Monday, 10 May 2021

Houston we've got a problem!

The amazing story of how three contortionists (they had to be in order to get into bulky space suits in a confined space) went to the moon! How they defied the laws of physics, throwing up moon dust on a moon buggy without causing a massive dust cloud!

How did the batteries tolerate freezing temperatures? How did they manage to get studio lighting to the moon in order to produce near perfect backlit photos?

Live coverage from the moon in the days when it took a fleet of vehicles to get a live television broadcast from Barnsley to London! Jaw dropping stuff eh!

Now, how on earth did they lose all the scientific data on how they did it! Sniff sniff, can you smell something? Is it cats? Dogs? No it's bovine excrement! John Hamer, Shannon (in America) and Eric von Essex question if NASA should really stand for National Association of Space Actors lol!

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