psychopaths that have no regard for human life whatsoever, apart from their own! I'm beginning to think there is a hidden euthanasia agenda to save money and cut the population.  It is obvious we are following the  former KGB subversion agenda like clockwork. Euthanasia would be an integral part of their planning.  Stalin called the sick and elderly "Useless Eaters."  I'm positive governments have the same view, hence reason they are seen to be addressing the problem of abuse of the elderly when in fact they do nothing! 

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