Wednesday 25 January 2012

Optimism and beauty replaced with pessimism and ugliness via mind control.

Sally Geeson an attractive actress
in the 1970's. Teenage girls tried
to emulate her and teenage boys,
including myself, would have liked
her as a girlfriend.
As a child of the 1960's I grew up in a unique era of optimism, creativity and beauty. It didn’t last long and fizzled out in the late 1970's. I was born in 1956 so can’t remember anything of the 1950's, although what I have seen it appeared to have been a rather bleak, drab time of post war austerity. To me, the late 1960's, early 1970's was a golden age of British comedy. It’s easy to look back with rose coloured spectacles. There was one heck of a lot of things wrong during the 1960's, but the overriding feeling was one of optimism and excitement for the future. British music, engineering, inventions and comedy were conquering the world. Comparing then to now, almost everything is now the opposite way around. The subversive foot of the hidden agenda is now certainly pushing us into submission. We now live in a time of constant pessimism.
Nowadays, this is what
teenagers are supposed
to aspire to. Promoting
disturbing dark depressing
ugliness appears to be
an integral part of
social manipulation.
Nowadays, those lucky enough to have work are slaving harder than ever on menial wages. British industry was systematically destroyed in the 1980's. Since the late1970's, British music has gone down a musical cesspit and has never recovered. Songs of love and happiness to brighten and lift your mood are now a thing of the past. Bland, boring ugliness is now in, as it has been since the early 1980's. People with real talent have little, if any, chance of achieving fame; I know that for a fact. The industry is a controlled and closed shop. People are artificially shot to fame, when in fact hardly anyone has purchased their music, or in fact likes it! Political correctness killed British humour. What passes itself for humour nowadays appears to be more to do with social manipulation than entertainment. Celebrity culture is a typical example of talent-less, boring, false people becoming icons that teenagers look up to. I’m sure the dross that fills the airwaves today hasn’t happened by accident.  
Pirate Radio
Stations broadcast
from ships moored
just outside the
three mile
territorial limit.
Technically they
were  in
waters. The
government broke
the law when these
ships were boarded
and forced to
close. These
radio ships created
local employment
along Britain's
South East Coast.
They had to be
supplied by
local suppliers and
fishermen increased
their incomes
when ferrying
tourists out to
see the ships.

The overriding question is why was there such an explosion of real creative talent and optimism in the 1960's and why was it so short lived? People often say it’s doubtful they will ever see such a time again in their lifetime, their children’s lifetime or even their grandchildren. I believe the answer to that question is to do with government control and the hidden agenda. Something happened in the 1960's that broke away from convention - pirate radio! Until then, the government totally controlled the airwaves. In the 1960's televisions were very expensive so, compared with today, people watched less. There was also hardly any choice with only two television stations to choose from! Before pirate radio, apart from Radio Luxembourg, the masses were only able to listen to BBC propaganda. When pirate radio arrived, even though they weren’t breaking any laws, the government became obsessed with getting them off air. As usual, the government and press colluded and the nasty tricks department swung into action. They endeavoured to manipulate public opinion, in much the same way as they do today. They said pirate radio was broadcasting on emergency service wavelengths, so people were dying because the airwaves were blocked. That was complete and utter rubbish, but the gullible masses believed it. Eventually the government got their way and in 1967 the stations were taken off air. 1967 happened to be the year BBC Radio One started. Around that time cheap mass produced Japanese televisions started to appear in the shops and within a few years televisions became commonplace and no longer a luxury. As televisions got cheaper and more people could afford them, along with it, society changed.

Strange Illuminati images in
Lady Ga Ga's video's 
designed to work on the
Each scene
does not last longer than

three seconds.
Could there be a connection? Could they be tinkering with TV, radio, mobile phones and the Internet so as to send out subliminal messages? Before the second Gulf War I saw a subliminal on the television. Just before the news, a brief frame of a howitzer gun was shown. It was so quick, if you blinked you would have missed it. Have also heard some very strange sounds coming from the FM wave band of the radio, especially late evening when they know people are listening whilst laying in bed. Slightly off tuning the radio, instead of hearing the usual hiss of an out of tune station, there are sometimes, usually at weekends, strange metallic sounds? I live in a rural part of Hertfordshire, but on some nights a strange low frequency sound can be heard. It sounds like a piston engine plane flying though low cloud. The low frequency sound starts around 10:00pm and goes on into the early hours. It only happens at night and usually on a clear cloudless night. It’s very strange as the noise can be heard throughout the area. I wonder if anyone out there has any evidence of mind control via the airwaves?  For further details please see:


  1. I completely agree with what you have said about the content of radio and TV. Everything on the television is so dreary and does seem to be aimed at making people feel inadequate and hopeless or frightened.

  2. Many thanks, much appreciated.

  3. Excellent information. It is really deeply disturbing what is going on. Keep up the fantastic work.