Monday, 23 August 2021

The Fear Peddlers!

Using rhyming slang etc., in an endeavour to navigate safely through the rapids of mass censorship, Author John Hamer and Eric von Essex will endeavour to explore decades of fear peddlers and how they have skilfully managed control the masses behaviour and thought patterns.

The strange fact is the fear is nearly always invisible. Be it naughty Germans in 1914 who were going to rape our women and kill our children through to naughty Russians who were going to incinerate us during the Cold War. 

After the Cold War we had naughty Middle Eastern men dressed in bed sheets who were going to commit mass carnage. 

Now we have a naughty invisible germ that floats around desperate to cause mayhem in our body. Isn't it amazing how one fear ceases and another one starts; they don't seem to overlap?

Maybe what we should fear the most is "The Fear Peddlers!"

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