Tuesday 20 May 2014

D-Day 70th Anniversary

Jig section of Gold Beach. 
As the 6th June, 70th anniversary of D-Day approaches the mainstream media will no-doubt churn out the usual regimental extravaganza which continues to be an integral part of the justification industry.
The image makers will, no-doubt, skilfully gloss over facts that can't be hidden and continue to keep quiet about wartime euthanasia and the post-war G.D.P.F.
Sadly such anniversaries are more to do with regimental exhibitionism and Hollywood gloss over than facts. The only way we can fully honour all innocent victims of war is to seek the truth, regardless of how ugly the truth is.
As the number of WWII survivors of the G.D.P.F are now few, their son's and daughters are carrying on the task of revealing this major injustice that has been airbrushed from history.

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