Friday 20 January 2012

Sleepwalking into a Police State

It is my belief that even though the allies won WWII and the Cold War militarily, in reality we have succumbed to subversion, so in that sense we lost both wars.
After the German and Soviet invasions
of Poland in 1939, German and
Soviet troops met, in friendship, along the
new border to celebrate their victory
Few people realize the former USSR and Germany both planned to invade Poland together on 1st September 1939! The USSR were not ready so invaded Poland a few weeks later, aided by Britain and financed by America! It's still debatable why Britain went to war with Germany because they invaded Poland, yet aided the USSR to invade Poland, who at that time had a pact with Germany.
Communism and Fascism are two heads of the same beast. Britain was infiltrated by Soviet spies as far back as the 1930's. Since WWII Britain has systematically been taken apart. Both Germany, in the 1940's, and the former USSR, in the 1950's, said what they were going to do to Britain, it's well documented. Similar to Germany, the former USSR planned to destroy the family unit, destroy British Industry, destroy British Culture with mass migration and ultimately introduce a police state.  
They planned to do it in three stages first "Demoralization" that takes a minimum of 25 years, then "Destabilization" that takes about 5 years then "Crisis" which lasts about 6 weeks! That is followed by what they call "Normalization" or in other words, a police state. So far their plans have worked like clockwork! I think we are at "Destabilization" stage and rapidly approaching "Crisis." The Church of Al Gore with its Climate Change pantomime has helped to push the hidden agenda forward, along with phony terrorism. Sadly the masses are gullible and stupid and can't see what's happening to them. They have too many distractions such as engineered unemployment and mind altering rubbish on television such as soaps to occupy their minds. Historically, people always wake up when it's too late. What we learn from history is that we don't learn from history! For further details please see:

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  1. Yet another fantastic article from tax slave. No declaration of war from the war mongerer churchill on the massive armies of the soviet union. When they discovered the sov's were about to invade western europe, germany dared, and struck first hence the discovery of thousands of barges, gliders and aircraft.