Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bureaucracy Gone Mad.

Soiled clinical waste from my elderly father is placed with domestic waste as obtaining special yellow bags for this purpose is now a bureaucratic nightmare!
Before the revenue raising environmental con came into force, obtaining yellow bags required a simple phone call, not so now! Not only does an expensive full colour form have to be completed but it also requires a doctor’s stamp and signature!
Having duly complied with this requirement, now after several weeks, one form, two letters and numerous frustrating phone calls, still no yellow bags! I am now required to complete yet another form and have been advised to make more phone calls! I’m totally exasperated and have given up! Putting clinical and soiled waste into domestic rubbish may well create a public health problem, but I’ve got no option. Bureaucracy only works in crisis, so when animals claw open our domestic rubbish bags and leave excrement strewn up the street, perhaps common sense may prevail, although I wouldn’t count on it! This scenario gives an insight into why almost every public utility, that in reality is some privatised profit making muddle, is sinking this country deeper into the mire. It’s costing taxpayers a fortune and probably doing more to destroy the environment than save it.  For further details, please see: 
FOOTNOTE: At last, the yellow bags arrived, in January 2009! This article was published in the printed issue of UK Column Newspaper, Jan/Feb 2009 Issue. Page 17. UK Column website:

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